Benny Hinn scheduled to speak at Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church?

Bethel recently announced that Benny Hinn will be preaching at their upcoming Sunday night service. If you do not know Benny Hinn, this infamous televangelist, best known for his “Miracle Crusades” around the world, is also considered to be an NAR Apostle (NARpostle) by Apostle Yonggi Cho.

C.G.I – Church Growth International

Benny Hinn has long been exposed as a false teacher and false prophet. He is also well known for defrauding millions of dollars from gullible people to support his lavish lifestyle. With such information readily available for the discerning Christian leader, we note that Bill Johnson clearly has no problem associating himself with such a dangerous man and introducing the Bethel community to this notorious con artist.

Bethel Redding made the following announcement on their website:

Benny Hinn will be joining us for our Sunday night service! Read the full announcement for all the details, as there are changes to the locations of some of the services. There is no registration or fee required.

Source: ANNOUNCEMENTS, Bethel Redding,, Accessed 15/01/2017.


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