TD Jakes still peddling Modalism heresy

Chris Rosebrough from ‘Fighting For the Faith’ recently exposed clear evidence that TD Jakes is not a Christian. On his program Rosebrough played  the latest audio of TD Jakes peddling the heresy of Modalism, a heresy condemned by the early church for denying the Trinity. To peddle Modalism is to peddle a different deity and a different gospel.

Matt Slick from  Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry describes Modalism as “probably the most common theological error concerning the nature of God.  It is a denial of the Trinity. Modalism states that God is a single person who, throughout biblical history, has revealed Himself in three modes or forms. Thus, God is a single person who first manifested himself in the mode of the Father in Old Testament times. At the incarnation, the mode was the Son; and after Jesus’ ascension, the mode is the Holy Spirit. These modes are consecutive and never simultaneous. In other words, this view states that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit never all exist at the same time–only one after another. Modalism denies the distinctiveness of the three persons in the Trinity even though it retains the divinity of Christ.”

If your pastors are peddling TD Jakes as a legitimate Christian pastor, you either need to warn them or question the credibility of their pastoral role. Here is the program where you can hear TD Jakes clearly teach Modalism.

T.D. Jakes’ Christmas Modalism



00:08:21 Prophecy Open Mic
00:17:40 Ryan LeStrange Eagles Kill the Snakes
00:36:13 Mark Batterson Lion Leftovers
00:50:58 T.D. Jakes Serves Up Modalism for Christmas
01:11:22 Sermon Review: Picking Up Your Presents Drew Davies

Source: Chris Rosebrough,T.D. Jakes’ Christmas Modalism,,, Published 20/12/2016. (Accessed 01/01/2017.)

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