Understanding the true nature of a Hillsong Conference….selling Houston’s merchandise.

Jesus said to the false teachers in his day selling merchandise in His temple,

“Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.'” Mark 11:17

The response of the false teachers was to seek “for a way to kill Him. For they were afraid of Him, because the whole crowd was astonished at His teaching”, (Mark 11:18).

Brian Houston is no different to the false teachers in Jesus’ day. Only his crimes against Christianity are worse, as the Apostle Peter says of false teachers,

“And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you…” 2 Peter 2:3

We hope, in reading this article, Christians realize that Houston is using everything within the Hillsong Conference environment to influence followers of his “ministry” into purchasing his latest products. There is ample evidence of this when he released his book ‘Live Love Lead’ at Hillsong Conference 2015


Attempting to give the impression to both the Christian and secular world, that the Hillsong Conference is all about Jesus (since their misleading campaign was ‘Speak Lord, We’re Listening’), Brian Houston had made Hillsong Conference 2015 more about himself. The conference was cleverly constructed to create a particular sort of environment, giving attendees the false impression that God is all for Brian Houston – which is why you need to buy his product and his guests’ merchandise.

The 2015 Hillsong Conference not only gave this impression but also appeared to be damage control after the Royal Commission exposed Brian Houston for covering up his father’s pedophilia. The vehicle for this cover-up was his book ‘Live Love Lead.’ (We previously published an article exposing that this book fabricated his character and his past in relation to his attempt to cover up his fathers crime pertaining to victim AHA.)


Let’s consider why Brian Houston invited Mark Driscoll to speak at Hillsong Conference. Here is a clue:

Real Marriage - Driscoll -2012

“New York Times Best-Seller.” Published:2012.

Answer 1: To expand, and to change, Houston’s reputation among the Reformed brethren within Christianity.

Answer 2: Mark Driscoll was not only given a platform to speak as a ‘pastor’, it could be said that Driscoll, as a best-selling author, was there to boost Houston’s name and reputation through-out the Leadership Network’s new hybrid of “Christianity.” (And to be sure, the Leadership Nework was in action at Hillsong Conference to help support and boost Brian Houston’s reputation and books sales and attempt to build Driscoll’s reputation again. Rick Warren also exposed the leadership Leadership Network at the Hillsong Conference this year in this interview with Houston.)

14CWCPortrait_Mark Driscoll

So what was Brian Houston’s motive in promoting his book at Hillsong Conference 2015?

Was it his attempt at damage control because of the Royal Commission’s findings – where he was exposed for covering up his father’s crimes? 

Royal Commission 01: The Submission – AOG/ACC & Hillsong Exposed Royal Commission 01.1: The Administration AOG Manual – Excerpt Royal Commission 02: Submission Findings – Problems with AOG/ACC & Brian Houston’s Management


We had already been examining the evidence emerging from the Royal Commission as to how Brian Houston and the AOG covered up the pedophile abuse scandal of AHA, a scandal which hit the media all around the world. When it was announced that Brian Houston would be releasing a new book, and knowing his ability to make his Hillsong movement all about himself, we had no doubt he would spin the facts about his father so he could still maintain respect within the Christian community and the secular world. And this is exactly what Brian Houston did in the way he promoted his then upcoming book ‘Live Love Lead’.

He unashamedly advertised and exploited the crimes of his pedophile father and his victims in an attempt to sell his book. He gave his own version of events, and though some of this was insightful, his portraying of the event is simply dishonest with what emerged from the Royal Commission and statements he made after the Royal Commission. This book was Brian Houston’s attempt to make it look as though he was upfront about the sexual abuse which had taken place in Sydney. 

To compound the scandal, he now used his Conference and his guest speakers to bolster his name and credibility as an author. If you look at the ‘pastors’ who spoke, every single guest-speaker were all New York Times Best-Selling authors (see below).

Brian Houston invited “best-selling” authors at his Hillsong Conference 2015 and promoted his own book ‘Live Love Lead.’ Is this WHY he insisted on getting “best-selling” author Mark Driscoll to speak at his conference? Was it an attempt to bolster his credibility for himself as an author? The entire conference appears to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick to promote ‘Live, Love, Lead.’

Back in 2015 when Hillsong Conference 2015 was in full swing, “A Current Affair” exposed the nature of the conference, by pointing out that the conference seemed to be a tool to promote Brian Houston’s merchandise:

[Click to Download Video]

But considering how Brian Houston hates ACA with a passion, it didn’t surprise us at all that he would do what he could to prove them wrong. On the final day, Hillsong broadcast their hypocritical spirit by parading Brian Houston’s generosity. Generosity? Giving “everyone” a “copy of @BrianCHouston’s new book #LiveLoveLead!”


Source: Instagram, https://instagram.com/p/4q1MCDjC1P/, Published 04/07/2015. (Accessed 04/07/2015.)


Below, Brian and Bobbie Houston are seen praying that Brian Houston’s book will be an investment into the lives of all those who are gathered on the final day of Hillsong Conference 2015.


Source: Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/HillsongConference/photos/a.966925626734863.1073741835.348250275269071/966926656734760/?type=1&permPage=1, Published 04/07/2015. (Accessed 04/07/2015.)



You might think that these guest speakers at Hillsong Conference are all faithful pastors. The truth is, most of these men are in the notorious Leadership Network and are those who oppose any form of biblical church structure, by opposing the biblical offices of pastor. All the guest speakers (surprise, surprise) are coincidentally New York Times bestsellers, Rick Warren being the most well-known author for his book ‘Purpose Driven Life’, which has been the most published and read book after the bible.


“New York Times Best Seller.” Published: 1997


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2013


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2010


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2010


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2008


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2004


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2013


“New York Times Best Seller.” Publication: 2013

So there’s a method in Brian Houston’s madness. Houston used:

–  A young “Christian” best-seller (Judah Smith),
–  A slick middle-age best-seller (Jentezen Franklin),
–  A”Christian” Asian-Pacific best-seller (Joseph Prince),
–  The world’s best-selling “Christian” author (Rick Warren)
–  A “Christian” leadership best-seller (John Maxwell) and
–  A middle-aged “Christian/Reformed” best-seller (Mark Driscoll)

To draw a vast crowd of all ages, from all  denominations and from all nationalities, to buy his book.

And the best way to advertise this was over his five day Hillsong Conference. Brian Houston, in giving everyone a copy of his book on the final day only lends suspicion to the idea that he too is trying to attempt to make it as a best-selling author by globally misleading as to how he handled his pedophile father’s case between 1999-2001. This entire conference was not about Jesus. It was not about hearing God speaking and giving the impression God was listening.

It was designed to change people’s perception of one man. 

Brian Houston distributed copies of his book to every individual who attended the Hillsong Conference. Please remember this is a stadium full of people. How much did it cost Brian Houston to buy that many copies of his book?

One would hope a minister to be more passionate about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by giving out Bibles rather than their own books. Where did he get the money? Did Houston pull a ‘Kong Hee’, using church funds to buy these books and then to distribute them to his congregation? Or has he pulled a ‘Mark Driscoll’ by attempting to climb, by dishonest means, the New York times best-sellers list?

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:5‬

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