Royal Commission: Brian Houston summoned again? (Update)

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Brian Houston will be appearing this Friday (the 24th) at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse as well as the Australian Christian Church (ACC) (formerly known as the Aseemblies of God (AOG)) and other “Pentecostal” churches.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – Case Study 58: a public hearing concerned with the institutional response to child sexual abuse of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) and its affiliated churches.

(NOTE: to this date, victims have still received no offer of compensation from Brian Houston or Hillsong church.)

Brian Houston swearing on the bible to tell the truth and the whole truth at the Royal Commission.

Before looking at the details of the upcoming case study at the Royal Commission,
it is important people understand what the AOG actually is.


1876785012Between 1997 and 2007, Brian Houston was the Superintendent/President of the Australian Assemblies of God (AUS AOG). However, thanks to the work of C. Peter Wagner (author of Churchquake, 1999) and David Cartledge (author of The Apostolic Revolution, 2000), they have highlighted the fact the AUS AOG ceased to be at all Pentecostal from 1977 onwards. The entire AOG of Australia was converted through David Yonggi Cho, Andrew Evans and other self-appointed “apostles” to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult. Cartledge acknowledged that both Frank Houston and Brian Houston were Apostles of this new “apostolic revolution.”

Through Apostle Brian Houston, the AUS AOG birthed Australian Christian Churches (ACC), C. Peter Wagner invited as a guest speaker. Wagner’s involvement with Brian Houston and the AOG must be noted as he is the leader of the global NAR movement and has claimed in writing, “There is no legal tie that binds [the NAR].” He claims that the NAR is built on relational structures, in opposition to Christian denominations that are bound by “legal structure.” [Source]

Wagner concluded that his Apostles at the top of this “relational structure” are not accountable to anyone. He observed this in 1999 yet then went on to endorse Cartledge’s book which was released in the year 2000. This was the same David Cartledge that was in the Executive meeting in 1999 dealing with Frank Houston’s pedophilia but still claiming in his book that Frank Houston was a “proven apostle”. However, these “Apostles” demand they be treated with a higher more divine standard than Christ’s Apostles, expecting the church, the government and media to conform to their divine authority.

The Royal Commission shone a light on what occurred behind closed doors of the New Apostolic Reformation when they were attempting to deal with the crimes of Frank Houston. The mentality of the NAR always puts the interests of its Apostles above anyone else that it hurts or abuses within its “relational structure.” And this is what came across in the Royal Commission findings. The victims were neglected and Apostles Frank & Brian Houston were looked after.

The Royal Commission advertises,

Case Study 55, March 2017, Sydney

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing to inquire into the current policies and procedures of Australian Christian Churches and affiliated Pentecostal churches in relation to child-protection and child-safety standards, including responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.

The public hearing will commence 24 March 2017 at the Royal Commission’s hearing rooms in Sydney.


The hearing will be held at Level 17, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney.

The scope and purpose of the public hearing is to inquire into:

1. The current policies and procedures of Australian Christian Churches and affiliated Pentecostal churches in relation to child protection and child-safe standards, including responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.

2. Factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of child sexual abuse at Australian Christian Churches and affiliated Pentecostal churches.

3. Factors that may have affected the institutional response of Australian Christian Churches and affiliated Pentecostal churches to child sexual abuse.

4. The responses of Australian Christian Churches and affiliated Pentecostal churches to relevant case study report(s) and other Royal Commission reports.

5. Any related matters.

The purpose of this public hearing is not to inquire into individual sets of facts or particular events as has occurred in previous Royal Commission case studies.

Leave to appear

The Royal Commission may invite selected individuals or organisations to speak to, or give evidence about, the submissions they have previously provided, however it is not proposed that leave to appear will be granted to these individuals or organisations, on the basis that they are speaking or giving evidence in this capacity.

It is not essential for others who give evidence in a hearing to apply for leave to appear – witnesses may give evidence without applying for leave.

Any person or institution wishing to seek leave to appear is invited to lodge a written application for leave to appear at the public hearings by 7 December 2016

Applications for leave to appear should be made using the form available here.

Source: Case Study 55, March 2017, Sydney, Royal Commission,,-march-2017,-sydney, Accessed 01/03/2017.


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