Bethel “Church”

A-NAR-THER gospel.

In his latest article, one of our favourite polemicists and very good friend Rick Becker from the ‘Famine In The Land’ blog, addresses the following: “Another gospel” comes in many forms, in this article I’ll identify three man-centered teachings, that are… Read More ›

Touch Not Brown’s Anointed: Timeline of Dr. Michael Brown’s ongoing defence of the New Apostolic Reformation and the occult Christalignment.

What is the difference between Benny Hinn threatening to blast his critics with a ‘holy ghost machine gun’, false ‘Apostles’ labelling critics of Todd Bentley’s Lakeland as heresy-hunters and Dr. Michael Brown labelling discerning pastors, academics and Christian apologists as ‘hyper-critics’?… Read More ›