Conversations with Johnny Enlow

Johnny Enlow was one of the Elijah List Prophets who was contacted and had a discussion with the Concerned Christians.

Last year, a group of Concerned Christians alerted as many  Prophets in the Elijah List as they could contact to Amanda Wells’ plagiarism.

Johnny Enlow was one of the recipients who responded to the Concerned Christians. Below are screenshots of the conversation:

Johnny Enlow (Initial post).png

Johnny Enlow initial post tiny.png

Johnny Enlow Initial post 2.png

Johnny Enlow Initial Post 3.png

Johnyy Enlow Initial Post 4.png

Johnny Enlow large.png
Johnny Enlow real 6.png

Johnny Enlow 7 11:19:2015.png

The Concerned Christians didn’t respond until this year after the Weeding Out Wells website had been updated. They messaged this to Johnny Enlow on 11/02/2016.

Johnny Enlow Initial Post 6.png

The Concerned Christians have yet to receive a response.

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