“Pastor” Phil Pringle flunks Christianity 101 again

Not long ago, we tackled the theological ineptitude of Christian City Church founder and NAR Apostle, Phil Pringle in his sermon ‘Find Your Groove’.

This is the best preaching segment C3 could find on Phil Pringle?

Recently, Chris Rosebrough from Pirate Christian Radio also covered the vain ramblings of Phil Pringle of C3 Church, reviewing the entire sermon. Click below to listen to the review.

Squidiculous “Theology”



00:06:51 Ryan LeStrange Time to Launch
00:15:54 Jennifer LeClaire Sneaky Squid Spirit Stalker
00:35:22 Russel Evans Taking Up the Mantle
00:51:53 David Crank Keeping on Dreaming
01:07:57 Sermon Review: Find Your Groove by Phil Pringle

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Squidiculous “Theology”, PirateChristian.com, http://www.piratechristian.com/fightingforthefaith/2017/3/squidiculous-theology-1, Published  08/03/2017. (Accessed 17/03/2017.)

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