Rosebrough exposes Dr Brown as a NARpostle at Isi De Gersigny’s circus church?


Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith recently reviewed a Michael Brown sermon.

At one stage in the sermon review, Rosebrough highlighted the language of Michael Brown, wondering if Michael Brown considered himself an NARpostle.

Chris quoted Brown and then asked the question to Brown,

“‘Raised you up internationally.’ Well in NAR speak, that makes you an ‘Apostle’. Are you an ‘Apostle’ in the NAR? Are you one of God’s Generals?”

Source: Chris Rosebrough, The Bad Fruit of Experiential “Theology”, Fighting for the Faith: 02:43:54, Published 08/07/2016. (Accessed 12/07/2016.)

We found the answer to Chris Rosebrough’s question. Yes. Michael Brown DOES consider himself an Apostle. Brown considers himself to be one of God’s Generals.

We managed to track down the sermon Chris reviewed. Before Dr Brown spoke, Fini De Gersigny called Michael Brown an Apostle. This is how Fini de Gersigny introduced Apostle Michael Brown:

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If anyone left the NAR in their earlier years, they would know how significant it is bestow the revered title of ‘General’ on someone. Remember, the New Apostolic Reformation believe that they are The End-Times Army (also called Joel’s Army) governed by Apostles and Prophets. So to call Michael Brown “a General in Gods Army” is to call Michael Brown an Apostle.

Fini Quote Michael Brown

“I believe that Michael is truly a General in Gods Army and Gods Economy.”


The popular NAR Apostle Rick Joyner also pushes this End Times Army in his popular book series ‘The Final Quest’ and ‘The Call’. (‘The Call’ was an event that Dr Brown said he was a part of with Dr Lou Engle.)

Before listening to the sermon review, we need to quote what Rick Joyner teaches on the Apostolic Ministry and the Apostolic Commission within the New Apostolic Reformation. When you listen to this sermon review, Michael Brown is fitting Rick Joyner’s description of an NARpostle. 

What is the ‘Apostolic Commission’?

The Apostolic Commission is for Apostles to raise up the New Breed, in this case with Joyner, he still traditionally calls them the ‘Manifest Sons of God’. This is why the NAR focus on raising up children and Prophetic Schools or Schools of the Supernatural – they are nothing more than breeding grounds for the special mutants New Breed generation to emerge to usher in Christ’s return.

Michael Brown New Breed

It is fascinating that Chris Rosebrough raised further concern to his listeners by exposing what Brown wrote in his first book on revival in the early ninetees.

“Times of great evil lie ahead. God’s army must be equipped and trained.
Then it can come forth.

A new breed of leaders must arise.”

Source: Dr Michael Brown, What Happened to the Power of God?, Destiny Image, Revival Press, Published 1991, pg. 161.

It’s not a one off either:

“We need heroes for a new generation. Who will leave all and set the pace? […] God is calling for men and women who will only do what they see their Father doing. He is calling for those who will set the Lord always before them, who will be caught up in the purpose of heaven and live out the message they preach. […] He is fashioning a new kind of vessel – a vessel prepared for the glory of God!”

Source: Dr Michael Brown, What Happened to the Power of God?, Destiny Image, Revival Press, Published 1991, pg. 185.

It makes us wonder if Michael Brown was keen to start up a school while he was involved at the Brownsville “Revival” to unlock the New Breed to usher in the NAR end-times revival.

Although this is a long sermon review, it is well worth listening to and passing on to friends who endorse Apostle Michael Brown.

The Bad Fruit of Experiential “Theology”



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Source: By Chris Rosebrough, The Bad Fruit of Experiential “Theology”, Pirate Christian Radio,, Published 07/07/2016. (Accessed 12/07/2016.)

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