Did C3 encourage members to lie on Australian Census form?

C3 encouraged its members to write ‘pentecostal’ in the ‘Other’ section in regards to religion on The Census. However, Pentecostalism was overthrown then destroyed by the false Apostles by the New Apostolic Reformation cult. Philip Powell and many other faithful Pentecostals will tell you this.

03CWCPortrait_Phil Pringle

NARpostle Phil Pringle: One of Australia’s most dangerous New Apostolic Reformation cult leaders.

Hillsong and C3 are neither Pentecostal or even resemble the basic tenets of classic pentecostalism and the Christian faith. (For that to be true, they need to believe that they submit to the authority if Christ and His teachings and hold to the historic Christian Faith, something that these NAR organisations despise from the core of their beliefs.)

Both Hillsong and C3 were birthed from the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) in the 1970s. The New Apostolic Reformation was responsible for wiping out the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God, replacing the pastors within these AOG organisations with modern-day NARpostles and “Prophets”. Yonggi Cho, Frank Houston, David Cartledge and Andrew Evans were key NARpostolic figures in the 70s and 80s the NAR that wiped out Australian Pentecostalism.

Heads of this international cult are/were Peter Wagner, William Branham, David Yonggi Cho, Frank Houston, Brian Houston, Bill Johnson,  John Arnott, Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford, Chuck Pierce and many more.

We recommend our readers become more informed about the dangers of the NAR movement by listening to this episode of ‘Fighting For The Faith’



NARpostle Peter Wagner with Phil Pringle.

So, for  C3 Church to spread the idea that Phil Pringle and his C3 movement are “Pentecostal”, is a misleading statement they are peddling to the Government.

This again exposes the fact that C3 has nothing to do with orthodoxChristianity. Christianity is to be known for its faithful witness to the gospel in Spirit, Truth and in personal integrity. That C3 has encouraged its members to represent themselves as ‘pentecostal’ reveals how misleading the C3 movement really is.

Furthermore, because these movements rely so heavily on their loyalty to leaders, Phil Pringle and Brian Houston are not facing prosecution with their attempts to cover-up paedophilia in their organisations. Pringle, Dench and Treacy have still escaped scrutiny for the cover-up of Mrs Ferguson’s paedophile husband as has Brian Houston.

There are two examples we have found where C3 wants to appeal to the Australian government that they are a legitimate Christian organisation.

C3 Avalon posts,


C3 Penrith posts:

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  1. C3 are invaders. They are trying to take over the Body of Christ. That is an admission they do not recognize Christ as Head. Instead they want to be in charge of everything.

    Phil Pringle and his big FAIL Warragamba Dam prophecy…. what a liar.

  2. To all C3 Church members and anyone who is connected with what can only be referred to as a cult.

    Are you not aware of the takeover by this church by the NAR or do you choose to just close your eyes to it and pretend you don’t know. We are directed by the Bible to “test all things”! (You remember the Bible don’t you? I know it is hard to remember since you hardly ever see Pringle refer to it when he is delivering one of his motivational talks to you and revving you up to think you are going to be prosperous if you just keep throwing money at him and his organisation). Well, whether you are aware of the NAR infiltrating C3 or not you will still be accountable to God for being a part of this movement. There will be no excuses! We have God’s word and when what is being taught does not line up with the Word of God then the choice we make about which to follow will be OUR responsibility. Take care, and ensure and be alert that Phil Pringle, signs and wonders, prophecies and special words are NOT your God and that which you worship.

    How blatant you have become about your lying, deceit, cunning and manipulation! You are actually encouraging people to manipulate the government census?

    Firstly, may you be reminded, because you seem to be in constant need of reminding, that the religion to which you purport to belong is CHRISTIANITY! Pentecostalism is NOT a religion but a DENOMINATION.

    Of course it should be totally unnecessary to have to point that out to you.

    It is bad enough that the Census form creators themselves got that wrong and mislead people but one would expect that any person who was truly a Christian would KNOW that their religion is CHRISTIANITY and made note of it on the form.

    Are you really serious – that you consider it more important that you claim to be a Pentecostalist than a CHRISTIAN? Well, if there had ever been any doubt that this is a dangerous movement and a cult and NOT a religion based on Christ and his teachings we have it now. Thank you for clearing it up once and for all.

    Hang your collective heads in shame.

    Secondly, I note mention in the article of the cover up by Pastors of a paedophile who raped a young boy who was a member of C3Church (then known by another name but we are used to these cults re-branding themselves for a variety of reasons!) Why would it be a surprise to anyone that Pringle encourages others to lie when it has been reported over the years, and even stated to Royal Commission that Pringle himself DISHONESTLY and DECEITFULLY presented a mate of his to the victim and his mother of the above-mentioned paedophile case claiming that he was the church’s legal adviser when the mate was in fact, NOT an attorney at all but just a mate of Pringle’s and a member of his church. What could possess any decent men to behave like this? Is it acceptable in any decent society for men to sit and salaciously listen to the details of a rape after defrauding those involved into thinking they were speaking to an attorney? Since when would ANY person want to align themselves with a church where the leader not only condones lying and defrauding people but actually takes part in such actions himself!!!!


  3. I think it would be better, in future, since ABS like numbers to as Christians put “220” as our religion. Meaning Galatians 2:20

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