Bill Johnson and Dayspring Church Apostles pass baton to new Apostolic couple.

Having attended (and monitored) Day Spring for years, we can state that this is not a Pentecostal Church. It is yet another dangerous New Apostolic Reformation cult that attempts to appear Christian in their statement of beliefs. However they show they are not orthodox by who they claim Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be:

“We believe that God sent His only Son, Jesus, into the world. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, as fully God and fully man in one person, He is Spirit-filled humanity as God intended us to be.” [Source]

With this statement, they publicly demonstrate that they have put their faith in the NAR Kenotic Jesus. This is a false Jesus used by the NAR to ‘convert’ Christians into its movement.

Noting that Dayspring is well known for its NAR Apostles and Prophets, we recently observed Apostles David and Narelle Crabtree of Dayspring have “handed over the baton after 25 years of leadership” to newly appointed Apostles Aaron & Kristen Williamson. (The baton language is NAR language which was also used by Brian Houston when talking about how his Apostolic father handed the baton over to him to run Hillsong/CLC.)

Disgraced Apostles and Prophets Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke and Gary Morgan, were part of this Dayspring Ceremony where they prophesied and prayed blessings over the Crabtrees and Williamsons. See below:

Today David & Narelle Crabtree handed over the baton after 25 years of leadership at DaySpring Church in Sydney. Thanks David & Narelle for your input & encouragement into Julie & my lives over these past 20+ years. The blessings we received from many visits to DaySpring, your prayer & insight on several occasions. The blessing you have brought to Grace Church & the Churches in Port Macquarie over the years. We wish you every blessing & also that of the new Pastors at DaySpring.

Source: Kerry Medway, FaceBook,, 02/04/2017. (Accessed 02/04/2017.)

So much love & respect for the visionary and grace filled leadership of this amazing couple. From humble beginnings in a living room in 1991 to a city & nation influencing church, and always a journey marked with great integrity, love and generosity, even during the difficult times. And in transitioning DaySpring Church into their next season of fruitfulness with Aaron & Kristen Williamson, I am convinced that the church of this nation and the nations will increasingly benefit from the depth of wisdom and revelation that they carry in their hearts. So it truely does just get better.
Thank you David & Narelle Crabtree.
Doubly worthy of HONOUR and FAVOUR.
God is so good.
“Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honour…. ” (1 Timothy 5:17)

Source: Wayne J Williamson, FaceBook,, 02/04/2017. (Accessed 02/04/2017.)

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