Wagner’s foreword to book exposing the NAR taking over Australian churches

The next few articles looking at the Hillsong’s origin in the New Order of the Latter Rain, will have us examine the work of David Cartledge. Mr Cartledge wrote the below book, ‘The Apostolic Revolution: The restoration of Apostles and Prophets in the Assemblies of God Australia’ and was published in the year 2000. This book is a must for all avid apologists and researchers on Hillsong and the dangers of the New Order of the Latter Rain and the New Apostolic Reformation cult.


In this article we will look at the foreword, written by the head New Apostolic Reformation (aka Christian Taliban) leader Charles Peter Wagner. If you are not familiar with his cult teachings in forming the New Apostolic Reformation, click here to find out more.

This book and foreword absolutely cements the fact that Hillsong is driven by the New Order of the Latter Rain and the New Apostolic Reformation, thus converting multitudes of churches in the Australian landscape under the totalitarian regime of the New Order. We will unpack what Cartledge writes about Frank Houston, Brian Houston and Hillsong in this book.

David Cartledge

We would also like to point out that David Cartledge considers himself to be a Prophet that helped shape the Australian church. In 2005, Cartledge died and it appears that Brian Houston was there at Cartledge’s funeral, fully commending Cartledge’s life and ministry:

“Pastor Brian Houston, Senior Pastor in Hillsong Church and National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia said in his tribute that David Cartledge was “one of the greats”. Houston described him as a passionate man who gave 100 per cent and lived passing his faith onto the next generation.”

Source: By Ting Xue, David Frederick Cartledge Faithful to the End, ChristianToday, http://www.christiantoday.com.au/article/david.frederick.cartledge.faithful.to.the.end/1614.htm, Published 04/11/20015. (Accessed 12/02/2015.) [Archived]

Understand – this book is written in a positive light how the AOG was usurped by the New Order of the Latter Rain / New Apostolic Reformation cult. The fact that it has Wagner’s approval exposes serious integrity issues on Wagner’s behalf in endorsing such a sinister plot to overthrow Pentecostalism and replace it with their dominionist agenda to take over the world. (It sounds ludicrous – but that is what they believe.)

02CWCPortrait_Peter Wagner

Please note Wagner’s prophecy also at the end of this foreword. We will refer back to this prophecy in due time.

Peter Wagner writes,


Be prepared. This is not an average book. David Cartledge has produced a veritable tour de force with the release of The Apostolic Revolution!

Few Christian leaders in these early years of the 21st Century could remain unaware that an epochal new wineskin is being fashioned by God for the future of the church, in all probability as a preparation for the second coming of Christ. Those, here and there, who remain in denial do so mostly because they possess a deeply-rooted emotional attachment to the status quo.

Among those who are hearing what the Spirit is saying to the churches these days, many, predictably, are yet unsure as to the configuration of the new wineskin. When they hear terms like ” apostolic revolution”, they wonder, with not a little apprehension, where this movement might lead. If structural and organizational ecclesiastical standbys such as bureaucratic, hierarchical, and democratic principles of government are being relegated to the old wineskin, where do we go from here? Could the alternatives lead to dictatorships, personal empire building, ego trips and prima donnaism?

No one I know is more aware of and sensitive to these questions than David Cartledge. He has held leadership positions in both wineskins. David understands that the old wineskin was the best wineskin of its times. At one time the old wineskin was a divinely-ordained new wineskin, used for powerful advances of the kingdom of God. The difference between the two is not one of good and bad. Both, if they are within the plan of God, are good. The difference is that, while one was the best for the past, the other is the best for the future.

I call this new wineskin the “New Apostolic Reformation.’ I have been researching and writing on it since 1993. The New Apostolic Reformation now comprises the fastest growing segment of churches on every continent of the world. This fact is causing many traditional church leaders to ask, “What would we have to do to transition from the old to the new?”

Jesus said that significant transitions into the future will require new wineskins (see Mt. 9:17). While everyone in Jesus’ culture recognized that to be true, history tells us that there was also a procedure for reconditioning some old wineskins so that their usefulness could be extended. My research, as a matter of fact, did uncover some local churches which had once been traditional, but which now were under apostolic-type leadership. But I had not been able to locate any traditional denominations which had made the transition. Several that I know of had declared that they wanted to transition, but the changes that they had proceeded to institute wre at best cosmetic changes. Their efforts fell short largely because they really had no idea of what profound structural realignments would be necessary in order to recondition their old wineskin.

I am grateful that before I released my textbook on the New Apostolic Reformation, Churchquake! (Regal Books), a conversation with my friend, David Cartledge, revealed that the Australian Assemblies of God had, in fact, made the elusive transition to the new wineskin years ago. He then provided information that I was able to include in CHurchquake! along with a graph of the Australian Assemblies of God immediately after the change.

This little section of my book has been a huge encouragement to many church leaders who want to remain on the cutting edge. At least I was able to let then know that it could be done. But I didn’t answer their next question, “How was it actually done? A major reason that I am so excited about this book is that David Cartledge now tells us exactly how it was done.

And this book is not a simple case study, although it is certainly that. David also addresses, and not superficially, the profound biblical and historical questions that the apostolic revolution poses. This is a book that both engages the mind and stirs the soul.

In early 2000 I gave a prophetic word from the Lord that “Australia has the potential to become the first nation in the world to model, as a nation, the new wineskins that I am shaping for My church.” The publication of the Apostolic Revolution before the end of the same year seems to be one tangible validation of that word. Without any question, this book takes its place, alongside of very few others, at the top of the list of the literature on God’s new wineskin for the church of the 21st Century.

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor Wagner Leadership Institute

Source: David Cartledge, The Apostolic Revolution: The restoration of Apostles and Prophets in the Assemblies of God Australia, Published June 2000/August 2000, (Publisher: Paraclete Institute, AUS). pg vii

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