Prankster or pastor? Where the world is Hillsong’s man Diego?


We started our sites such as Hillsong Church Watch and Church Watch Central for the sole reason to record the FACTS and HISTORY of the cults that we monitor. After years being in these types of movements, we noticed their deliberate attempt to rewrite history or airbrush key figures out of their organisation just to make themselves look flawless. If not that, they’ve repeatedly attempted to accuse people of taking them out of context and then proceed to manipulate the facts, history and so on to make themselves look honest and their critics as slanderers.

(See how Brian Houston “airbrushed” (and cyber-lynched) his best friend Geoff Bullock out of Hillsong’s existence. Or how Hillsong pulled Brian Houston’s sermon where he claimed Muslims and Christians serve Allah, which gave him the ammunition to accuse his critics of taking his entire sermon out of context. Or how Hillsong have cyber-lynched Grace City Church’s logo and existence from the internet, took it over and re-branded it as Hillsong Phoenix.)

This is now happening with the Naked Cowboy who recently made an appearance at Bobbie Houston’s US Colour Conference with Brian Houston weighing in.

Mr. Houston is spinning the idea that the ‘Naked Cowboy’ was simply a prankster and that because one video was leaked, everything else was “hearsay and rumour”:

“What I do know is that those who perpetuate the story, do so mainly with the help of a video, no context, and a good dose of what the bible describes as hearsay and rumour.” [Source]


But is it hearsay? Are we all wrong and Brian Houston is telling the truth for once?


Didn’t Brian know that we broke the story that the Naked Cowboy was in fact Hillsong New York’s Youth Pastor, Diego Simila?

… That’s alright! There’s plenty of sermons on the web of Diego Simila talking as a Hillsong Youth pastor right? You can see below all these sermons from


Source: (Accessed 03/06/2016.)

That’s funny! All those sermons were there last week before we broke the story. We know the sermons from Diego was still available yesterday afternoon. They were taken down sometime late yesterday (02/06/2016) or early today (03/06/2016).

Well this doesn’t look good. Maybe Hillsong is right. Maybe the critics were wrong. Maybe they are simply spreading lies, slander and hearsay about Hillsong?

Maybe Diego Simila was simply a prankster and never a pastor? We can’t seem to find any more sermons out there from Diego Simila to suggest he is a Hillsong NYC pastor – only ads for churches of him speaking at youth groups without dropping the sacred name ‘Hillsong’ or ‘pastor’.

This isn’t good for us. Thanks to Brian, we now look as though we are like “those who perpetuate the story” through “hearsay and rumour.”

Then again, aren’t you glad we took photos of Hillsong scraping the blood of lynched Diego Simila off the search engines? Here you can still see the sermons Diego Simila preached at LifePointe Church:


Every one of those links to his sermons are dead (except right now for some bad audio recording – link 3).

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:
Link 5:
Link 6: (nothing exciting).

We went through all these sermons last week and now it seems that we have caught Hillsong red-handed in trying to hide the fact that Diego Simila is Carl Lentz’s Hillsong NYC Youth Pastor. (We’ve only found ONE sermon of Diego’s left online.)

Below is what we have grabbed for now to PROVE that Diego Simila is a Hillsong New York Youth Pastor. Please email to us any sermons, screen grabs, pictures or texts you have to so we can keep adding to the list to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Brian Houston is NOT telling the truth:

Hillsong’s Naked Cowboy was A PASTOR not a prankster.

There is no evidence to suggest Diego was a pulling a prank, (unless Hillsong decide to manipulate him to confess he was pulling a prank).


From The Cause “Church”:


thecausekcWe are so honored to have Pastor Diego Simila at The Cause this weekend for Team Night! Hailing from Hillsong NYC, Pastor Diego is going to bring a powerful word. So invite your friends now, plan on a night you won’t forget, and we’ll see you soon!
Team Night | 6:30PM

Source: By thecausekc, Instagram,, Published 13/01/2016. (Accessed 04/06/2016.) 


Also from The Cause “Church”:


Source: The Cause Church, Twitter,, Published 7:58 PM – 17 Jan 2016. (Accessed 03/06/2016.)


From MyLifePointe “Church”:


Source: (Accessed 03/06/2016.)


From Hillsong NYC,


Source: Hillsong NYC, Twitter,, Published 4:36 1 Nov 2015. (Accessed 03/-6/2016.)


Also from Hillsong NYC,


Source: Hillsong NYC, Twitter,, Published 12:18 PM – 1 May 2016. (Accessed 04/06/2016.)


All this behavior causes us to raise an important question. Did Brian Houston know or not know who the Naked Cowboy was before he released his statement on the Naked Cowboy?

If he did, that statement was dishonest – he was feigning ignorance in not knowing who the Naked Cowboy was. If he didn’t, it has taken less than 24 hours when Brian published his statement where he has decided to cyber-lynch Diego Simila, making it look as though Diego himself was never existed as a Hillsong pastor.

Hopefully Hillsong will stop performing this cyber-lynch on Diego Simila and let the dust settle. Doing things like this only prove they are guilty of lying and covering up their sins.

What are your thoughts?

Edit: Added a clarification to first image 04/06/2016/.

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    Next preaching engagement from Youth Pastor Simila

  2. what are my thoughts? here they are:

    you CANNOT simply wipe away a group or person form the web. It is impossible. the information is available somewhere. try the wayback machine which caches the entire web even from a decade ago.

    i also think its might hilarious that the real naked cowboy is an ordained minister. would love to know what his doctrine is.

  3. Hey guys! Diego is 100 percent our youth pastor at Hillsong Church New York City… I’ve seen quite a few silly things on this topic, this blog is right up there w/ the most silly. I have no idea why anybody, is trying to say we are “cyber scrubbing” anything to do with Diego. There may not be many sermons online of Diego preaching, because he doesn’t travel and preach often! He is typically busy building our local youth ministry…if he has preached at another church and they put it online and now have taken it off, that’s THIER call not ours. Has zero to do with Hillsong Church. This is now the second time I have had to clarify bad facts and address you on the very same issue you continually attempt to throw at my church.(you stated as fact one time, I had my own YouTube channel, which in fact I do not and cannot control fake accounts posing as me. I think you issued some sort of apology but mostly re-directed…sound familiar? If I had more time, I would read more of your stuff and im sure there would be profound inaccuracy throughout..) So again, in your rush to write blogs about us, please do your best to at least get facts right. I realize you hate our church and you get excited to get new material up as fast as you can, that’s your obvious right. But your credibility suffers when you have to retract things, and I want you to be the best church watcher site you can be. Diego is our youth pastor, I think he’s one of the best I have ever known when it comes to serving and helping young people and if he preaches on a Sunday and we put it online, keep your eye out for it! I love his preaching too..nobody has ever tried to scrub this man, from anything, so your entire blog here? Lacks truth. That has to be disappointing when that’s supposed to be what you hold dear. Do better and have a great day! Sincerely: Carl Lentz.. Guy who hired Diego as youth pastor and is confirming his existence.

  4. Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Fiath reviews a sermon from Diego “Naked Cowboy” Simila

    00:09:22 Katie Souza Thousandfold Con
    00:24:33 Steve & Wendy Backlund Making Your Promise Your Identity
    00:46:39 Ed Young No Word of God for Memorial Day
    01:03:51 Jurgen Matthesius The Power Of A Vision Builder
    01:18:27 Sermon Review: Jesus Doesn’t Change by Diego Simila

    Cheers, Team ChurchWatch.

  5. I think the US government should ask the self-identified “leadership guru” Brian Houston to hold a conference on how to do a proper cover-up of a scandal gone sideways. Hillsong is quick and efficient at wiping evidence off the internet before they release their spin press release.

  6. Carl lentz, I have a couple questions

    1. what is with the half shaven faux hawk look u have ?

    2. To say this blog is silly is like saying having a church franchise use a Naked Cowboy impersonator or a Austin Powers impersonator or sexualizing the song Silent Night.

    If Hillsong isn’t trying to cover stuff up, why the damage control mode, I mean, If Hillsong is truly doing God’s work, why is it so afraid of backlash every time Hillsong does something bizarre or outrageous.

    I applaud this blog existing cause there has become too much secrecy, bizarre behavior and antics and bizarre teaching being promoted at Hillsong.

    I am both a actor and a blogger, and I don’t know whether I am more offended at Hillsong pastors who do acting bits for entertainment reasons and fail big time with their 4th rate acting on stage.

    Or whether I should be more at how spiritually starved Hillsong churches leave people cause good law and gospel sermons aren’t ever preached. I am offended equally btw.

    I btw worry for the members of Hillsong (celebrity and otherwise) who are being entertained rather than being spiritually fed with a good gospel sermon.

    I also think people should pray for Hillsong church members cause Hillsong seems to act way too much a little Hilary Clinton esque at responding to scandals if you get my drift.

    • Good point about Hillary Clinton esque style responses. Hillsong has its own Clinton couple.

      Instead of Hillary “I only sent personal emails from that address” and Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton….
      there’s Brian “I didn’t know that couple in music leadership was gay” and Bobbie “you can’t get in, you’re naked!!!” Houston.

  7. As a youth pastor he has a responsibility to present a positive image no matter where he goes. Would Jesus Christ present such an image. I think not. You can not grow good and bad fruit on the same tree.

  8. Carl lentz: “I’ve seen quite a few silly things on this topic, this blog is right up there w/ the most silly.”

    Well, that just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s think about this for a moment. That’s the equivalent of saying these things:

    1. Wanting to know the TRUTH is silly.
    2. Wanting to get TO THE BOTTOM of things is silly.
    3. Maintaining INTEGRITY TO THE SCRIPTURES is silly.
    4. Calling for JUSTICE TO HILLSONG VICTIMS is silly.
    5. EXPOSING LIES is silly.

    In actuality, Hillsong is quite silly, and worse.

  9. From Vimeo:

    “The Making Series – Jesus Doesn’t Change – 4/10/2016”
    from Cape Christian
    Description: “The Making Series continues with a message entitled, “Jesus Doesn’t Change”, by guest speaker, Pastor Diego Simila from Hillsong – NYC.

  10. While no sermons shown, it does confirm his title at Hillsong corp.
    Diego Simila
    Hillsong NYC
    December 28, 2014
    Diego pastors the Youth Ministry of Hillsong NYC, a church in the heart of Manhattan that has a passion to serve the city and make an impact worldwide. If you can’t find Diego at HillsongNYC, you can find him at the nearest surf spot, closest skatepark, or local music venue shinning a bit of light on a generation destined to live Young and Free.

    *”shinning” is from their site, not my typo

  11. And yet more for your research…

    Yahoo search “diego simila”, first search page, 9th entry down is from
    Description, “Naked Cowboy” Diego Simila performs with other dancers at the HIllsong NYC Color Conference.

    However, when you click the link, you get 404 Error: The page you have requested does not exist
    (I have screen shots of search)
    Using search engine on their site shows it has all been removed, no trace of the original article.

    A tumblr writer (Can I change this later) has an article from Feb 20, 2014, where she states “Our very own Youth Pastor Diego Simila…” and at the end of the article it states, 2 notes, “Diego Simila, Hillsong NYC, I Love You more.”

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