Questioning Brian Houston’s testimony about his pedophile father’s ‘sickness’.

Another part of the Frank Houston cover-up that has yet to be addressed:

Frank Houston’s alleged sickness.


It appears that Brian Houston, Hillsong elders, the Australian AOG and possibly the New Zealand AOG used Frank Houston’s ‘sickness’ in a convenient way to keep Frank Houston safe from meeting his victims and to prevent him from providing admissions, confessions or extradition.

Frank Houston’s ‘sickness’ played a major role in regards to further investigations on behalf of the victims. This also prevented him from being extradited to New Zealand so he could not be investigated further by the New Zealand AOG or the police. The Houston family did not cooperate with victim(s) in New Zealand who sought justice, appearing also to use Frank’s ‘sickness’ as the means to not comply with the victim’s request.

In fact, Frank Houston was so ‘sick’, he could not even write an apology to one of his victims, AHG, as requested by the AOG New Zealand. (AHG received some compensation from AOG NZ but no apology or correspondence from the Houstons).

Brian Houston, Hillsong elders and the AOG, used Frank Houston’s ‘dementia/sickness’ as an excuse NOT to extradite Frank to face criminal charges in New Zealand.

This all makes it an even more serious offense for Brian Houston, his church and the Australian AOG to hide Frank Houston at Hawkesbury Christian Center and keep this church in the dark over the fact they were harbouring a serial pedophile.


One ex-Hillsong attendee, who knew the leadership really well, stated that Dr Gordon Lee was Frank Houston’s personal doctor for decades and a long-standing Hillsong leader.

The Hillsong website states,

Dr. Gordon Lee is a highly respected General Practitioner, and operates successful medical practices in Sydney. He also pastors the Hillsong Chinese Extension Services.” [Source]

In the year 2000, Keith Ainge and John Lewis wrote in their investigative report the following:

“On our return to Sydney, John Lewis and Keith Ainge met with Robert Fergusson and Jonathon Wilson, before a meeting with Frank and Hazel Houston. Hazel had requested that their family doctor (an elder of the church) attend the meeting and we requested Robert Fergusson to attend also.” [Source] (Emphasis added.)

Interestingly, Dr Gordon Lee (an elder of Hillsong) attended a ‘Special Elders Meeting’ on Wednesday, the  29th of Novemeber, 2000 “in the Boardroom of Hillsong Church,” to discuss the apparent “moral failure by Frank Houston some 30 yrs ago.” In these minutes, they record Brian giving, “details of recent demands made by one of the victims.”

Hillsong Elders Meeting regarding Frank Houston 2000

Evidence suggests that it was possibly Hillsong elder Gordon Lee that conveniently diagnosed Frank Houston with Alzheimer’s/Dementia so that Frank could not be dealt with by New Zealand victims, (in spite of the fact that in the above minutes it was decided that Frank’s retirement would be made public while Frank was over in New Zealand).

Somewhere between 1999 to November 2000, Gordon Lee appeared to have diagnosed Frank Houston with either .


At the Royal Commission, the AOG and Hillsong leadership led the Royal Commission to believe that Frank Houston had a serious level of dementia that rendered him incapable of dealing with allegations and meetings with victims.

Brian Houston swearing on the bible to tell the truth and the whole truth at the Royal Commission.

Under the heading, “Meeting with Frank Houston in November 1999,” Brian Houston testified the following to the Royal Commission:

“In about the time that the AHA Allegation became known to me and I confronted Frank, I was aware that Frank was in the early stages of dementia. I am also aware that his memory deteriorated very quickly because of dementia after 2000.” [Source: pg. 5] (Emphasis added.)

This is what Brian Houston said about Frank Houston’s health on the stand (emphasis added):

“And from the time that – from the time that these first exposures came out, late 1999[…] From the time these exposures started coming out in late 1999 to 2004, I think probably because of the stress and the pain of all of this, and the humiliation, my father deteriorated very quickly into dementia. Month by month, year by year, he got worse, so I would say that by this time, my father was too sick to have that kind of meeting.” – Brian Houston, Day 88 Transcript, pg. 9369.

Keith Ainge (National Ex. of the AOG) said the following when he took the stand (emphasis added):

Q. “Then he said he “has now retired”?
A. He was noticeably frail and obviously suffering with dementia by this time.” – Keith Ainge, Day 88 Transcript, pg. 9285.

Q. What was his position in 2000?
A. He was an associate pastor at Christian Life Centre, Sydney, and so worked closely with Frank. It probably should be noted that, by this stage, Frank was suffering
fairly seriously with dementia and we were wanting to have someone who was close to him to have dealings with him. – Keith Ainge, Day 88 Transcript, pg. 9281.


One of Frank’s victims contacted New Zealand AOG General Secretary Neil Hetrick. He was upset that the NZ police informed him that Frank Houston could not be “extradited to face criminal charges” because of Frank’s age and health.

“While the NZ Police have been sympathetic to me and my allegations, they have advised that due to Houston’s age, health and time away from New Zealand, it is unlikely that he could be extradited to face criminal charges.” [Source: AHG to NZ AOG Neil Hetrick, 27/11/2002]

A month later, the victim wrote into Philip Powell’s website (Christian Witness Ministries), stating,

“In April I engaged a lawyer in Auckland to contact the NZ AoG regarding my allegations, seeking a meeting with them with a view to discuss possible compensation. The AoG lawyers advised my lawyer that Houston was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s but that the church would investigate my allegations…” [Source: AHG writes to Philip Powell, 09/12/20002]

New Zealand AOG Superintendent Kem Price was led to believe that Frank Houston was ill:

“However, rather than give us these details AHG has decided to go public on the email to everyone. The only reason they haven’t contacted Frank is they know he is ill and the NZ police have told them that although sympathetic they advised that due to WFH’s age, health and time away from NZ it is unlikely that they could extradite him to face criminal charges.” [Source: Price to Frank & Hazel Houston, 13/12/2002]

In this same letter Price asks the Houston’s,

“They are asking for three things, possibly more, but these three I am able to identify: 1) money, 2) publicity of the sin, and 3) an apology from WFH. With regard to the latter, is WFH able to give such and if not did you get a medical report to substantiate that?” [Source: Price to Frank & Hazel Houston, 13/12/2002]

Suffice to say that no report to substantiate Frank Houston’s sickness was ever presented at the Royal Commission. The fact that no medical report or diagnosis appeared at the Royal Commission opens up another alternative to Frank Houston’s mystery sickness.


At the Royal Commission, Brian Houston and Keith Ainge claimed that Frank was suffering fairly seriously with dementia. However, evidence tells us that the victim reported that “AoG lawyers advised my lawyer that Houston was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s.”

So who is telling the truth? Was this just a mistake on behalf of Houston and Ainge at the Royal Commission?

… Or is there a third explanation?

This is not the first time Hillsong leadership have been dishonest about the health of Frank Houston. And it is not the first time Brian Houston has exaggerated the status of a person to manipulate others for not acting in his professional capacity.

Misleading the Royal Commission: Brian Houston Hiding Behind His ‘Straw man victim’

A witness who attended Hillsong Conference in the year 2000 stated,

Part way through Frank Houston was pushed out across the stage in a wheel-chair. Jonathan Wilson, who had taken over from Frank Houston as the leading pastor at CLC Sydney, did a gushy rave about how great Frank Houston is and what a legend he is. Then he was wheeled out from the right side of the stage to the middle. The whole assembled CLC/ Hillsong were told, “Here’s a great man and a great apostle of faith. Let’s all stand and honour him”. The whole assembled stood to their feet and applauded Frank Houston madly.” [Timeline] (Emphasis added.)


Why the wheelchair? 


If the AOG, Hillsong and the Houston family fabricated that Frank Houston had an illness, it makes much more sense in the greater scheme of things. For instance (see timeline),

  • Brian was surprised Frank handed over Sydney CLC to Brian in May, 1999.
    – Obviously Brian thought Frank’s health was fine then.
  • Frank Houston started calling AHA and his mother on a regular basis a week or two after 16 September 1999.
    – Obviously Frank’s health was fine then from September to December 1999.
  • Brian had to wait for Frank to return in mid Nov 1999 from an overseas preaching trip to confront him with AHA’s allegation.
    – Obviously Frank’s health was up to the task of a jet-setting preacher.
  • AHA’s allegation became known (Oct 1999),
    – Frank was instantly “in the early stages of dementia.”
  • Pastor Taylor’s records a show that demonstrated Mr Frank Houston continued to preach in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory on 4/5 Dec 1999.
    – Obviously Frank’s health was still up to the task to travel and preach.
  • “On or about early 2000” Frank attempted to meet with AHA.
    – Obviously Frank’s health was fine to organize, attend and run that meeting.
  • After that meeting, Frank continued to hassle his victim to meet up with AHA “to organise some money for you, some compensation, and get this off.”
     Obviously Frank’s health was fine to harass AHA into having another meeting.
  • Some time in the year 2000, this meeting occurred.
     Obviously AHA saw no sign of Frank’s ailing health.
  • NZ victim asks New Zealand AOG for Frank Houston to cooperate with investigations in April 2002.
    – The AoG lawyers inform victim that Frank Houston is “suffering from advanced Alzheimer.”

By giving Frank Houston an illness, the AOG, Hillsong and the Houston family have an excuse not to comply with the victims, the NZ AOG and even New Zealand police. Knowing personally how Hillsong leadership manipulate people (since we’ve experienced it first hand), their company of visual aides in their deception needs to be noted. First having Frank Houston in a wheelchair. Secondly, having the presence of a doctor beside Frank Houston gives anyone present the idea that there is something physically or mentally wrong with Frank. Who could challenge “Super Apostle” Frank Houston of fabricating an ailment in a private meeting? Who would call an old man’s bluff? It would be unethical to do so. However, these are the games that Hillsong play.


However, there are two more issues that appear to make Frank Houston’s illness look like a complete fabrication on Brian Houston and the AOG’s behalf.


Brian Houston wrote,

The quote to note is this,

“The correspondence I received from you regarding AHG I should be sent directly to my parents. I am not and do not intend to become a mediator or family representative in these issues.” [Source: 10/09/2002]

So that the victim could not get any further help on his end in April 2002, the Australian AOG made the claim that Frank Houston was incapable of assisting due “advanced Alzheimer’s.” Yet here is Brian Houston five months later demanding that AOG General Superintendent of the AOG in New Zealand, Wayne Hughes, deal directly with his parents “regarding AHG.”

In spite of the Houstons claiming that Frank suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s, despite Houston’s claim at the Royal Commission that Frank was suffering from severe dementia, this letter reveals that Brian Houston thinks his father (alongside his wife) is quite capable in dealing with AHG’s issues through Wayne Hughes. The fact that Brian Houston has yet again been caught out manipulating the truth at the expense of the victim seeking justice is inhumane to say the least.

This document only helps establish that the leadership fabricated Frank Houston’s sickness so that they can filter what gets through to Frank for his, and their own, protection.


When the media reported Frank’s pedophilia, Frank Houston was moved from Hawkesbury Christian Center to Coastlife Church, Erina. The pastor of Coastlife Church was Ian Zerna.

In January 2004, Ian Zerna (Frank’s pastor at the time in Coastlife Church, Erina) asked to what extent could Frank Houston be involved in public ministry:

“What I would like discussed is Frank’s discipline and restoration period clarified. Frank has no desire to preach or for public ministry in any way. However, if he was called upon to pray for someone at the altar or to deliver a prophetic word he is not sure if that is acceptable or approvable by the National Executive. I would like to treat Frank as the same as any member of my congregation who is not in public ministry.” [Source: Letter – Zerna to Ainge, 30/01/2004]

This letter has some indication of Frank’s health in 2004 as Zerna was asking if Frank could engage in more public ministry within his church like any one else.


It appears the Houstons NEVER wanted Frank to meet with any victims, nor EVER concede acknowledgement or an apology. The above email by Brian Houston made this abundantly clear. At the end of the day, Frank Houston never did sign an admission of guilt and no certification of Frank’s sickness was ever produced at the Royal Commission. It is only Hillsong/AOG/Houston’s word that Frank Houston had either serious dementia or advanced Alzheimer’s, emphasizing that impression with Hillsong elder and family doctor, Gordon Lee.


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