Africa’s Disastor Pastor: Prophet Mboro (Paseka Motsoeneng)

We have watched the shenanigans of the self appointed prophet Paseka Motsoeneng (who likes to call himself Prophet Mboro). He is the founder of ‘Incredible Happenings Ministry’.

Since he keeps making headlines, we thought it was appropriate to start recording the outrageous and blasphemous things he does in the name of Jesus Christ.


The best way to introduce you to Prophet Mboro is for you to see this documentary on him.


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  1. minute 38 of the video the woman defending prophet mboro sounds like every brian houston defender that visits hillsongchurchwatch. same kind of broken excuses hillsong cultists give for brian houston. these prosperity cults are bogus.

    and minute 34 is similar to brian houston praying prosperity prayers.

    mboro and houston all spiritual cousins and bogus.

  2. Mboro is simply another success-driven prosperity “pastor / prophet”.

    This group of men (including “ps” Brian Houston) are living their best lives now.

    That IS their whole theology.

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