The NAR is the DND “Christian” equivalent

What comes to mind when you think of Dungeons and Dragons? A group of nerds sitting around a table in the basement wearing weird fantasy costumes? People who are engaging in witchcraft and sorcery under the guise of “role playing”?

What if I told you that Dungeons and Dragons is harmless in comparison to the New Apostolic Reformation?

The NAR is a rapidly growing movement among Evangelicalism. Its core message is that Apostles and Prophets are not only alive and well today, but that Christians must submit themselves to their authority and cling to every new revelation they receive from “God.”

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Comparing such a dangerous movement to a Fantasy role playing game may sound a bit bizarre, but the similarities they share are striking.

IN DND, friends get together and determine who is the Dungeon Master and who are the players in the campaign.

In the NAR, the Apostles and Prophets such as C. Peter Wagner and Rick Joyner would be the Dungeon Masters. Christians determine who their Dungeon Master is by googling who the closest Apostle or Prophet is, in their area.

In DND, the Dungeon Master’s job is to control the fate of the players. Yes, the Players can make decisions for themselves throughout the gameplay, but the Dungeon Master gives them their missions and ultimately decides whether or not they fail or succeed.

In the NAR, the Apostles and Prophets control the fate of Christians by prophesying over them/telling them what God has in store for them. For a Christian to stray away from the prophecy would mean they’re disobedient and don’t have enough faith in God.

In DND, players make up their characters by choosing from different races such as Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, or a combination thereof, etc. Each race has different strengths and weaknesses and determine the abilities that character can gain throughout the campaign. 

In the NAR, Christians are told that the sign that the Holy Spirit is at work in them is if they’re able to manifest powers such as healing, and speaking in tongues. Only true Christians have super powers according to the NAR.

In DND, the quest that the players embark on is made up and determined by their Dungeon Master. 

In the NAR, the Apostles and Prophets will send Christians on a campaign/quest to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. These quests will vary, depending on the Apostle/Prophet in charge. Christians might be in the 7 Mountain Mandate Campaign, going on Treasure Hunts, enlisted in Joel’s Army, they might be called the New Breeds, or they can become Spiritual Warriors. Regardless of which campaign the NAR Christians are in, their end goal is the same. 

In DND, players can level up their characters and become stronger by exploring the world, defeating monsters, and achieving in game goals.

In the NAR, if a Christian wants to “level up” and become closer to God, then they need to attend places such as “Holy Schools,” or go where the Spirit is working. The Holy Spirit is apparently always on the move so if a Christian misses where they’re supposed to be then they’ll miss out on experience points in the Spirit, which are crucial for obtaining more Spiritual gifts.

The faster ways for a Christian to “level up” and become a Prophet/Apostle themselves is to:
1. sell their soul to the Prophet/Apostle overseeing them, tithe a lot, and be involved in their Church so much that it’s their life,
2. or marry an Apostle/Prophet.

In DND, there are many different types of magical beasts/creatures that the players will encounter during their quest. Many of them will try to eat/kill/destroy the players, while some may become pets/friends./allies. The scenario depends upon the Dungeon Master.

In the NAR there are plenty of demons and spirits that can explain away every situation going wrong in a Christian’s life, and it’s their job to know what each do and fight them using “Spiritual Warfare.” (The ‘Creditor’, the ‘Devourer’.)

A common example of one of these evil spirits is the Jezebel Spirit. According to
30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit, it is a:

“chaotic Spirit that wrecks havoc for the person it’s influencing and everyone connected to them. Symptoms include: refuses to take ownership for wrongs, always takes the credit for tasks, lies, ignores others, etc.” 

Source: Truth in Reality, 30 Traits of the Jezebel Spirit, (Published 24/09/2012; Accessed 05/12/2016)

Don’t worry! If you are showing signs of these symptoms then you can engage in spiritual warfare and pray a special prayer so the Jezebel Spirit will leave you! 

In DND, players gain items that will help them destroy and defend themselves against monsters and others who are attacking them. 

In the NAR, Christians are encouraged to buy blessed items such as Prayer Hankies and Shofar CD’s to battle demons and spirits that may be oppressing them and others. Books from popular authors such as C. Peter Wagner, Michael Brown, and other NAR Apostles will act as “spell books” to help you pray properly.

The sad thing is we’re not even being sarcastic with this article. The biggest difference between DND and the NAR is that DND is all about being creative and having fun, whereas the NAR mixes fantasy and reality together, encourages people to engage in witchcraft, and takes people’s eyes off Christ and instead focuses them on the Apostles/Prophets they must submit to.

If you don’t think the NAR is dangerous then you may not realize that the prayer walking, falling over and babbling gibberish (speaking in tongues) by making baby babble noises that has no meaning, and false prophecies that leave people poor and angry at God, has turned non-believers away from Christianity.

And perhaps even the greatest tragedy of all is that the NAR teaches people that God, the Alpha and Omega, the Lord and Creator of Life is powerless to do anything without our help. That puts MORTALS in the place of GOD.


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  1. I never allowed by boys to play DND because I knew that it was demonic. One son is a faithful Methodist and has NO idea what the NAR is. The wife of the other son (is student pastor of a large SBC) loves Bethel music. Makes me sick.

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