Refuting the Wimber-way: “Power Evangelism”

Not only does the New Apostolic Reformation preach a false gospel and promote a false commission, they are also guilty of peddling false evangelism which they call “Power Evangelism”. The brains behind this anti-Christian form of evangelism are John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner.

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Chris Rosebrough recently reviewed two sermons from John Wimber. In these sermon reviews, Rosebrough exposes the lies and errors of John Wimber’s “Power Evangelism” to the Word of God.


The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

The backbone of the NAR’s Power Evangelism stems from their false Jesus. Chris Rosebrough pointed out how Wimber preached a false Jesus by presenting the heretical ‘Kenosis’ Jesus. We quote the heretical statement here:

“Now how did he [Jesus] know Zaccheus’ name? Now most of us would say, ‘Well that’s Jesus! He’s the son of God! You know, He’s got-‘ and we would be definitive from this point- of this standpoint of his divinity. But I want you to know, the same guy that knew Zaccheus’ name didn’t know how long the kid was demonized, had been in that condition. The same one that knew of these things didn’t know everything, every time. Jesus operated both in his divinity and his humanity. And from time to time, his information was limited because Jesus operated in the Spirit, of the Spirit and by the gifts of the Spirit. I believe what we’re seeing here is a gift of the spirit.”

Below are Parts 1 and 2 of Rosebrough’s expose on John Whimber’s “Power Evangelism”.


The ‘Engel Scale’ – mentioned by John Whimber in his lectures.

“Power” Evangelism?!?



00:05:28 T.D. Jakes Pecking Order
00:19:256 John Cameron Uses Word Play to Avoid What Scripture Says
00:47:21 Michael Brown False Definition of a False Prophet
01:15:21 Sermon Review: Power Evangelism Part 1 John Wimber

Source: Chris Rosebrough, “Power” Evangelism?!?,,, Published 10/11/2016. (Accessed 08/11/2016.)

Oppose Israel And God Will Curse You


00:08:30 Benny Hinn False 90’s Prophecies
00:22:30 Kris Valloton & Bill Johnson Prophetic Word for 2017
00:41:45 Larry & Tiz Huch You Are Cursed if You Oppose Israel
01:10:52 Sermon Review:  Power Evangelism Part 2 by John Wimber

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Oppose Israel And God Will Curse You,,, Published 28/11/2016. (Accessed 08/11/2016.)



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