Amanda Wells Updates

Due to the fact that there is an ongoing investigation into the plagiarism of Amanda Wells, we have decided to put this article together in order to not only keep readers up to date on the latest findings, but to also keep the ongoing information organized.

We would like to note that IT’S BEEN OVER TWO YEARS since Katherine Ruonala and the rest of the Elijah List “Prophets” were notified of Amanda Wells’ plagiarism, yet not only have NONE OF THEM publicly called Amanda Wells to repent, but Amanda Wells is STILL being invited to preach at Churches as of this year.

Amanda’s Dishonest Life Claims  *Exhibit #10 is now posted!*

Amanda’s NAR Ties

Amanda’s Plagiarized Books *Amanda Wells wrote a book on fitness?*

Amanda’s Take On Owning Sin

Amanda’s Victims *Victim #1*

Contacting Wells *Whack a Wells*

Amanda’s Written Plagiarism *Written Plagiarism – Exhibit 23: Amanda teaches us about Spiritual Warfare (from OS Hillman) is now up*

Amanda’s Oral Plagiarism

Amanda’s Enablers (The Hall of Shame) *Enabler #6 is now up*

Amanda’s Wisdumb

Amanda’s YingYang

The Integrity of Pastors

About Weeding Out Wells

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