Brian Houston: “Blocking haters on Twitter is like sport”


Do you sometimes question the things Brian Houston says or does at Hillsong? Maybe you are offended how he covered up his father’s pedophilia? Or how he lied about his father to his church, the media and the rest of the word? Maybe you are offended how Brian Houston condemns your church or your Christian friends so he can elevate his Hillsong movement?

Maybe you are offended with his scripture twisting? His financial scamming? His abusive behaviour towards other people? His bullying towards women who were asking for help or simply asking questions?

If you do have these types of questions, make sure you say nothing. According to Brian, you’re a hater. And according to Brian, this means he can’t wait to block you. (He admits he gets an adrenaline rush if he blocks haters like you.)

02_Hillsong cult leader Brian Houston live love lead

Don’t believe us?

Brian Houston tweets,

Source: Brian Houston, Twitter,, Published 2:03 AM – 23 Aug 2015. (Accessed 27/06/2016.)

The Australian media have publicly labeled Brian Houston a megalomaniac. This kind of behaviour from Brian only confirms that he shows no stability as a pastor or even as a compassionate human being. We think “megalomaniac” is fitting. What are your thoughts on Brian Houston’s twitter comment?

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  1. Good word for Brian Houston. megalomaniac.

  2. Brian Baby, if you’re blockin and haten like your father satan, you will miss out on a lot of $$$$$

  3. Brian Houston says “Haters gonna hate”, just like megalomaniac Steven Furtick has his “Haters gonna hate” video.

    Anyone who follows either of these fake Christian crooks is a dunce.

  4. Near my home a local professional sports team is much like Brian Houston and Hillsong. They get caught violating a rule and their M.O. is to deny, deny, and accuse, then obfuscate the facts with an explanation that is hard to follow because it is a lot of words that do not explain much of anything. The idea is they hope it all goes away. The fans of that team blindly defend their team (myself included at times) and say the league and other teams are out to get them because they are successful. Brian Houston and Hillsong have the same kind of fanbase that are blind to the facts as long as they are entertained and feel good about themselves because they got an emotional rush and were told that God considers them special not matter steeped in unrepented sin they are.

  5. I think there’s a remnant of the days when leaders in Frank Houston’s church though not Frank himself used to go about quoting the first three words of Hebrews 13:7 “obey your leaders” Though I think obey is a translation of Grk peithó having the idea of “trust”, “confidence in” and being “persuaded by” presumably meaning persuaded by correct teaching of scripture. 2 Tim 3:15,16.

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