Joyner: “You look at the types of leaders Jesus chose, they were more like Donald Trumps.”

Rick Joyner publicly stated, “The church doesn’t have in general that much savvy.” We agree – a savvy church would kick Joyner out of Christianity…


The NAR and their propaganda gag rag Charisma News and TBN are militantly pushing Christianity to get behind God’s appointed, “Cyrus anointed” man, Donald Trump. If you question or challange Donald Trump, Jesus will kill you.

“… The end-time battle has begun and the end-time harvest has begun… But God told me this. He said, ‘Even if it means that they stand on the way of my agenda in America, I will remove you them from the face of the earth. Now after He told me that, after forty-eight hours, two people died to confirm what I heard. One was a young man from the Obama administration who got killed in a weird bicycle accident on a bicycle race. He went head on with a car. And the other one was a young Saudi Prince.” [Source: Charisma News – 34:00]

We already exposed how this prophecy that was pushed by Charisma News and TBN’s ‘The Jim Bakker Show’ is flat out dangerous and false:

Charisma News gag rag exposed for promoting prophetic fraud


There have been a number of NAR leaders suggesting that God wants you to vote for Donald Trump. We’ve already looked at NARpostolic prophet Mark Taylor, Jim Bakker and co. and the Charisma News staff. Others include:

NARpostle Peter Wagner…

Wagner aligns under “commander-in-chief” Trump – not work place apostle?

NARpostolic Prophet Steve Cioccolanti…

NARpostolic Prophet Steve Cioccolanti wants you to think Donald Trump is prophetic?

Rick Joyner is notorious for being an international prophetic fraud back in 2008 and for foolishly claiming that his book, the Final Quest, was more divinely inspired than the bible. Yet this “lawless one” (Matthew 7), is having meetings with Presidential candidate Donald Trump and now being his spoke person.

Donald Trump hangs out with prophetic fraud, Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner was recently on The Jay Bakker Show. Once again, the commentary coming from these men is frightening. What are your thoughts on these words from Rick Joyner (see quotes below):

“[Donald Trump] is getting things out in discussion and he’s ruling the media right now. He is controlling the media like nobidy’s every controlled.”

“The church doesn’t have in general that much savvy. And the Lord said you need that. So you got to to be wise as serpents, (you really need- there’s some wisdom here you really need to have), but as harmless as doves. You look at the types of leaders Jesus chose, they were more like Donald Trumps.”

Source: Rick Joyner, RWW News: Joyner: Trump’s Like Jesus And His Disciples, YouTube,, Uploaded 10/03/2016. (Accessed 28/06/2016.)

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