Rosebrough reviews Lou Engle (aka ‘Pulpit Humper’)

You could imagine the world’s shock to witness the weird manifestations coming out of ‘The Call’ with Lou Engle rocking backwards and forward in front of the pulpit. While American Evangelicalism labelled NAR apostle Lou Engle a ‘whacko’, Australians saw him humping the pulpit. To those down under, he was affectionately known as the ‘pulpit humper’. (Erik Pederson of the ‘Outback Berean’ podcast also acknowledged this was his nickname in Australia.)

Rather than hump the pulpit, Engle these days seems to have received the criticism and rather humps the air to avoid the label. In a recent sermon review, Chris Rosebrough reviewed a ‘rocking’ sermon of NAR apostle Lou Engle titled ‘The Great Awakening’.

Headless Chicken Prophecy


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01:16:11 Sermon Review: Lou Engle Third Great Awakening

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Headless Chicken Prophecy, Pirate Christian Radio,, Published April 14, 2016. (Accessed April 18, 2016.)

YouTube informs us Lou Engle preached at King’s Chapel Alaska, “Sunday, August 16, 2015 PM Service… Lou Engle preaches a message entitled, “The Third Awakening.” (We have backed up the sermon which you can watch here):

Here are some disturbing quotes and notes from the sermon review (we used the time stamps from the YouTube video soo it is easy for people to listen to Engle himself):

7:07 “God had a dream about you before you were ever conceived and then wrapped a body around that dream to fulfill it. That’s stunning!”

19:40 Lou claims God spoke to him after a dream. God America-getes Joel 2.24:35 Mentions ‘sons of thunder’. (That’s code talk for the New Breed.)

25:25 “God, I’m asking – start the sons of thunder! Release the fasting, revivalists God! A new day of prophetic preachers and worshipers! That God, RIP THE VEIL GOD! I’m asking for a New Breed that aren’t looking for a stage, they’re looking for a heavenly anointing. We’re asking for the song of Azusa to ROAR on the earth again we pray.”

26:10 – “I am immobilizing the call for the Azusa Street.” [Gives his story and Pentecostal history]

27:02 – “Father we pray… you bring your church into unity in these days… We love the roots of your church. We love Pentecost! Send the fire again! RELEASE THE FLAMING TONGUE AGAIN! Release the flaming tongue into our universities! Release the flaming tongue into the native tribes God!”

28:25 “The Nazirite–John-the-Baptist Generation is arising and 400,000 came down to that trumpet in September 2nd 2000! We’ve seen stadiums filled! We’ve seen arenas filled of fasting and prayer! But it was recently I was crying out to God… And a woman comes to me and says ‘You don’t know who I am but the Lord told me to pay your salary this year because you’re going to start something with the youth of America that will change the destination of prayer… And I’m thinking, ‘My God! He’s releasing this thing because he is wanting a movement of nazarite-burning men and women, fasting, praying, loving God, loving the coming of the bridegroom.”

29:26 – “And as I’m crying out I cry, ‘God! Has the call failed?’ I felt like the Lord speak to my heart. ‘If it truly was a John-the-Baptist’ type of movement, you can bet there’s a Jesus movement coming’. Because the last word of John was not ‘Prepare the way of the Lord’. The last word of John is, ‘Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world’… I am beginning to pronounce to America, ‘THERE IS ONE COMING!’ … ‘He’s already here but he’s coming!’ … I would say the revival is God’s arrival.”

30:35 – gives history about YWAM visiting him while he was ministering with Mike Bickle. Claims, “I love Mike Bickle!”

31:35 – YWAMers proclaimed to Engle at Bickle’s House of Prayer movement that the gospel will be proclaimed, that signs and wonders will happen and that Billy Graham’s mantle will fall on the nation…

33:10 – Engle has been praying for “stadium Christianity” and believes Reinhard Bonnke: “All of America shall be saved”.

33:25 – exposes Reinhardt Bonnke as a false prophet.

34:10 – Lou claims that when he speaks, he hears God. Presents himself as an ‘Ezekiel’.

36:55 – what Engle feels about Alaska when he walks through their towns, he believes Jesus will do and walks through their towns. (This is nothing more than a Messiah-like complex.)

38:40 – Acknowldges that God is speaking to the “last-days Apostolic community”.

47:15 – Mentions Loren Cunningham.

48:21 – “I feel – it’s not just about the one day, it’s about the unity of the body beginning to move together with one voice for the harvest.”

49:30 – Tells his story of how “God” was using Engle to start the Azusa Now “revival”.

51:40 – Engle cried to god to receive Bartleman’s mantle – the man that fasted and prayed for revival on Azusa street. “Give me the intercessory mantle of Frank Bartleman.”

52:15 – “The title of my book, He’s written about me, is ‘Revival’. And I know my job description as an intercessor for that revival and it’s brought me here tonight. Because I believe that mantle is not just resting here…”

52:47 – “The Lord said, ‘If you don’t tell your story, the movement won’t happen’.”

53:00 – peddles word of faith heresy

54:05 – “This is what you do with your dreams and prophetic: you follow the yellow brick road. You just follow it. It will lead you to secluded passes that make no sense…”

54:09 “I believe God is saying that, ‘In the moment of the division of races and denominations and churches,’ God is saying, ‘I want to unify my church around Jesus, the gospel.’ We’ve got to stop thinking about ourselves. God wants to unify the church of Alaska for a MIGHTY THRUST!”

56:00 – talks about a woman who got a prophetic word for Engle to do the ‘Call’ of ‘Azusa’ street there.

57:07 Asks why he can’t believe people can’t get saved at his Azuza event.

57:00 –  “I would rather speak and create the movement of God- and I can feel your bones rattling. And so- I said, ‘Well if there’s going to be signs and wonders in stadiums, the one guy I need to connect with is Bill Johnson of Redding. I ended up having a supernatural appointment in London of all places…”

57:55 – Engle claims this is what Bill Johnson said: “He says, ‘I’m so moved. I’m cancelling South Africa. I’ll throw the whole Bethel Movement into this thing. We’ll do signs and wonders in the stadium for hours, sitting under the glory.'”

58:59 – “But I tell you what – THIS NATION NEEDS A THIRD GREAT AWAKENING! It has to have a Third Great Awakening! AND I’M CONVINCED IT’S COMING!”

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