Save the Wells!

Recently, Prophet Amanda Wells claimed that God asked her to sing like a whale… If you want to save Amanda Wells and what’s left of her reputation, please tell her that God will only speak to her through the bible – not like this.

Actually, you can watch Amanda Whales sing whale properly in this sermon an hour in.

Source: Youtube, Life Church Ipswich,, Published 14/03/2016; Accessed 30/04/2016)

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  1. Unbelievable! And what’s more unbelievable is that there are apparently a few people in the room watching her and thinking it’s all awesome!

  2. she is one deceived sick lady . she desperately needs help , but it seems she thinks she is untouchable , God have mercy on her soul literally . unfortunately it will all come crashing down very soon , a person cannot keep mocking and working in the flesh so badly as she is and not be taken out . I pray she gets her eyes opened or someone close to her speaks the truth to her life . what is wrong with ruonala to allow a so called friend to be so sick and depraved ? such a false prophet its sad that she gets people to even listen still . if you know her people go and help her !!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is scary. While she was singing in Whalese, (the South African Humpback dialect to be precise), a Shiny Big Blue Fish came visibly floating out of my computer screen. Powerful ministry she’s got.

  4. Its sad these people escaped believing the secular lies of this world… only to end up there believing the spiritual lies coming from that womans mouth.

    This goes to demonstrate all Satan needs to do is get power over peoples minds (one way or another) and no more force is needed. Once they are under control of a lie (any lie), they willingly go along with anything.

  5. The Pastor at this church should be driven out of town for subjecting his poor naive and vulnerable congregants to this woman’s insane ravings. A Google search show that it is one “Pastor” WAYNE SCOTT (it pains me to use the title when referring to him). These “Pastors” have a responsibility to make sure they are keeping their flock safe from wolves like Wells. THEY will ultimately be responsible to face God and explain why they have done this. Wells should not be teaching at all in any church as the Bible specifically forbids women from doing this. Secondly she begins her “sermon” by selling her “products” from the pulpit, thus again turning God’s house “into a den of thieves”.. Wells begins every talk she does in this way. A search of Google will display her abysmal habitual behaviour. How can any church leader allow that and how does the congregation not stand and object to this practice? And thirdly, the practice of “cold readings” employed by Wells is nothing short of an utter disgrace. This is a practice sadly becoming more and more common in churches as each of these frustrated night club entertainers tries to outdo one another. Every person sitting and listening to this unbiblical practice and not walking out immediately should be questioning themselves at this point as to why.

    Wells speaks such nonsense regarding her alleged knowledge of Hebrew that no person with any knowledge of the language at all could not be in hysterics after hearing this. As a public figure I presume Wells would be willing to produce her credentials which qualifies her to explain “Hebrew Wisdom” and sell products on the subject? Wayne Scott or some member of his congregation might enlighten the rest of us as to where she studied the language and what credentials she possesses to teach on it? I assume someone selling courses on “Hebrew Wisdom” would have studied at an accredited institution and not just Googled her information?

    Enough of this nonsense….. Wayne Scott you need to apologise to your congregation immediately, especially those who were led by a fake prophet to believe they were getting a word from God” at the conclusion of your service, and then you need to repent. Then you should arrange counselling for each member of your congregation in order to undo some of the damage by this nonsense. Wayne Scott, might begin with arranging counselling for himself. Did he not stand before Wells on this day and receive a word of nonsense from her as well? I hope the people who were subjected to this rubbish will get out of that church immediately and seek to find somewhere they can worship which will be solidly grounded in the TRUE gospel of repentance, forgiveness and Saving Grace. Stop seeking signs and wonders people! You need only look to the Cross for the greatest sign and wonder of all and that is the work that Jesus did for us on the Cross. Of course Wells failed to mention that!

  6. FWIW, I noticed in the 2nd video @1:05:00 the drummer gets a ‘word’, and @1:09:45 he gets up on the drums, at which point he commences a low-level background tribal drumbeat.

    What’s interesting about that is the practice of tribal drumming has been gaining ground within *NAR churches since I first noticed it around three years ago. For example, Rick Joyner’s *NAR Morningstar Church is a infamous for it.

    I have seen *NAR folks reference this drumming group below:

    Using tribal drumming to set a mood or atmosphere is very similar to Hillsong employing it’s trancelike, hypnotic music. Jesus Culture and other *NAR musicmakers such as Julie Meyer and Heather Clark often go into long repetitive hypnotic nonsensical multi-minute sequences that have nothing to do with worship. Nothing to do with the worship of our God anyway, they look to be related to the worship of other gods:


  7. Interestingly, in Matthew 22:37, Jesus said to love God with, among other things, all your “mind”…

    “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

    In contrast, this *NAR tribal music appears to take control of peoples’ minds, in which case they are not loving God with all their minds, they are instead being put into a heathen trancelike state. Could be to prepare them for more of the falling gems, gold dust, trickling oil, fire tunnels, Ark of the Covenant dances, and so forth…



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