Official Statements Surrounding The City Harvest Church Crisis

This article was originally published on C3 Church Watch. We think it is important for readers to familiarize themselves with the article below in light of Kong Hee, Sun Ho and Phil Pringle demonizing Singaporean authorities.


Official Statements Surrounding The City Harvest Church Crisis


The Singapore Government, Ministry of Home Affairs have made the following statements online:

Police has earlier sent a press statement on CAD investigations into persons for criminal breach of trust and false accounting.  Below are Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affair’s comments on the case:
  • I would like to stress that the charges filed by CAD are against 5 individuals from the City Harvest Church (CHC) regarding the use of Church funds. They are not filed against CHC itself.  The CHC is free to continue its church services and activities.
  • CAD carries out investigations when it receives information that a criminal offence may have been committed. CAD had previously investigated the National Kidney Foundation and Ren Ci.
  • As the matter is now before the courts, we should let the law take its course and avoid speculation or making pre-judgements that may unnecessarily stir up emotions.

(Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Government, Press Release,, 26/06/2012. Accessed 27/06/2012.)

The Singapore Government also released a ‘Press Statement By The Singapore Police’:

Press Statement By The Singapore Police – (From:

Furthermore, the Singapore Government released a ‘Press statement by Commissioner of Charities’:

Press statement by Commissioner of Charities – (From:

Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church issued the following statement,


Dear Church Family,

This morning, Pastor Kong Hee, Pastor Tan Ye Peng, John Lam, Chew Eng Han and Sharon Tan were informed to attend court tomorrow.

There is no case that is being brought against the Church.

The CHC Advisory Committee, comprising Dr Phil Pringle, founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church in Sydney and Dr A R Bernard, founder and CEO of Christian Cultural Centre in New York, will continue to provide spiritual leadership. Both pastors were appointed advisory senior pastors over CHC.

The Church Management Board continues to provide guidance on the running of the church.

Church operations and cell group meetings will continue as usual, including all weekend services at Singapore Expo and Jurong West.

In the meantime, do keep the church, our pastors, leaders and their families in prayer.

Yours faithfully,
Rev Aries Zulkarnain
Executive Pastor
City Harvest Church

(Source: Accessed 26/06/2012.)

(Source: Accessed 26/06/2012.)


It’s worth noting that that City Harvest Church’s statement is misleading. It is not true that, “Pastor Kong Hee, Pastor Tan Ye Peng, John Lam, Chew Eng Han and Sharon Tan were informed to attend court tomorrow” that morning. They were ARRESTED that morning. That’s quite a convenient point they left out of their statement, don’t you think?

This statement can also be found on City Harvest Church’s Facebook wall.

(A STATEMENT FROM CITY HARVEST CHURCH, by City Harvest Church (Official),, Tuesday, 26/06/2012. (Accessed 27/06/2012.))


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