Todd Bentley and His Generals: Kenneth Hagin, TL Osborn & Oral Roberts.

In 2013 Todd Bentley identified three individuals who were central to the Third Wave movement, which he pioneered at Lakeland, Florida in 2008. Therefore it is important to look at the NAR’s early days in the 1950s. What emerged from the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR) revival in the late 194os was Branham’s international signs and wonders ministry which was called The Voice of Healing which helped launch the 1950s Healing Movement. Charisma News called this the Voice of Healing Movement (VHM), which is what we will call it from now on.

Leaders who came out of the VHM helped birth the Church Growth Movement (CGM) which then paved the way for the man-made Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM).

The men that came out of the NOLR’s VHM that helped develop the CGM and CRM
were men like TL Osborn, Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin. (Got that?)

So if these are the men who moved in ‘healing signs and wonders’ in the 1950s, it’s no wonder that Todd Bentley had idolatrous fantasies about them.

Todd Bentley writes:

Osborne Roberts Hagin

“3 great Generals of Faith and healing in Heaven! When I started my ministry in Africa TL Osborn prayed for me in a dream. I was in Korea and saw Kenneth Hagins Anointing and joy back in the church. Then the Night Oral Roberts died my wife Jessa saw him pray for us and Impart to us. TL was the last Major General of the Voice of Healing. A new wave is coming now!”

Source: Todd Bentley, FaceBook,, Published 20/02/2013. (Accessed 01/04/2017.)

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