Ed Stetzer pushing Chrislam?

Satan does EVERYTHING he can to tempt Christians to compromise their faith. Once again, “Christian” leader Ed Stetzer fails to show any disernment on global matters. This time, (on Twitter), Stetzer recently promoted the idea that Christians should unite with leaders of the global Islamic cult to snuff out extremists.


Chrislam: a heresy that attempts to bring together Christians and Muslims.

Stetzer tweets,

We are in a decades-long struggle w/ radical Islamists that will require the partnership of Western nations, Muslim leaders, and many more.

Source: Ed Stetzer, Twitter, https://twitter.com/edstetzer/status/665308085511172096, 3:19 PM – 13 Nov 2015. (Accessed 15/11/2015.)


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  1. Yeah, bro, you just jumped the shark.

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