Brown endorses NAR expert Chris Rosebrough

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Dr. Michael Brown runs away from stay at home mom?

Dr. Michael Brown FINALLY admits the NAR exists!

On March 14th, 2017, Dr. Michael Brown hadn’t “the slightest clue” about the NAR.
Yet, on March 17th, 2017, three days after writing the above quote, Michael Brown has suddenly become a pundit of the NAR.

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Source: Twitter, @DrMichaelLBrown, Twitter links: , Published 17/03/2017, Accessed 18/03/2017)

Many more people have taken to their keyboards to ask clarifying questions to Dr. Michael Brown about this movement that “suddenly” came into existence. It’s no longer “the so called NAR” is it Dr. Michael Brown?

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Quotes from Dr. Michael Brown:

“I’m not an expert on the NAR. Chris has done more research on it, but he’s anti-charismatic to a blinding fault.”

“Then bring on a leader from the NAR to talk about it. (Please be kind enough to drop this now, OK? Thx!)”

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Source: Twitter, @DrMichaelLBrown,, Published 17/03/2017, Accessed 18/03/2017)

Here are some additional tweets that we believe should be pointed out.

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Source: Twitter, @DrMichaelLBrown,, Published 17/03/2017, Accessed 18/03/2017)

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