False Prophet Lance Wallnau Challenges False Prophets?

Lance Wallnau says:
“We’re not dealing with fake news, we’re dealing with false prophecy. We’re dealing with false teachers and false prophets in media. Maybe we need a confrontation like Baal with the false prophets in media.”

In one sense he’s correct. Lance Wallnau DOES need to confront a false prophet in particular named Amanda Wells.

You can read how he responded to the group of Concerned Christians when they contacted him back in 2015 and alerted him to the fact that his work had been plagiarized by Amanda Wells:

Conversations with Lance Wallnau

Needless to say, Lance Wallnau has yet to confront False Prophet and Plagiarist Amanda Wells.

We challenge Lance Wallnau to both publicly rebuke Amanda Wells for her lies and theft and to respond to the Concerned Christians who emailed him over a year ago and never heard a response from him. 

Source: Youtube, RWW News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2jrUA8P1gE Published 17/01/2017, Accessed 17/01/2017

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