Leclaire: careless & clueless ‘watchman’ gets duped by Michael Brown & Bill Johnson

Jennifer LeClaire advertises herself on Charisma News, using the following image:


This means she sees herself as a prophet, since a prophet in the Old Testament was often spoken of as a watchman on the wall. However, this false prophet fails to discern the deplorable and wicked tactics of ‘Apostle’ Michael Brown attempting to white-wash the heretical ministry and teachings of Bill Johnson in his recent interview on his ‘Line of Fire’ radio program.

When liars defend liars: Dr Michael Brown whitewashes the heresies of Bill Johnson.

In the above article, we give clear examples of Bill Johnson and Michael Brown distorting the truth, and lying about Christians and pastors who have exposed the demonic teachings and practices of Bill Johnson.


Michael Brown: An NAR Apostle who is not afraid to publicly lie, slander and practice deceit to further his own pocket and ministry.

LeClaire demonstrates she is clearly a fraud by failing to show evidence of the Holy Spirit by her lack of discernment and her ongoing promotion of incredibly skilled liars and heretics. The bible clearly instructs us to avoid such people. This is because they are lovers of self and do not have the love of Christ and His Word in their hearts.

Bill Johnson Answers Hard-Hitting Questions About Bethel Controversies

LeClaire writes:

Earlier this year, I met with Bill Johnson at Bethel in Redding as part of my work on a cover story. I had heard the controversies. I had heard the criticisms. I had heard plenty, but when I sat down to talk with Bill, I heard something different.

I heard the cry of a man’s heart for revival.

You can still read my cover story, “The Truth About Bethel’s Bill Johnson.” But I’d also encourage you to listen to this interview in which Dr. Michael Brown asks Bill some of the hardest-hitting questions about Bethel controversies I’ve heard.

Source: By Jennifer LeClaire, Bill Johnson Answers Hard-Hitting Questions About Bethel Controversies, Charisma News, http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/watchman-on-the-wall/60601-bill-johnson-answers-hard-hitting-questions-about-bethel-controversies, Published 18/10/2016. (Accessed 19/10/2016.)

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