Michael Brown admits his NAR ties to Rick Joyner.

Michael Brown has publicly tried to distance himself from the New Apostolic Reformation.


Michael Brown has feigned ignorance as to what the New Apostolic Reformation is,  and has denied being an Apostle (NARpostle). We ask the question, why does he constantly defend and endorse its major heretical leaders, many of whom he calls friends and brothers in Christ?

Just last month Dr Michael Brown was a guest on Rick Joyner’s ‘Prophetic Perspectives’. It seems Michael Brown has no problem having fellowship with a notorious NAR prophet, someone who also publicly ‘restored’ the disgraced Todd Bentley back into NARpostolic/prophetic ministry.

To put it bluntly, we  should call Dr Michael Brown out as a ‘mole’ for the NAR:
sabotaging Christianity to further the cause of the NAR in Evangelicalism.

He is quite prepared to deliberately mislead people as to why he is hiding his NAR ties particularly when those who have exposed his lies, have demonstrated he is actually part of the NAR Prophetic Movement. This movement was known back in the 1980s as the Kansas City Prophets. One sign of a NAR Apostle/Prophet is their love for controversy for controversy’s sake (see Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, Todd Bentley, John Crowder). Joyner clearly identifies Dr Brown as a NAR Prophet by this characteristic, and his involvement with the Prophetic Movement (KCP Movement). Note that Dr Brown does deny this but then confirms here (see Video 1).

What completely exposes Michael Brown as being 100% NAR is Joyner linking the birthing of Dr Brown’s Pensacola Revival to the “prophetic” word of the then popular but now disgraced false prophet Bob Jones. Rick Joyner did a screen grab of Bob Jones’ false prophecy on the NAR propaganda TFNTorch Radio & TV website.


Brown cannot claim he has nothing to do with the NAR. He cannot deny being one of their Apostles or Prophets when he has no problem with Joyner linking him to the birthing of the (NAR) Pensacola Revival that was constructed by its Apostles and Prophets. As he continually portrays himself as a leader of that Pensacola event, then he needs to cede the fact he is 100% NAR and one of its Apostolic/Prophetic leaders. If Michael Brown wants to be taken seriously as a follower of Christ, he needs to repent of his NAR Apostolic/Prophetic ties to these false NAR Apostles and Prophets.

Linked below are relevant videos and transcripts of Joyner and Brown, exposing their NAR connections.


Rick Joyner: “I tell ya, you may be one of the few people I know that’s offended more people than me.”

Dr Michael Brown: (Laughs) “Could well be, in love.”

Rick Joyner: “In love, and there’s no doubt about that too, cause I think you’re really, I see you growing and your love for the people you’re confronting and all that. But also, I think you’re one of the few that has had to courage to address the really crucial issues of these times. And you know we’re known as prophetic people, called to prophetic movement, but to me it’s not about gifts. It’s about being a preacher of righteousness, taking a stand for what is right, for righteousness and justice is the foundation of His throne and, to me, that’s what you’re doing, you’re out there taking prophetic stands about the key issues of our time.”

Dr Michael Brown: “You know, there’s a fellow in Charlotte, a business man, and some years back he realized his business, a Christian business man, realized his business was across the street from Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, he didn’t even realize that’s who it was and that’s what was going on. So he got burned about that, and started a movement calling churches together, again a business man, but in his mind it’s all one, his life in the Lord, his family life, ministry, business, all one, he’s the servant of the Lord. So again, he’s a nobody in that respect, he doesn’t have a major voice, he doesn’t have major funding, he doesn’t have major church connections.

He gets a burden, over a 10 year period he starts growing in this burden, he’s now got about 60 churches working together. Well, he told me the other day, that they now have 377 cases of woman choosing to have their babies. In this last year the numbers of abortions at that clinic, which was a big one, are down by about half. And I said give me an example, and he told me about this girl, Nichole was her name, and she was a teenager, was afraid, pregnant, was she going to tell her parents, the whole bit, goes to have an abortion and ends up hearing the Gospel, ends up wonderfully saved, and now following Jesus. They got her hooked into a church, she just graduated from high school and so on. Stories of life, it’s just people saying, ‘this is wrong, we’re called to do what’s right’. So I agree with you, it’s not a matter of you have a prophetic gift, you have this or that, it’s a matter of are we going to be salt and light? Are we going to be what Martin Luther King said, ‘not the master of the state of the servant of the state, but the conscience of the state’?

Or look, when you get a burden, you don’t get a burden as ‘prophetic minister Rick Joyner’, you get a burden as a child of God living in a messed up world. We’ve got to do something and we know, say the issues of LGBT activism, when God called me to get involved with that in 2004, I fully understood how ugly that gets, I fully understood how hurt many of these people are, and how they perceive the church and they look at us as our enemies and the moment you start this, it’s going to be the most vile attack you’ve ever known. But what are we going to do? What are we going to tell our kids and our grand kids, when they say, ‘how did you let this happen’? ‘How did you let it be that even Christian schools can’t teach the Bible?’ ‘What happened to our religious liberties, that was on your watch dad that was on your watch grandpa’. What are we going to tell them? So you know, there will be a time when some of the social madness settles down and some of the social confusion settles down, and those that stood their ground, and spoke the truth, people are going to appreciate them, but they are not going to appreciate the ones who were too afraid to speak up because they were afraid they were going to lose their tax exempt status, or some rich donor would back away…”


Rick Joyner: “Here’s my concern, you know about the emerging generation. The Bible doesn’t have anything good to say about the last generation. Its serious warnings, it’s a deceived generation, it’s ungrateful, all these things are written about it, and there’s the tendency to only want to hear what tickles our ears or makes us feel good. And I’ve tried to create a Facebook, and I think you’ve done this very well for the nation, let’s create an unsafe space, where you’re going to get attacked, and I want the attacks, I want everybody to be honest about what they feel and sense. Cause we’re not going to learn if we can’t do that. This person wants me to block that person, and I said, ‘no we can’t block anybody’, I want them to share, just be respectful, you know, just try to be respectful, it’s bizarre.”

Dr Michael Brown: “We have almost half a million people on our Facebook page, and I write 3-5 articles a week and we put up several videos a week and 10 hours of radio a week, so there’s never a dull moment. And what grieves me though, is the incivility among believers, it’s almost like we’ve taken on the worst of the political spirit because I say, ‘look decent is welcome’, I don’t see most of the comments because of how busy it is…”


Rick Joyner: “I always lose big chunks of people on Facebook problems at the same time, but you know, the ones that stay, you can go deeper with, and it really helps the process to get things out. And of course we want to understand, we don’t want to be unnecessarily offensive to anyone, and we have to be sometimes to do our job. Jesus got criticized for everything he said and everything he did, and somebody is going to criticize everything we say and everything we do, somebody is.”

Dr Michael Brown: “And look, there are people who are going to get upset with you, because you had me on the TV, and there are people who are going to be upset with me because I appeared with you. And you realize, you know, there are critics, unless you renounce almost everything sacred to us in the Spirit and things that we hold to, you will never please some critics, and you bless them and say, ‘hey hope you do well, God bless you’, I’ve got to run my race.”

Watch all of the video (Part 1) of Michael Brown and Rick Joyner here on Facebook:

Source: Rick Joyner, Responding to Controversial Issues – Prophetic Perspectives, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/RickJoyner.MorningStar/videos/1452085038157642/, Published 06/12/2016. (Accessed 07/12/2016.)

Watch all of the video (Part 2) of Michael Brown and Rick Joyner here on Facebook:

Source: Rick Joyner, Responding to Controversial Issues Pt. 2 | Prophetic Perspectives, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/RickJoyner.MorningStar/videos/1461153443917468/, Published 09/12/2016. (Accessed 15/01/2016.)

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