“Restored” Hillsong pastor Pat Mesiti pleads guilty to assault

Silence is not an option for Hillsong.

When Pat Mesiti was exposed  for getting drunk and sleeping with prostitutes back in the year 2000, Hillsong’s senior pastor Brian Houston and C3’s senior pastor Phil Pringle worked to restore “money-magnet” Mesiti back into ministry. Pat Mesiti was officially restored back into ministry in 2006 and has been spotted at various times preaching on C3/Hillsong preacher networks.


There is no evidence to indicate he is now an ex-Hillsong or ex-C3 pastor since that restoration. If he isn’t a Hillsong pastor, Hillsong needs to make this clear.

Why Pat Mesiti is still a Hillsong/C3 “Pastor” (sermon review included)

Please also keep Andrea and her family in your prayers. She is a wonderful woman and deserves all the prayer and support of Christians everywhere.

The Daily Telegraph reports,

Ex-Hillsong preacher Pat Mesiti pleads guilty to assault

A FORMER Hillsong preacher has pleaded guilty to attacking his wife on New Year’s Eve while they were finalising their divorce in a Western Sydney court.

Pat Mesiti, 56, confronted his second wife of 13 years, Andrea, at their Hyde Ave, Glenhaven home after seeing pictures of their niece hosting a party at the residence about 10pm on December 31, 2015.

He was at Wisemans Ferry celebrating the New Year with friends when he saw the images on Facebook and began calling and texting his wife.

“After arriving home, the accused being intoxicated has began arguing with all the partygoers including (his niece) demanding them all to get out,” according to police documents tendered to court.

“The victim and accused have engaged in a heated argument during which the victim told the accused that she had allowed the party to happen and that she gave permission for (their niece) to have some friends over whilst she was out.

“The accused had grabbed the victim by the neck. A physical altercation has ensued during which the victim has felt an impact to the right side of her head.”

Police said Andrea escaped the attack without any injuries.

Mesiti was not living with his wife at the time and they were in the final stages of a divorce.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault however the former charge was withdrawn in Parramatta Local Court yesterday.

Magistrate Karen Stafford said his bail would continue with conditions that include not being able to “assault, threaten or harass” the victim or drink alcohol within 12 hours of seeing her for a period of 12 months.

“In a nut shell, you can’t do anything that will make her fear for her safety,” Magistrate Stafford said.

Mesiti remained silent as he left court.

He was once a prominent television evangelist and preacher for Hillsong Church but they stripped him of his license after discovering he had been sleeping with prostitutes.

Since then he has become a successful motivational speaker and author.

The matter is scheduled to return to Parramatta Local Court for sentencing on March 23.

Source: By Leigh Van Den Broeke, Ex-Hillsong preacher Pat Mesiti pleads guilty to assault,  The Daily Telegraph, http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/exhillsong-preacher-pat-mesiti-pleads-guilty-to-assault/news-story/e9c1a3a54de7b07fa02fe0e680e7cd28, Published 29/02/2016, 3:41pm. (Accessed 29/02/2016.)

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  1. Writes book on relationships, separates from wife, gets drunk, assaults wife.
    Hmmmmmm why would anyone take Mr Messiti seriously? ….Errrr ummmm except Pringle and Houston who have ‘trained him well’!

  2. What a Mess Mesiti is! Great job of mentoring him, Phil & Brian!….NOT!!!

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