Katherine Ruonala warning others to be aware of “New Revelations”?

Katherine Ruonala, a pastrix who is constantly receiving “fresh” revelations from God, a woman who preaches her prophecies to be above the authority of Scripture, has warned people to be aware of…

“the trap of the enemy to entice us to feel we need to add to the purity of the Gospel.”


Ironically enough, nowhere in this post is the Gospel message mentioned, which is that Christ died for our sins and died the death we deserve in our place for us sinners.

She must not have a very high view of God’s Word due to the fact that she doesn’t preach about repentance and the forgiveness of sins. It’s no wonder that she has yet to call out Amanda Wells for her sins of plagiarism. She is, after all, Amanda Wells’ Pastrix and has the responsibility to be doing so.

Source: Katherine Ruonala, Facebook, https///www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=828185783892016&id=324508814259718, Published 12/11/2014. (Accessed 03/01/2017.)

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