Bishops Condemn & Warn Christians of Ukraine Against Adelaja in statements

We do not know what these bishops all teach in these Ukrainian churches. However, one thing we do know – these overseers were and still are operating biblically on the level of bishop/overseer.

Notice – these bishops issued a statement as early as 2008 warning the Christian community of the dangerous ministry of Sunday Adelaja.

However, the people who endorsed this pulpit criminal in the name of Jesus Christ and have helped promote his lawless and anti-Christ ministry are other international pulpit criminals in the international pulpit criminal network (PCN) like C. Peter Wagner, T.D. Jakes, Brian Houston, T.L. Osborn, John Maxwell, John Bevere, Phil Pringle, Paul Crouch, Reinhard Bonke and many others.

NARpostle Sunday Adelaja and his NARsociates

It’s a shame that our countries will not do the same in the Jesus Christ.

From (translation may not be accurate),

STATEMENT bishops of the Christian evangelical churches of Ukraine regarding the activities of Sunday Adelaja

The Council of Bishops of Ukraine December 29, 2008 issued a statement , which warned the Christian community on the lawless and anti-biblical activity Nigerian Adelaja Sunday. The document strongly evangelical churches distanced themselves from Sunday, condemned his methods and ways of working, as a result of which thousands of people have become victims of financial pyramids. The statement also called for Christian ministers to refrain from communicating with Sunday.

Also was recommended management church “Embassy of God” to remove Sunday from the service, and to Sanda – repent. However, these recommendations have not been implemented nor Sunday, nor the leadership of “Embassy of God”.

Unfortunately, this was not the end, added new facts. March 12, 2016, we received an appeal from the parishioners, “Embassy of God” on the protection and assistance. The letter said that Sunday by a variety of manipulative techniques, flattering words and using his position, forcing them to join with them in sex. And there are a lot of cases, according to the authors, they are systemic.

“Women are either intimidated or are the victim of manipulation and lies … We ask you to protect all those who have suffered, as well as potential victims who are under the influence of the magical and manipulative”, – the statement says parishioners “Embassy of God”.

Taking into account the fact that the elders of the religious community are aware of this situation and take no action, we believe their partners in sin Sunday. In this situation, we call the apostolic council and parishioners of the church “Embassy of God” Sunday Adelaja, and remove from the leadership of the elders of the community and to separate them from the church.

In case of failure to fulfill this offer, call upon the members of the “Embassy of God” to leave this structure and find a church where profess and practice a healthy biblical Christian teaching.

Our position and treatment are based on the text of Scripture: ” Do not associate with those who is called a brother and is an adulterer, or covetous, or a slave to an idol, or headset, or a drunkard, or an extortioner – with such a brother did not even eat together ” ( 1 Cor. 5:11).

The statement was signed by:

Senior Bishop of the center of independent charismatic churches Ukraine Gavrilyuk Anatoly
senior pastor of association “Salvation” church Savochka Philip
Rabbi of the Jewish missionary community of Kiev Grisenko Boris
bishop of the United Christian Evangelical Church of the Living God Baluk Sergey
Bishop association “Ukrainian missionary Church” Reshetinsky Valery
Bishop Association “Church of God of Ukraine” Alexei Demidovich
Bishop association “kingdom of God” Rudynets Alexander
bishop of the church “New Generation” Tishchenko Andrei
senior pastor of “Good news” Shepilov Vadim

Source: STATEMENT bishops of the Christian evangelical churches of Ukraine regarding the activities of Sunday Adelaja,,, Published 23/03/2016. (Accessed 20/04/2016.)

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