What is the “Billion Soul Prophecy”?

Back in 1975, Bob Jones claimed to have received a prophecy from an angel, and to have then been ‘killed’ by a demon. While ‘dead’, Jesus then sent him back to earth with the commission to empower leaders to be a part of receiving the harvest of one billion souls. In our research of this specific prophecy, Bob Jones’ recounting of this ‘specific prophecy’ was also expanded upon in 1983.

We particularly want to focus on the language in his second prophecy which gave more detail about the first ‘Billion Soul’ prophecy:

“You are what you’ll always be. You’re not going to be anything else but what you are. But you bring the message – that I’ve prepared these men to come in and to bring the glory of God in, in an apostolic order.”

“And I saw that there would be a wave of young people there [in China] and that they will be able see what was going on in the United States with the wristwatches. Which began to show that one of the greatest waves would come out of Russia- and China.”

So God commissioned Bob Jones in 1975 to go “back for one billion youth” and gave him more details of his mandate in 1983 to rise up an “apostolic order” to catch “one of the greatest waves”.

This language is important, something we will expand upon in future articles.

We have transcribed the prophecy of Bob Jones from the attached video.



“On August, 7th of 1975, I was driving a pickup truck with my wife and my dog. And there came a ball of light in the pickup truck and it really frightened me, it was about the size of a basketball.

And I was looking for a place to pull over the pickup and the light spoke and said, ‘Peace, you don’t have to be afraid of me, fear not’. And the ball of light started speaking to me and said that, ‘They will perfect abortion from one place to another. And they would perfect abortion as they did in the Old Testament’, and it told me that, many different things that they’ve perfected abortion, like the saline solution, and another is partial birth abortion, where they just pull the baby apart. In the Old Testament, they did just that and ate them. And he was saying that, ‘I’ll being to judge when they release an abortion pill in the world, and my judgments will fall… and Homosexuality will come out of the closet. They will demonstrate it in the streets and they will demonstrate it in your Government. And there will be a homosexual disease that comes forth, that cannot be cured, and by the year 2000 it will be killing 5 million people a year, and it will increase and increase until that sin is repentant of.’ And he said, ‘Tell the people, if you don’t want part of this judgment, don’t be a part of the sin.’

And then he said, ‘In the last days they will begin to mix two cheap chemicals together. They will make a huge drug that will literally destroy a person’s conscience, where they wouldn’t even be convicted anymore, that was the meth labs.’ And he said, ‘There would be so much pressure in the time where things change, that the Government of the United States would use free drugs to calm people down.’

I believe we are right on the verge of it. So I got home and unpacked and a demon appeared to me and said, ‘If you tell anyone that prophecy, I’ll kill you. Go on doing the things you’re doing praying for the sick and all those things and I’ll leave you alone. But if you tell them that prophecy I will kill you’, I told him, ‘I’m not your property anymore. I’m not afraid of you.’ So on August, 8, 75, I had some calls on the phone, wanting what I just got in that revelation about what was going to take place from time forward. So I spoke to them, and I went to work with my son… and in about 30 minutes a pain hit me in the lower body, it was terrible, I mean my lower body began to get as hard as rock from my waist down.

So he drove me home and took me to the Doctor, the Doctor said, ‘I’ve never really seen this before, but this is really critical, you better get him to the hospital right away’. And I said, ‘no, if I’m going to die, I’ll die in my own bed’. So he gave me some pain pills and went home. And I took one, it didn’t stop the pain, it was horrible, I took the second one, it didn’t stop the pain, I took the third one and when I took the third one, no sooner I got it down and blood began to shoot out of my mouth… and I could see some of the pain pills had never dissolved.

So I got a wet towel and wrapped it around my head and this is serious, and the paid, I would have screamed if it would have helped any, but I was too weak to do that. And I was lying there and all of a sudden the pain was over. And I went to a tunnel, and I looked out on the tunnel and there was a beautiful light. And I looked to me side and there was a man dressed in white, and I never seen his face, but he was there and he was walking beside me, and I’m thinking, I think I’m dead. And my second thought was, I’ve come out of deep sin, I wonder if my robe’s clean? And the man spoke to me and said, ‘you can see now Bob, look’. And I looked and my robe didn’t have any spots on it.

I’m thinking, I’m going home to the Lord without any spots on my robe, this is the greatest day I’ve ever lived, this stuff is over. And I started walking with this man in white, so we walked where that beautiful white light was, and it was white light and white light and at the centre it had the shape of a man in it. It was the most beautiful of all white light and he had his arms out, and he was greeting people.

And I stepped out of the cave and all of a sudden there was light that surrounded me, all around me, and I’d felt the best I had ever felt in my whole life. And I asked the man of white light, ‘what is this?’, and He said, ‘it’s the Glory of God’. And I said, ‘this is so wonderful, I feel so loved’, and He said, ‘yeah, it’s the love of God’. I said, ‘how can it be both?… it’s like I was wrapped up in a cocoon of the anointing, and if you multiply all the good feelings I’ve ever had on earth a 1000 times, you still wouldn’t touch it.

So I started walking on closer to that great white light, and in the centre of the white light, the man, the only thing that wasn’t light was his eyes, and they were total blue, they were like two wells you couldn’t see the bottom of. It was like two wells of light in them, you couldn’t see the bottom. But he put his arm out in front of me and said, ‘No. I want you to go back. The enemy killed you before your time. I want you to go back’, and I told him, ‘I don’t want to go back, I wasn’t doing any good in the first place.’

He said, ‘You’re a liar, because you quoted my Word and My Word always does good’. I said, ‘it’s painful back there, I’ve suffered persecution and it was terrible.’ And He said, ‘well you’re sort of cowardly too, but you have a love for souls and that’s why I moved on you the way I did. I want you to go back and if you don’t want to, I want you to look at this line right over here and if you can look at them and still want to come home, I’ll take you home.’

I looked at that line and that old Baptist in me sort of rose up and said, ‘I’ll go back for one soul Lord’. He said, ‘I don’t want you going back for one soul, I want you going back for one billion youth’. And I wish I could go back to touch the leaders because I am going to honour myself in one of the greatest awakenings of all time. It will be over six billion people on the earth at the time I’m speaking it. Which is now. And I’m going to bring youth in from every place of that number. And they’re going to need leaders to bring them in.’ And I said, ‘I’ll go back for that’, I mean look at that line was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen. So all of a sudden, I was back and I leaped out of my body, and that towel was still around my face. And I looked and there was two huge Angels.


Back in 1983 I give Mike [Bickle] a word on several things I’d given him, and one was, ‘the Truman farm will be given to you and all of its land’. Well, they didn’t believe it. But two years ago they believed it, and I’m sure you now know it belongs to IHOP. And it will probably be the biggest house of prayer in the world. And it will hold more than 5,000 youth all dedicated in prayer.

So, at 3pm in the evening on July the 3rd, I was sitting on my back porch, and the Lord entered in, in His presence, and sat down at the table. Then He showed me a golden ark. The glory of God. And I saw 35 people had a hold of the ark that was lifted it up. And I asked him, ‘Can I put my hand to it?’ and He said, ‘No. No these are [Bickle and yours?] You are what you’ll always be. You’re not going to be anything else but what you are. But you bring the message – that I’ve prepared these men to come in and to bring the glory of God in, in an apostolic order. And they’ll bring it in through Isaiah 35. The highway. The highway of holiness.’

From that time forth He began to prepare people. I, uh, I think some of the people that he was calling to be are like new-born babes. But I believe that they are getting ready to reach that 30 now. And when they do, you’ll see the glory. So this began 27 years ago.

I saw some things concerning China. The land of China, for most of it, China. And I saw that there would be a wave of young people there [in China] and that they will be able see what was going on in the United States with the wristwatches. Which began to show that one of the greatest waves would come out of Russia- and China. And that China would be greatly impacted by Christians. And that their technology would greatly increase, which it has.

And that the Word would go out through all of China [through wrist watches.] And it would go out through like wrist watches are phones that had pictures on them. And nobody could understand what we were seeing at that time. It was impacting China more than a lot of people realise, and I saw one of the greatest awakenings of all time taking place there, especially in Russia. And youth coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. And they were coming like a youth army. [Think Joel’s Army] that wasn’t afraid to die.

And they would actually raise up in China at that time, nobody could understand it and nobody believed it. I did because I saw it.


And I was told to keep the white horse in the middle of the stream, because bad dogs stood on both sides of the bank of people that were religious, legalistic – and they wanted to bite the white horse. They were literally mad. And they wanted to control the white horse. My job was to keep the white horse in the middle of the stream so the mad dogs couldn’t get to her. You see, mad dogs can’t cross water. They can’t cross into the spirit man. So a mad dog will lay down on the banks of the stream and die of thirst because its thirst told it too. And religious people will lay down right by it and die without ever getting into the water. So my job was to keep the white horse in balanced and keep the flow continually coming to the white horse.”

Source: Uploaded by Stephen Nguyen, Bob Jones: Prophetic Words – End-time Harvest, Global Prayer Movement, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvBpGPwavkQ&t, Published on Aug 19, 2012. (Accessed 28/03/2017.)

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