Leaked audio of Kong Hee & Sun Ho maligning Singapore government in 2013

The Singaporean government have made it clear why they were investigating Kong Hee and the accused and what this meant for the church.

Official Statements Surrounding The City Harvest Church Crisis

Below, we have obtained excerpts of Sun Ho and Kong Hee speaking at a leaders meeting in 2013. In the leaked audio, both Kong Hee and Sun Ho provide insight into their attitude at that time when they were under investigation, disparaging the COC.

The bible is clear that this is not the way Christian leaders are to behave privately in church nor is it the way to respect positions of governing authorities.

[NOTE: Please listen to the audio yourselves. We have done our best to transcribe what was said in the audio. If you think we misheard audio segments, please post corrections down below.]


[Click to Download video soundbite]


“We know for a fact that the government wants to take us down, which we’ll share with you all why we know for a fact. [Kong: Another time, la.]

Ok so, and then from a very credible source, you know that we know that they really want to take us down. So, I just feel that we must keep our communication flowing. You know- and then if we really have anything like for example in the past you know, just text me and say that…”


[Click to Download video soundbite]


“I’ve got … objective proof that they are against us, lah. They are against me lah. [Sun Ho: Against our church.]

Against our church.

Even last night, we got a very credible source. … These people don’t know anything about the case one lah. That is the point. Don’t know anything about the case, man. They just know the important families in Singapore.

And this thing basically happened because of us, lah. The moment I make the announcement, the following week somebody passed an edict: destroy this church, destroy this man.

Basically they pull out, and then at the same time its a perfect storm lah. There are a lot of people that are criticising us. CAD came in, opened our books, they want to see embezzlement (..lawful gain lawful loss..). They dig dig dig dig dig, couldn’t find anything, because, Sun and I don’t line our pockets with anything that’s not ours, lah”


[Click to Download video soundbite]


“I’ve already got the COC that want to nail me, the government wants to nail me…”

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  1. This couple appear to be direct descendants of satan (children of perdition).

    How can anyone be so arrogantly right in their own minds, after they have deceived multitudes of honest people out of their homes, bank accounts, family finances, hard earned salaries, etc? And for what, to promote the worldly career of this Sun Ho woman who dresses like a harlot in her videos which are supposedly to “lead people to Christ”?

    These 2 crooks have no credibility.

  2. I used to be a christian under under CHC and they did preach about the importance of following authority….ha! another hypocritical views they had once again.

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