Elijah List “Prophets” notified AGAIN by Concerned Christians

Before continuing on with reading this article please read the link below to help catch you up on the history of “The Culprit in the Pulpit 2015.”

Elijah List Prophets fail to hear from God about Amanda Wells’ continued plagiarism

For a more complete timeline refer to:
Why are we challenging The Elijah List?

Back in 2015 a group of Concerned Christians took the time to contact every person in the Elijah List and inform them about Amanda Wells’ plagiarism. In November of 2016, the Concerned Christians AGAIN took the time to update the “Prophets” on the Elijah List and alerted them to Amanda Wells’ CONTINUED PLAGIARISM EVEN AFTER SHE WAS PUBLICLY CALLED OUT FOR IT.

Of the 126 Elijah List Prophets that were notified TWICE in the past 2 years, 5 people responded in 2015 and 4 people responded in 2016!

The 4 responses will be their own individual articles that will be posted at a later time since we’re still waiting to see if there will be further correspondence.

Screenshots of “Prophets” who were contacted that have books published through Destiny Image, which is 21 people. This is important as our friends over at Weedingoutwells have found plagiarism in 2 of Amanda Wells’ published books:

Adam Thompson.png

Barbie Breathitt.png

Bill Johnson.png

Chuck Pierce.png

David Herzog.png

Doug Addison.png

Dutch Sheets.png

Graham Cooke.png

James Maloney.png
Joan Hunter.png
Kim Clement.png

Lance Wallnau.png

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda.png

Patricia King.png

Phil Mason.png

Rick Joyner.png

Tim Sheets.png

Todd Bentley.png

Here are the rest of the screenshots that were taken to prove that Elijah List “Prophets” were contacted twice. They have yet to publicly call out Amanda Wells:

Aimee Herd.png

AJ Butel.png

Al and Sherry Thomas.png

Angela Greenig.png

Anne Elmer 11:03:2016.png

Arleen Westerhof.png

Avner Boskey.png

Barbara Yoder.png
Bart Hadaway.png
Ben Peters.png
Bill and Marsha Burns.png

Bill Yount.png
Bob Hartley.png

Brian Britton.png

Brian Simmons.png

Catherine Brown.png
Charlie Shamp.png

Chris Hoff.png
Christian Harfouche.png

Cindy Jacobs.png

Crystal Wade.png

Darren Canning.png

Daryl Crawford-Marshall.png

David McCracken .png

Dennis Cramer.png

Denny Cline.png

Dr. Connie Williams.png

Eileen Fisher.png

Elaine Tavolacci.png

Faith Marie Baczko.png

Francis Frangipane.png

Gale Sheehan.png

Garris Elkins.png

Gary Beaton.png

Graham McLennan.png

Ivan Roman.png

James Goll.png

Jane Hamon.png

Jane Hansen-Hoyt.png

Jason Hooper.png

Jeff Jansen.png

Jeffrey Daly.png

Jennifer Eivaz.png

Jerame Nelson.png

Jeremy Caris.png

Jo Ellen Stevens.png

JoAnn McFatter.png

Joey LeTourneau.png

John and Kelly Sielski.png

John Belt.png

Johnathan Hamill.png

JohnMark Pool.png

Johnny Enlow .png

Joshua Alvarez.png

Joy Parrott.png

Julie A Smith.png

Karen Slaughter.png

Kathi Pelton.png

Kathie Walters.png

Kathrine Ruonala.png

Ken Malone.png

Kent Simpson.png
Kim Hadaway.png

Lana Vawser.png

Lisa Crump.png

Luke Holter.png

Mark Chironna.png

Matt Sorger.png

Mike N Darla Bachelder.png

Natalie Victoria Davis.png

Nellie Balandowich.png

Nic Billman.png

Paul Cox.png

Paul Keith Davis.png

Paul Lackie.png

Paulette Reed.png

Persis Tiner.png

Randy Demain.png

Richard Hanson.png

Rick Ridings.png

Rob DeLuca.png

Rob Packer.png

Robert Hotchkin.png

Robert Stearns.png

Russ Walden.png

Ryan LeStrange.png

Sandie Freed.png

Sean Feucht.png

Sherry Evans.png

Stephen Porter.png

Stephen Young.png

Steve Scroggs.png

Steve Shultz.png

Theresea Phillips.png

Thierry Nakoa.png

Tiffany Ann Lewis.png

Todd Burpo.png

Todd Weatherly.png

Troy Goode.png

Valerie Britton.png

Victoria Boyson.png

Warwick Marsh.png

Wendy Alec.png

Wendy M Christie.png

William Ford III.png

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