Announcement: Apostle Kong Hee & 5 CHC leaders back in court on April 7. (Update 05/04/2017)

The Straits Times has officially reported that Apostle Kong Hee is back in court on April 7:

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and 5 CHC leaders back in court on April 7

For your convenience, this article will provide as a resource. We will:

  1. Identify the six accused.
  2. Recap the allegations made in court against Kong Hee and the other five.
  3. Recap on the verdict of each individual.
  4. The desired verdict of each individual by the prosecution. (Update)
  5. Supply links how Kong Hee demonized and maligned his own government.
  6. Provide resources how Kong Hee and/or Phil Pringle have used international conferences to malign Singaporean authorities and manipulate people to give money to support Kong Hee’s case (and learn how involved Pringle was in Kong Hee’s ministry, by influencing him in making important decisions regarding the purchase of SunTec, prophesying over Sun’s music career and allowing Kong Hee to copy the C3 building fund model).
  7. What is CHC?
  8. Exhibit videos of Kong Hee exploiting his vulnerable members into giving money for his building fund.

1. Six Accused


This was the allegation that was being disputed in court:


This was the verdict on each individual.

Read Kong Hee’s appeal here:


The MotherShip reports on what the verdict is by the prosecution:

Appeal by prosecution to up sentences

Prosecutors have urged the High Court to to increase the sentences of all six leaders, and not only uphold the convictions:

Kong Hee: From 8 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail
Tan Ye Peng: From 5 years and 6 months to 11 to 12 years’ jail
Chew Eng Han: From 6 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail
Serina Wee: From 5 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail
John Lam: From 3 years to 8 to 9 years’ jail
Sharon Tan: From 21 months to 5 to 6 years’ jail

Source: High Court to deliver verdict on City Harvest Church leaders’ appeal on April 7, 2017, MotherShip,, Published 1/04/2017. (Accessed 02/04/2017.)


We encourage you to look at how Kong Hee has maligned and demonized his own government in the process of the investigation and court case (this is NOT the way any Christian or pastor is meant to behave biblically):

Leaked audio of Kong Hee & Sun Ho maligning Singapore government in 2013
Kowtowing journalism fails to report Kong Hee demonizing Singaporean authorities

(Contact us if you want any audio or video footage from any video/transcript in above links.)


We also believe it is important for people to listen to or read how ‘Apostle’ Kong Hee and ‘Apostle’ Phil Pringle have used the opportunity (whenever Kong Hee has traveled oversees), to attack the integrity of the Singaporean government’s handling of the investigation and court case, alongside their deplorable behaviour in deceiving people into giving money to support Kong Hee’s lawyers.

Chris Rosebrough covers Kong Hee’s verdict… and Phil Pringle’s involvement.
Collection of Pringle and Kong’s CHC/C3 prophetic and financial exploits.
Phil Pringle prophesying: “We pronounce deliverance in JESUS NAME. NOT ONE NIGHT WILL THIS FAIR HEAD SPEND BEHIND BARS.”
Kong Hee: “And then fifteen years later, we got the building. And now we’re in all this mess. So, I told Pastor Phil, “You created this mess! You’ve got to come and help us fix it”. And he’s done such a great job!””

(Contact us if you want any audio or video footage from any transcript available in above links.)



It is important to note that Apostle Kong Hee is part of a global movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Their NAR involvement plays a pivotol role in the investigation and this entire court case. It is a movement that is governed by ‘end-times prophets and apostles’. Kong Hee and CHC were attempting to fulfill the NAR Seven Mountain mandate (aka Cultural Mandate) through Sun Ho. Furthermore, not only are CHC’s advisory pastors Phil Pringle and A.R. Bernard NAR Apostles, these men in the video below, or links, are also Apostles of the global New Apostolic Reformation network. (Warning: contents of this video may disturb some viewers. It is extreme satire.)

[Click to Download]

(For more information on the NAR, please contact us.)


Videos of Kong Hee unethically exploiting people to give into his building fund:

(Please contact us if you want the above video footage or additional footage.)

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