Laire Lightner’s emotional ‘Resurrection’ Sermon: “Faith – My boy is in the morgue”


False Prophet: Laire Lightner 

While Laire Lightner’s financial integrity has been scrutinised by many online, the ‘Kardashian-wannabe’ prophet and (s)influencer is a popular cult-leader within the New Apostolic Reformation who is personally influenced by high-profile NAR figures.

According to her website, Laire Lightner is “a wife, homeschooling stay-at-home mom of five, and she holds some strong Christian beliefs on motherhood and womanhood. She emphasizes the importance of a woman’s role as a homemaker and sees it as her God-given responsibility. She believes that mothers should not work outside the home or send their children to daycare, as it goes against their role as primary caregivers and their husbands’ role as providers, as outlined in Ephesians 5.”

“Laire’s life is full of daily adventures as she fulfills her roles as a wife, chef, taxi driver, doctor, and more. Through these adventures, she has discovered and reconnected with various aspects of her identity that she felt were lost along the way, particularly her love for beauty and a sense of freedom. She questions societal expectations that demand women to be constantly busy and self-sacrificing, arguing that this can lead to a loss of one’s true self.”

She “believes that women are often conditioned to hide their vulnerability and femininity from an early age, which can leave them feeling disconnected from their true selves. Laire suggests that women should embark on a courageous journey to discover their authentic selves, created in God’s image. She sees men as bearers of a warrior God’s image, responsible for assuring that God will come through for humanity, while women bear the image of a captivating God, meant to reflect His beauty and provide a sense of calm and safety to the world.”

In essence, “Laire Lightner is on a quest to find her true self, stripped of societal expectations, and invites others to join her on this transparent and uplifting journey towards a more authentic understanding of femininity, vulnerability, and faith.”

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Before analysing her latest sermon, it’s important ‘Prophet’ Laire Lightner’s ecclesiology (or rather lack of one), so we can understand by what spiritual authority or position she speaks from.

She writes the following about her ideas of church,

“A lot of Christians are confused about the kind of church I run with. Let me explain… I’ve been ministering online for 14 years. I’ve been pouring into people for 14 years.

In business I’ve been pouring into people for 10+.

When my community needed me to use my platform to stand for truth and righteousness…..I did and will continue to do so.

You’ve never known a community like mine. Chances are the community you’ve known is a bunch of mean girls who gossip just because they don’t agree with others.

That’s not how we roll but I can assure you there are very few communities like mine. They will not let you get away with trash especially if you call vourself a brother/sister in Christ.

Let me tell you my people have shut down pages, businesses, posts, groups & people.

They gave Target such a run for their money they lost 16 billion dollars.

They put such pressure on the network of duck dynasty, they reinstated the show.

I don’t call on my people often, but when I do…you better come to your senses. They will hold you accountable. The rest of the time I focus on pouring into these people. So the day I actually need them, they show up. It’s called true friendship and gratitude.

There’s power in numbers.

Together, we are a force.”

Source: Laire Lightner,, Published September 29, 2023. (Accessed September 30, 2023.)

While Lightner’s community may be passionate and active, her ecclesiology deviates from biblical foundations. A more balanced approach, grounded in love, humility, and biblical guidance, is essential for a healthy Christian community that seeks to reflect the teachings of Christ and promote unity rather than division.

Her ideas of church raises several concerns that deserve scrutiny. While they seem to have a passionate and active online Christian community, there are significant issues with their approach:

  1. Lack of biblical foundation: A key problem with this ecclesiology is the apparent absence of the gospel and a strong biblical foundation. A gospel and biblical foundation provides clear guidelines for the structure and function of Christian communities, emphasizing principles like love, humility, and forgiveness. The focus on shutting down businesses and holding others accountable through coercion does not align with these biblical principles.
  2. Vigilantism and excessive confrontation: The description of this community’s actions raises concerns about vigilantism and an overly confrontational approach. While accountability is important, the New Testament encourages Christians to address disputes and issues within the church with grace and reconciliation (Matthew 18:15-17). Resorting to tactics like shutting down pages and businesses can be counterproductive and be regarded as unChristlike.
  3. Potential for division: The claim that this community is different from others and the implication that they are the sole arbiters of truth can foster an unhealthy sense of superiority and division within the body of Christ. The Bible encourages unity among believers (1 Corinthians 1:10), and promoting an “us vs. them” mentality can lead to fragmentation and discord.
  4. Questionable motives: The focus on taking action when called upon could potentially lead to manipulation or coercion in the name of righteousness. True Christian service should be motivated by love and genuine concern for others, rather than a willingness to “shut down” those who disagree. As you are about to see in the fo;;owing ‘sermon’, Lightner’s self-righteous indignation and harsh (if not juvenile) judgments resonate within her community and can easily produce fanatical members.
  5. Lack of humility and meekness: Humility is a core Christian virtue, and an ‘ecclesiology’ that boasts about its power and influence raises concerns about a lack of humility and a potential for pride.

We will look at more content that reflects her character and her ‘church’ later. Needless to say, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.


Laire Lightner recently preached a sermon capturing her disturbing ideas as to what Christianity and the church should look like in these last days. Her spiritual state and emotional experiences that she speaks from in this sermon is in connection to the recent death of her son, Franky Manuel Alvarez.

While she does not call what she is giving a ‘sermon’, she makes it clear to her online ‘church’ followers that God speaks directly to her. So it appears she sees herself as an influencer and ‘prophet’, leading and protecting a supernatural remnant of online Christians.

Due to current state of events, it is surprising to see her teach publicly – but she claimed God said to her,

‘I want you to do a live and I want you to encourage my church’. So here I am. Obeying.”

She opens with, “Let’s see. What does Holy Spirit want to tell you?” So we have decided to honour this ‘prophet’ by reposting and transcribing her prophetic message.


Why share the sermon video and transcribe it?

Because she intertwines events from the hospital to the morgue in this sermon. This transcript serves as a resource for people to refute the false prophetic testimony she has constructed to clean up her online PR disaster. Whatever her motivation, it is sad to see a mother capitalise on her sons death in order to bolster her ‘prophetic office’ and name in evangelicalism.

It’s been observed that Lightner (and defenders of Lightner) often accuse people offering constructive criticism of exploiting her son’s death for personal gain, all the while failing to recognize that the mother herself may be guilty of the very same behavior, highlighting a sense of hypocrisy in their stance.

Amidst the online kerfuffle and Lightner’s confusion, grief and wanting to “fight the good fight of faith” (according to her beliefs), Laire Lightner put up the following video.

We are aware that the video may not be available to everyone, so below is the entire transcript of this video. It was also transcribed so we can understand why her beliefs are nothing but an unfortunate theological vice that forced her to ‘hear’ something that never actually came from God.

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2:33 “Good morning family. So, this morning I was spending time with the Lord. And He said, ‘I want you to do a live and I want you to encourage my church.’ So here I am. Obeying. Um. I want to say thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for standing with and for our family through all of this.

2:54 Um. Let’s see. What does Holy Spirit want to tell you?

3:04 What I’ve experienced this past week has taught me what true Christianity is about. What it has taught me. What- what kind of Christianity do I want to live? Do I want to live a Christianity-? – (this is why we don’t go to church by the way) – Do I want to live the type of Christianity that you just go to church on Sunday or Wednesday night you do Bible study and you just get together and it’s- um. They interrupt worship when Holy Spirit actually finally showed up so they can talk to you about their building fund or watch a video what’s happening in the church that week. Like – I can’t do that. I cannot do that.

3:43 I don’t want that faith that anybody can do that. LDS can do that. Like, Buddhists can do that. Anybody could do that. I don’t want that Christianity. I want New Testament Christianity.

4:00 I want the Christianity that my bible says that I will do greater things than Jesus did. I want the Christianity that raises the dead that cleanses the lepers that cast out demons. That is the Christianity that I want. And I’m not chasing after anything else. So I know that this week has challenged a lot of people. I know that my faith has challenged a lot of people this week. Um. But if your faith isn’t tested, then how do you know it’s faith?

4:38 You’re going to tell me that the faith that we need as believers is so your bills are paid? You’re going to tell me that Jesus died on that cross and He rose again and conquered death so we can rely on God to take our headache away? [Long pause]

5:02 I don’t want that Christianity. I don’t. So for people that are like, you know, I am- ‘I know that you must be hurting’. Yeah, I- in the flesh? I am. Yesterday- no. No. The day before yesterday, I just literally fell apart because in the flesh, that’s my baby. I watched that baby boy be born. I have walked through life with that boy.

I’ve seen that boy love the Lord. I’ve seen that boy- he’s- he is one of the most beautiful human beings that God placed on Earth. So yeah, my heart aches as a mother but I’m not mourning. I’m just not.

6:00 And here’s the thing. People don’t understand that. As a prophet who hears the Lord often I’m not new to this. This is not my first rodeo. I have not only prophesied accurately, weeks on weeks, on weeks. Hundreds of prophetic things that have been accurate, okay. I know the voice of my God.

6:24 I know the voice of my God. And if my Lord told me, ‘I am taking Franky and Franky is not coming back and Franky is with me,’ bless it. Bless it. I’m not holding on to things. See, we don’t hold onto things against the will of the Lord. This is why we pray in the spirit so the perfect will of the lord is accomplished.

6:45 I am not delusional trying to fight against my god. I’m just not. I have no interest in doing the opposite of the will of god. So, if my god, who speaks to me every single day, would tell me, ‘He’s with me, you need to let him go,’ I’ll let him go. I don’t have an issue with that.

7:07 Are you kidding me? What an incredible celebration that my beautiful boy is with Jesus. What else would you want as a mother? There is nothing else. Nothing else matters to me as a mother. So what a glorious time to know that my baby’s with him – and then I’m going to see him again. So, if I weep, I don’t weep like those who don’t have hope.

7:35 But that has not been my directive. My directive has been, ‘No matter what you see in the natural, you stand.’ That’s what He tells me. So if we don’t have the faith to stand when your baby is in a morgue to know that the same god who raised Lazarus from the dead can raise your boy and there’s no doubt in you. There’s no unbelief. There is no- He just can! And if he’s not done, then He will. [Long pause]

8:08 I don’t- I- I don’t have grid for anything else because he raised Lazarus on the fourth day. Jesus raised Himself on the third day.

8:22 You can see so many resurrections that have happened. You guys, right now, (this is the encouragement), right now, there’s people being raised from the dead in Africa all the time. There’s people being raised from the dead in South America all the time. So I want to ask you, why is that we’re seeing the dead be raised? Why is it that we’re seeing New Testament Christianity in all these other nations while we don’t see it in America?

8:49 You know I’m going to tell you why. And this may be hard for you. It doesn’t matter to me, I need to tell you- I need to give you truth, is what I mean. When you love someone you tell them the truth. And this comes with absolute love.

9:01 But I want your faith to be to go from a 10 to 100. And if you don’t exercise that faith, it never grows. I’m going to tell you why. Resurrections are happening all over the place. People that have been embalmed. People that have been embalmed get up in their own funeral because God lives.

9:37 The reason that the American church is not seeing resurrections is because y’all don’t have faith. You just don’t. You don’t fight the good fight of faith. You don’t fight. You don’t claim your authority. You’ve been giving- you are- You are a co-heir with Christ, seated in heavenly places. You are the ambassador of Christ on earth. The power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you. Exercise your authority.
[Long pause] You don’t have faith. So when you see like me who take the Bible seriously, who take faith seriously and are called to exercise our faith and the power of life and death is on the tongue and take dominion over the earth that we’ve been giving. And I give dominion to the enemy again. When you see people like me, (to you), is wild.

10:45 To you, that is like, ‘I’ve lost my mind’. Like, it’s almost offensive to some people. I know this because I’ve read some- I don’t read the messages by the way. Um, I read some of them and some of you are so, you’re- you’re- I’ve- I’ve conflicted you. My faith has conflicted you. That’s kind of what I do, yeah. I- I feel like I was born to conflict the church. So, I’m good with that. Um, we rely so much on the medical establishment to save lives that we don’t- we- we don’t see Jesus as the answer, right? So, in Africa, in South America, when all these people are being raised from the dead, y’all, they don’t have, they don’t have another option. Do you understand that? When- when there is no other option and- and medicine ends, the only other option is the Jesus that you serve. Who was raised and who was seated in the heavenly places with dominion over absolutely every dark power, every principality. What He says goes. So you became a believer not so that you can go to to heaven one day. You became a believer to bring the kingdom to the earth, to exercise the authority, and proclaim the dominion, reclaim the dominion that God has given you over all dark powers, over all principalities.

So, in America, you have so many more options in this hospital and that thing. Y’all know that I did all of it. All of it. I fought all of it in the natural while my husband was in that room twelve hours a day, fighting in the supernatural. And I came in and stood by his side and we proclaimed it together, when I was there. But I fought in the natural as much as I did in the heavenlies. So, we have so much trust in the medical system that Christians are like, ‘I said something that offended some people. And it’s okay. You can be offended. You can be offended at me. But if your faith grows from five to a ten, my job is done and I’m good with it. I don’t take that stuff personally. I’ve been doing this online for fourteen years now. There’s not a single thing you can say to me to get me riled up. I’m going to proclaim things back to you because you’re going to reap what you sown. And the Lord rebuke you.

But you’re not going to- you’re not going to rattle me. You’re not going to shake me because my faith is not in you, what you believe, what you didn’t believe. I have no idea who you are, and it matters not to me. My king is alive.

13:37 So the Lord showed me when I was in the room, praying with David, standing with David in faith, that there’s a barometer of faith (Okay?), that is needed to raise the dead. So he showed me a barometer. And when the barometer of faith is filled to the top, that’s when resurrection can happen. That is resurrection power, okay? So, who can raise the dead? Jesus raises the dead. There is- there is no other answer. There is nobody on earth that’s like, ‘Oh! They’re so anointed!’ and ‘Impartation!’ and the thing. It’s Jesus. Jesus Christ, the son of God, raises the dead. He’s doing it right now all over the world. But you have such a sanitized Christianity that you do not even understand what I’m saying to you. He is raising the dead right now around the world. Right now.

15:36 But the American church is so sanitized and, ‘We’re just going to go to church and we’re just going to just read our bible.’ If you’re not exercising your faith, I don’t know what faith you have. What is your faith? So, Jesus raises the dead. Who can partner up with Jesus to raise the dead? To proclaim the dead be raised, right? And it’s only those people who have the faith to raise the dead.

15:00 Because faith is the activation to raise the dead. If there’s one thing I know I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that David and I fill that barometer- David alone filled that barometer to be honest with you. Because I told him if there’s any point in time .01% is in me for any reason, I will walk out of this room. Because unbelief cannot sit in this room.

15:32 But my question to you is, why? Why is my faith so wild to you? I don’t- it’s just- it’s biblical faith. I am a nobody. But I just decided to take the bible seriously and it’s true. I just believe the word of God. So, my faith should not be wild to you. My faith should not be uncommon. My faith is what every Christian should be living. Is the Word not true? Is the bible not true? So if the bible is true, then why are we not believing?

16:09 He said that we would do greater things than he did. What did Jesus do? Jesus raised the dead. [Pause] What are we doing with our lives? And again, this is why I don’t go to church. Church for me is- is operating in a plane that I’m not even in. Like- I am- I’ve- no. I want to go to touch the lepers. I want to go to pray for the dead to be raised. I want to go. I just- I- I can’t do church. I need to be the church. I want to experience New Testament Christianity. I am not satisfied with the Christianity that the Western Church believes in. I am not- and if you’re satisfied with it, you do you. But this is not uncommon. This is not, ‘Oh! She just has wild, you know, crazy-‘ No! No! No! No! No! This is just bible. [Long dramatic pause] This is just bible.

17:19 So here’s the reality of it, right? He raises my boy. He gets the glory. The whole world is watching. So, I’m like, come on Jesus, right? Um, as a mother, if he doesn’t raise my boy and he takes them, I’m good. Do you hear me? Do you hear my heart? I’m good.

17:42 I’m good. I’m good. I’m good. Because my God is good. I’m good. I’m good.

17:55 So, my entire prayer has been, ‘Papa, if- if this is done, just tell me. I’m good. My boy had a beautiful life. I have no regrets in the way that I walked this life with that boy. None. But that’s not what I feel the Lord has told me. He told me, ‘You stand. You keep standing and you keep standing’. And I’m going to continue to stand. Period. End of story. So, I guess this is- This is a call to the church: what kind of Christianity do you want to live? What- What kind of relationship do you want to have with the Lord? What kind of impact do you want to have in the world? [Long pause]

Do you- are you okay with mediocre Christianity? Are you okay with not ever seeing the dead raised when they are being raised right now, all over the world? Are you okay with that? Are you okay never seeing the power of God on earth? Are you okay with never seeing hell stomped and BEATEN, because Jesus is King? Are you okay with that? My faith may be crazy or wild to you but I promise you it’s not. It’s just Bible.

Are you okay with never seeing the glory and the majesty of God on earth? When someone is declared dead in a morgue and balmed and Jesus- and Jesus shows up? Are you okay never seeing that? Is that okay with you? It’s not okay with me. It’s not okay with me. So I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do.

20:05 For any reason, the Lord decides that my boy is not coming back, okay, I will personally seek out have hell for the rest of my life. I will go to the ends of the earth to find the darkest places because I am not satisfied until I see the power of my god. Period. End of story. I don’t want to go to church so somebody can tell me about their building fund and their little meeting and their potluck. I want to see the power of God on earth. I-want-to-see the dead being raised. That’s what I want. And if that is not the Christianity that you want my friend, you may be saved and you may be with the savior when your time on Earth is done, but you’re going to miss out on the miraculous power of God on earth, and the great display of the glory that is coming. Because unless you go to a- go and kiss the leper and touch the leopard, then the power of God can come in and protect you from not even being touched by disease. But you need to know that you won’t be touched first before you step out in faith and do it.

21:18 Heidi Baker has touched lepers, kissed lepers for years. Can’t touch her! But we live here! Do you understand that? She lives here! She knows that God’s gonna show up. But we live in a place where we don’t allow God to show up, because ‘we got it’.

21:34 And if we don’t ‘got it’, the medical industry ‘got it’. And if they don’t ‘got it’, then it ‘was God’s will’. That’s cowardice! Unless God tells you we’re done, you don’t fight? The very dark powers and principalities trying to take the promise of God off of this earth, out of this earth so it never is fulfilled? You’re a coward. You’re not a Christian.

22:08 And if you picked up on offense, you should take it up to the Lord and examine your own heart because your eternal salvation is at stake. And I rather someone wake me up from the dead than lie to me.

22:27 So my encouragement to you today is, ‘Go before the Lord. And you decide this thing: who you will serve this day? YOU decide whom you will serve. If you’re going to serve God, then you better get ready to go to the ends of the earth to manifest the kingdom of God on earth.

22:56 We don’t lose this war. Do you understand that? De didn’t die and be raised again so we just struggle and just mediocre and Sa’an just punching us and we are punching bags for Sa’an and my life is so terrible, indebted, and dadada. YOU HAVE THE authority! YOU speak! YOU stand! YOU believe! YOU let him do the rest!

23:03 Because how did I tell you the dead is raised? Jesus Christ, the Son of God raises the dead. You need the faith that is required to meet the requirement to raise the dead. We’ve done our part. If there is- if- Listen! If there’s faith on the earth still- around the earth to raise the dead David and I had it – and HAVE it. So I wait on Him to do what He needs to do. Whether He does it or doesn’t do it, the outcome is not going to matter to me in terms of my faith.

23:58 It’s not. Because I’ve already decided that regardless of what happens, I’m going to chase after that Christianity that I want and seeing the power of God on this earth, and there is nothing else that’s going to stop me there. Nothing else matters to me.

24:08 I’ve already decided. I’m waiting on the Lord. ‘What is it that you’re going to do Lord? When that waiting time is over, whatever the outcome is, I am coming after hell with everything that I got.

24:19 So he’s either gonna have to show up and protect me from Ebola, leprosy, whatever, I do not care.

24:30 or he’s gonna have to show up. Those are the only two options that He has for his bride who walk in covenant with him.

24:44 So, let faith arise on the earth. Let every man be a liar and let our God be the only one that is true, the only one worth fighting for. The only one who has every dark power and principality under his feet. The one that has conquered death, so that we may live by faith, not by sight.

25:09 I love you. I know that some parts are difficult, and I know that you’re going to be encouraged from it, but I’m not Joel Osteen. Do you understand me? Don’t even comment some nonsense. Don’t even! Don’t even. Don’t even. Don’t even. I don’t have a grid for you right now. I’m not Joel Osteen. So if you’re coming here for me to ‘Joel Osteen’ you, it ain’t gonna be it. It is not going to be it.

25:33 You want your faith to be at 100, you gotta be able to walk in the supernatu- you gotta be- you have to be willing to drink the cup of suffering. To walk in new heights with the father. This is not your ‘best life now’, dadadadadada! No! No! There’s- there’s a cup of suffering.

25:50 There’s a cup of suffering that you must drink, that you MUST drink, to go to the next level. To go to the level of the Apostles. To go to the level of Heidi Baker. To go to the level of Todd White. To go to the level of David Hogan. Your best life now is not going to give you the Christianity that we see in the Bible. Cleanse the lepers. Heal the sick. Cast out demons. Raise the dead. There’s a price to pay for that. There’s a price to pay for that. Are you willing to pay the price?

26:34 I’m willing to pay the price. But I’m not satisfied with any other type of Christianity. None. Western Christianity? Somebody else can have that. I don’t want that. Okay, I love you guys. I want to encourage you knowing that God is King Jesus is King and He is on the throne. No one has dethroned my king. No one has dethroned my king. He is sovereign. He is not worried about a single thing. And if he’s not worried then I’m not worried.

27:04 I love you guys. Have a blessed day.

Source: Laire Lightner, Faith – My boy is at the morgue, Facebook,, Published 25 September at 05:27. (Accessed September 25, 2023.)

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