Paul and Paula, tweeting on a wall. One get’s slammed. Who is left?

A true Christian disciple of Jesus Christ would NOT twist their Savior’s words to silence their brothers and sisters in Christ. However, there are false teachers and so-called Christians that have no problem twisting Jesus’ Words to silence Christians with this saying:

“Judge not, lest you be judged!”

We recently found Paula White use this same scripture to condemn Jesus’ disciples for daring to be… faithful Christian disciples. Below, you can see someone posting up a meme of Paul Washer, slamming people for twisting the Word of God.

Source: Paula White, Twitter,, Published 5:01 PM – 6 Sep 2014. (Accessed 28/06/2016.)


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  1. I sent Paula a tweet and asked her to read 1 Cor. 5:11-13.

  2. Paula White does not understand the Bible. All she knows is how to make money using the Bible.

  3. I agree with your, Chester. Recently saw her on the money grubbing Rod Parsely’s show. They were asking for people to sow their see in return for a jubilee miracle. Paula’s bottom lip was very noticeably swollen and glossy. Looks like the money is going to lip injections.

    • I wonder what is a Jubilee miracle. From a protestant viewpoint there’s miracles of Christ. A leader from jews for Jesus group said Israel don’t celebrate the Jubilee year. This year the Catholic church are celebrating The Extraordinary Year of Jubille Iubilaeum Extraordinarium Misericordiae which is what exactley

  4. Rod Parsley another one of my all time ‘favorites’.

    Justin Peters slam-dunks Parsley at 56:00-58:00 making another one of his usual money grubbing lies….

  5. she’s blonde, she must be right,

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