Kowtowing journalism fails to report Kong Hee demonizing Singaporean authorities

Two  “Christian” news organisations published stories about the recently convicted Kong Hee in Africa. Their stories consist of quoting Sun Ho and Kong Hee…

… from Kong Hee’s FaceBook page.

No joke.

That’s it. That’s the standard of Christian news reporting.

Read both articles here:

Christian Times: Amazing Christian revival in South Africa, says City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee
Christian Post: Megachurch Pastor Kong Hee, Wife Sun Ho ‘Exploding Inside’ by Amazing Christian Revival in South Africa

Both Christian news outlets wrote that “revival” was happening in Africa… according to Kong Hee’s FaceBook page…

… You know – the guy who was found guilty, in the Singaporean courts, of lying to his church about the building fund.

Are we missing something here?

The word “revival” is too often thrown around with no meaning these days. However, it’s thrown around to grab people’s attention and it’s thrown around to promote a leader’s success or NARpostleship. And that’s exactly what Sun Ho and Kong Hee appear to be doing.

This lazy journalism provoked us to investigate the church where Kong Hee spoke.

A few clicks later, we managed to find the sermon Kong put on his wall on YouTube. In that sermon, Kong Hee was presented as a “servant that [God’s] anointed.”

In the video below, we have taken snippets from the service we watched revealing that Bishop Mosa Sono and Kong Hee are part of the NARpostolic (Church Growth International) network, led by the convicted felon David Yonggi Cho.

Now that is a story worth reporting. Especially when God’s ‘Anointed Servant’ decided to demonize Singaporean authorities for putting him and his wife through hell:

“We are in the midst of the greatest fight of our lives right now because there is a plot from the devil to destroy my life and my ministry.”

(BTW, it took us UNDER HALF AN HOUR to obtain this information.)

Watch the full “revival” here:

Source: By GBC WebTeam, GBC Live 25 June 2016-Couples Forum, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji7QPJ7Up78, Streamed live on Jun 25, 2016. (Accessed 09/07/2016.)


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  1. Christian Times and Christian Post. Two obvious “Gag Rags”, and yes they should make any true Christian GAG.

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