Chris Rosebrough calls out Amanda Wells cover up by major NAR leaders (Part 1)

Recently, Chris Rosebrough called out the New Apostolic Reformation for covering up the fraudulent ministry of Amanda Wells. Specific names he mentioned were the following for covering up the sins of Amanda Wells.

Yes – these New Apostolic Reformation Apostles are responsible for allowing the notorious liar, Amanda Wells, to get away with plagiarizing people’s works and lying about her life to line her pockets with people’s money.


Apostle Che Ahn: the Apostolic Covering for Katherine Ruonala


Apostle Cindy Jacobs: the Apostolic covering for Steve Shultz


Apostle Steve Shultz: the Apostolic covering for Katherine Ruonala


Apostle Katherine Ruonala: “Protected” by her Apostolic Coverings, duped by Amanda Wells.

Click the link below to hear the address or read the transcript at the bottom of this article. We will look at the importance of Chris Rosebrough reviewing Che Ahn’s sermon at Glory City Church in our next post.


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00:20:25 Is There An Amanda Wells Cover Up?
00:41:34 Benny Hinn Partners With Chuck Pierce?
00:53:13 Todd White Narcigetes the Cross
01:08:08 Sermon Review: Apostolic Strategizing With Che Ahn

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Benny Hinn Partners with Chuck Pierce?,,, Published 06/12/2016. (Accessed 15/12/2016.)

Chris Rosebrough stated the following on his program:

“I want to bring you up to speed regarding Amanda Wells. Now Amanda is somebody who we’ve featured many times at Fighting for the Faith. And in the segments that we’ve featured Amanda Wells, she has proven herself to be, well, a spinner of yarns. Of tall tales and legendary stories that stretch the bonds of crdulity. Now, Amanda Wells has claimed to be a prophet. She’s literally, no joke, in the past, been promoted by the Elijah List as well as Katherine Ruonala as a ‘well-known prophetic voice’.

Now here’s where we kinda gotta pay attention to something here. Is that in the NAR, (and this is one of the reasons why we are doing our Che Ahn sermon review today), in the New Apostolic Reformation, churches align themselves under the covering of different “apostles”. Hmm-mm. And so here’s the idea- is that something like Che Ahn would be the “Apostle” of Katherine Ruonala, Cindy Jacobs would be the Apostle for Steve Shultz of the Elijah List and things like this. And all these people are claiming or receiving direct revelation from God.

So I want you to think about it this way. We are talking about not only Amanda Wells, we’re also talking about those who have in the past provided her with “Apostolic Covering”. If you’ve never heard these terms, my apologies. You know, just kind of think of it is, if you would, like- have you ever seen a corporate org chart? Right. You kinda have to think of that. There’s- you know you’ve got the boss at the top of the pyramid, and then- you know- you’ve got the VP’s and then you’ve got the different people and the downline. The New Apostolic Reformation is a lot like that. So near the top of the pyramid you’re gonna have people like Che Ahn and Cindy Jacobs and stuff like that, and then below them would be those people that they are ‘Apostolically’ in charge of and things like this.

And of course, my question is, knowing what I know now about Amanda Wells, why wasn’t God the Holy Spirit prophetically speaking to any of these people to warn them about Amanda? You’re thinking, well what happened? Well, let me bring you up to speed by giving you a summary of well the story as it has been recently unfolding.

Amanda Wells, if you remember a year ago, about the time in the Fall when the Australian Prophetic Summit got together, the folks over at Church Watch put together a little game called, ‘The Culprit in the Pulpit’. And you had to figure out which of the different Elijah List prophets was the ‘Culprit in the Pulpit’, and the ‘Culprit in the Pulpit was none other than Amanda Wells. And the folks over at Church Watch actually reached out to many of the people on the Australian Prophetic Summit and warned them, that Amanda Wells was demonstrably a plagiarist.

I mean she was taking whole things written by other people, and passing it off as her own. And a year ago, they didn’t seem too keen to act on this information, like far from it. Well, as the Australian Prophetic Summit got whirling up again this past Fall, Spring there in Australia, as things were whirling up, they redoubled their efforts to get these people to pay attention to the fact that Amanda Wells is plagiarising, has been plagiarising other people’s work and passing if off as their own.

And apparently, from what I can gather, it looks as if some of the folks have taken these claims seriously. And I’ve heard through one of the researchers from Church Watch, that one or more of the authors who have been plagiarized by Amanda, have taken note and may potentially even take legal action to stop this from happening in the future. I’m just saying, that’s what I’ve heard.

You’re saying, what does this have to do with anything? Well, hang in there, hand in there, I’m trying to explain. So awhile back, I mean fairly recently, buried, I mean this should have been on the ‘home page’ of Amanda Well’s web site, but it was put at the very bottom of the ‘about page’, was this blurb. And let me read it from the screen shot I made at the time, here’s what it says:

“Recently my church leadership have approached me in a loving and caring way concerning some accusations that have been made against me. In discussion with them, I can see where I have presented material from other people without giving credit. It thus could be seen as presenting it as my own. For this I am truly sorry. I will be contacting those whose material I have used, acknowledging my error and asking for forgiveness. I have also submitted myself to my leadership and will be taking a period of time off to receive ministry and obtain healing from my local church family. For the wider body of Christ, please accept my apology and please pray for me as I journey through to health and restoration. In love – Amanda”

Ok, so here we’ve got something of a sketch as to what’s going on. This wasn’t on the ‘home’ page, this was buried at the bottom of her ‘about’ page, and now this blurb has totally disappeared, okay. But kind of concurrent with this then, is all of Amanda Well’s prophecies, whoosh, disappeared off the Elijah List without any explanation at all. And now when I look at the web site for Glory City Church, it appears Amanda has disappeared off the web site for Glory City Church. And now this blurb of her apologising, that’s disappeared off her ‘about’ page. It’s like, what is going on?

And so I’m basically going to ask the question, is this a cover up? See, here’s the thing, is that awhile back, Steve Shultz of the Elijah List gave his unflagging, complete support to the prophetic ministry of Amanda Wells. Here’s the quote:

“In the last six months, God has been specifically highlighting a number of Australian prophets with awesome revelation for the church. I hope you’ll grab hold of this revelation, I bare witness with the words from Amanda Wells.”

So Steve Shultz claims that his spirit was baring witness with the words coming, apparently through God, to Amanda Wells, right? But Amanda Wells, for a long time has been absolutely, factually shown, for a long time she has been a plagiarist. And there’s more to it than that. Let me read to you what Katherine Ruonala said about Amanda Wells:

“Amanda Wells is a well-known prophetic voice in our nation and nations around the world where she ministers. After 25 years in itinerate ministry, Amanda has a proven track record of accurate prophetic words…”

No! Amanda Wells has a track record of saying nonsense, totally ridiculous statements that have nothing to do with God, rightly handling God’s Word, we’ve chronicled it here at Fighting for the Faith:

“…and is an active member and valued part of the Australian Prophetic Council.”

So we’ve got a problem here, alright? And that is, is that Amanda Wells has been demonstrated as a plagiarist, she has apologised, kinda for it, and then the apology disappeared. And along with that, she’s disappeared off the Glory City Church web site, she has also disappeared off the Elijah List.

But there is no warning from Steve Shultz, Katherine Ruonala, or anybody regarding Amanda Wells. And while all this is going down, there’s a web site that has come up and come to my attention, the name of which is ‘Weeding out Wells’, and they’ve been committed in demonstrating that Amanda Wells is a plagiarist, a habitual liar, and now Amanda Wells’ sister ‘Kerry’ has well, come out of the wood work and has literally put forward a public statement saying, ‘Amanda Wells has got major problems’ and the things that Amanda has said about her family, her family members and specifically her sister, and other things, these are factually false statements on her part.

And so what I’ll do today is, with today’s episode, I’m going to put a link to the preamble written by ‘Kerry’, regarding her sister, and note the fact that now Amanda’s own family members are coming forward to tell their story, and to warn the church about Amanda. But there is no equal warning coming from Glory City Church, there’s so equal warning coming from the Elijah List, she’s just whoosh, disappeared. Which basically, you have to ask the question, what is the reason why she is whoosh, disappeared? Well, I think a good way of understanding the reason why she whoosh, disappeared without a sound, without a peep, no explanation, is because it’s obviously demonstrable, she is a pathological liar.

And being a pathological liar that means ‘they’, who gave their stamp of approval to her, who were in the apostolic upline, if you would. You know, providing apostolic covering for her, that they weren’t really hearing from God. And so, they can’t say, ‘listen, we’ve got a bunch of true prophets here at the Elijah List, but it just so happens we inadvertently let a false prophetess through, and the words that she was saying weren’t really from God, she was just making stuff up’. They can’t do that! And the reason they can’t do that, is because now well Steve Shultz, Katherine Ruonala, Che Ahn Cindy Jacobs, all the people in the apostolic upline that are providing ‘covering’ for them, all their reputations are literally on the line, because if they didn’t have the, well I hate to use the word, clairvoyants, ah ha, they weren’t hearing words of knowledge from the Lord saying, ‘remove the false prophetess from your list, she’s a plagiariser, God didn’t tell them any of that stuff, no, they had to learn it through the internet.

So this is one of those things where I’m noticing how this is going down, and this is starting to look like a cover up. And the reality is this, and I know this from personal experience, just listen to yesterday’s episode if you don’t know what I’m talking about right? There will always be leaders in the church who lie. There will be those who will say what they need to say in order to get the platform that they want for their own selfish reasons. Whether that reason is well, to be a celebrity, whether it’s money, or power, or sex, yes that often times comes along with it too. There will be people who manipulate others in order to get what they want. And the church must, when situations like that happen, warn people that this and let them know that this person is not on the level, and not who they made themselves out to be and they have to do this, not only because scripture tells us to, but because also the world is watching.

And so the thing is, is that I’m looking at this and Amanda Wells, I mean, I have always thought from the first time I saw her, that she was a taco short of a combo plate. Nothing she said represented any kind of biblical truth and that she was clearly always preaching about herself and telling all kinds of absurd stories. And now it turns out that she’s made claims about her own personal life and her credentials, she at one time, several times actually claimed to be a nurse, but never had a nursing licence, how is that possible? Apparently, she has not told the truth about her own education and she’s told flat out lies on social media regarding her family members and things like this.

And again, this all calls into question the prophetic claims, the claims to the prophetic of those who are in her apostolic upline, those providing covering for her, claiming to be hearing form the Lord. You get what I’m saying here. So this is an interesting story and a developing one at that. And all I can note is that, well, rather than warn the church about a wolf in our mist, somebody who is a liar, whose got some serious problems as a plagiarist and a thief, the folks in the NAR, at least down in Australia and Steve Shultz as well, they have decided that the way they are going to go about this, is to sweep it under the rug. And that is not how you deal with somebody who is a false teacher in the church.”

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