Bill Johnson affirms Michael Brown is part of the New Apostolic Reformation.

When we exposed Michael Brown as an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) – not only did he misrepresent us, he lied about his involvement with the New Apostolic Reformation and his ‘Apostolic’ role within the NAR cult. In October 2016, Michael Brown attempted to obscure the New Apostolic Reformation on his live broadcast, “What is the So-Called NAR?” while at the same time we were in dialogue with him on twitter. He stated:

“I’ve also challenged those who hide behind a cloak of anonymity online, and post blatant falsehoods, blatant falsehoods. I mean one website, I’m not even going to mention it on the radio, I don’t even want to draw any attention to it, but it blasts me as a ‘New Apostolic Reformation Apostle’… And they will post things that are just blatantly false, just false information.” [Source]

It wasn’t a challenge – this was Michael Brown’s attempt to smear not only our research, but the character of anyone who calls him out as an Apostle in the NAR. In other words, Brown was maligning the integrity of his critics who are calling him out, by lying about them publicly.

When challenged for being part of the New Apostolic Reformation on his Line of Fire program, Brown claimed he was not part of the “NAR”:


Even ‘Pulpit & Pen’ called Michael Brown out on this statement:

Is Michael Brown Hiding His New Apostolic Identity?

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Michael Brown admits his NAR ties to Rick Joyner.

On his ‘Line of Fire’ program, Brown states,

“I’ve also been in one of the most significant revivals of the 20th century, the Brownsville Revival, served as a leader there for years and as an eye witness in more than 2000 meetings over that period of time, I can tell you firsthand what God did and yet people say, ‘well that was a phony movement, wasn’t really the Holy Spirit. Let’s talk about it, let’s clarify this, if God is moving we want to get behind it, if it’s counterfeit or the flesh, we want to resist it.” [Source]

This confession actually proves Michael Brown is 100% NAR. Back in the day, the leaders of Pensacola denied their association with the controversial ‘Toronto Blessing’. Yet in 2009, Bill Johnson (an NAR Apostle) was talking about the Toronto Revival and from that birthed the Pensacola Revival. It’s important to mention Bill Johnson bringing up Karl Strader:

“The Lakeland meetings began on April 2, 2008, at the Ignite Church, which meets in a reconditioned building supply store and is pastored by Steve Strader.

Steve is the son of Karl Strader, who pastored the now defunct Carpenter’s Home Church where a “revival” broke out in 1993 under the ministry of Rodney Howard-Browne.” [Source]

Rodney Howard-Browne came out of Apostle Benny Hinn’s crusade and spread the laughing revival to Strader’s church, then to Toronto. It is ‘Apostle’ Bill Johnson himself who acknowledged what came out of Carpenter’s Home Church spread to Toronto then to Pensacola and progressed to ‘birth’ Todd Bentley’s Lakeland Revival. That puts Dr Michael Brown right in the heart of the NAR agenda and makes him culpable, along with Kilpatrick, for producing Bentley’s false Lakeland Revival.

Michael Brown tried to cover up his involvement in the NAR. However the person he defends, Bill Johnson, says Brown’s involvement was central to the growth of the NAR. This needs to be seriously addressed.

At best, Michael Brown is ignorant of what he is involved in and unintentionally leading millions of Christians to embrace the NAR.

At worst, Brown is a liar, attempting to deceive millions of Christians into embracing the NAR, using men like Dr James White as a guise to look orthodox. (Either way, this is an issue Dr James White needs to address fully on his program, ‘The Dividing Line’).

Bill Johnson talking about Toronto, Pensacola and Lakeland:

[Click to Download Video]


“Well back in the early nineties, there was an outpouring of the Spirit in Lakeland, Florida. Karl Strader was the host pastor who really made room for God to just do whatever He wanted… A great move of God started in that period of time that ignited and impacted Randy Clark powerfully who went to Toronto. Toronto imparted to England – Steve Hill went to England – got whacked, went to Pensacola and things have spread all over the world. But the coals were first formed in Lakeland, Florida. The Lord is releasing even a greater glory in this hour. Something very significant began a year-uh, a year and a half ago, now in Lakeland.”

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