Mike Bickle, the ‘Unknown Prophet’ & the ‘divine’ Blue Print Prophecy

Emerging from the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) movement in the 1960s was what they call the Charismatic Renewal. The idea originally from the NOLR, taught that God is restoring spiritual gifts (charisma) to the church. Another belief that the NOLR held dear was that God was restoring Apostles and Prophets to His church. C. Peter Wagner observed this phenomena within the Charismatic Renewal and renamed it the New Apostolic Reformation.

Prior to that, Apostles were arising in the 1940s with men like William Branham. In the 1950s, Apostles such as TL Osborn surfaced in the Healing Movement (another NOLR constructed movement).

Between 1983 to 1984, Mike Bickle received his infamous ‘Blueprint Prophecy’  from someone he calls an “unknown prophet”, which was further formulated with the notorious false prophet Bob Jones and false prophet Augustine Alcala.

Paul Cain with his New Order of the Latter Rain connection was already peddling their heretical doctrines. In 1987 Cain met with the leadership of Kansas City Fellowship (KCF) where they received him as a father and leading prophet of the group. Knowing that he was exposed for covering up his scandalous homosexuality, it makes sense that all the way from 1980s to the present that Bickle calls him the “unknown prophet”.

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith reviewed an old sermon of Mike Bickle, tackling how Bickle manipulated his church to not question his prophetic authority and to groom them to embrace his infallibility and this “Blueprint Prophecy”.

Chris Rosebrough reviews Mike Bickle’s sermon,”Blow the Trumpet in Zion”

We were able to track down the ‘supposed’ original “Blueprint Prophecy” (the foundational document which birthed the Kansas City Prophets, Grace Ministries, IHOP and other institutions) so people can download it and use it for their own research purposes:

BLUEPRINT PROPHECY – 1984 – Released 2006

BLUEPRINT PROPHECY – 1984 – Released 2009

However, the 1984 prophecies above may be questionable. This is because we also found a document by William Fawcett that accuses Bickle of altering the original Blueprint Prophecy by comparing one which was released by Bickle in 1992 and then again in 2002.

1992 BLUEPRINT Prophecy – 2002 BLUEPRINT Prophecy

William Fawcett in the Revisionism and the Blueprint Prophecy Parallel version comparison and Archival Documents above states:

“More worrisome are the changes to the text, as if one could edit or change a supernaturally confirmed prophetic word.”  

Mike Bickle has some explaining to do.


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