Bill Johnson’s “apostolic team”?

Bill Johnson was recently interviewed by ChristianityToday and was exposed for lying about his connections to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR):

Bill Johnson blatantly lies to ChristianityToday


The following information came to our attention where we see one of Bill Johnson’s leaders publicly acknowledging Bill Johnson’ “apostolic team”.

We are also aware of a church, going by the name of The Harvest Rock Church, that had advertised their ‘The Prophetic House of Prayer Conference’ with speakers Kris Vallotton  and Bill Johnson – with Vallotton promoting himself in the following way:


Kris was born the eldest of three children in Sunnyvale, California, in January of 1955. He lost his father three years later in a boating accident, and although Kris has had two stepfathers, his grandfather had the most influence in his life because of the unconditional love he lavished on Kris.

In 1997, Kris and Kathy moved to Redding to join Bill Johnson’s apostolic team and to found and direct the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. From its meager beginning with just thirty-seven students, the school has grown to more than six hundred full-time students in Redding, alone. Kris, Kathy, and the team have also planted several supernatural schools in other nations.

In addition to overseeing the school, Kris serves as the Senior Associate Leader at Bethel Church. He is the author of three books: The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, and Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle. He also heads the annual School of the Prophets. Kathy is a singer, musician, songwriter and worship leader. She heads the annual School of Worship at Bethel and oversees worship at the school of ministry. She has an album out called Child of the King.

With a passion to see revival spread to every nation and all realms of society, Kris and Kathy speak in conferences and churches around the U.S. and abroad. Kris is also a part of the Heroes of the Nation leadership team, which has a children’s village in Kenya, Africa. The village has more than 350 children living there, all of whom have lost both parents to AIDS. Each child learns a vocation and has a heart to see revival come to every segment of their country.

Kris and Kathy continue to pastor, mentor and father revivalists and prophetic teams with the aim of changing nations. By their lives, they model a devoted marriage and an open book life poured out for the Lord, His Church and the world.

Source: The Prophetic House of Prayer Conference, Harvest Rock Church,, Accessed 09/06/2016.)


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