Rosebrough exposes Michael Brown’s lies through Apostle Che Ahn (and their false NAR Jesus).

On a recent program Chris Rosebrough of challenged Michael Brown over his obfuscation about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) when Brown claimed he was not part of the “NAR”.


This is because in the earlier segment of this episode, Apostle Che Ahn was talking to Todd Bentley, recalling Bob Jones talking about how Bentley’s Lakeland “revival” was spiritually connected with the Toronto Blessing (first wave) and Dr Brown’s Pensacola Revival (second wave). When Bill Johnson went on Brown’s radio program, he claimed that both the Toronto Blessing and Brown’s Pensacola had the “same anointing” and converted to the New Apostolic Reformation ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’. That is, Johnson was converted by Michael Brown’s false gospel that emphasised signs and wonders above the Christian faith and Word of God. It is no wonder that Bill Johnson also claimed that Toronto and Pensacola were intrinsically linked to Lakeland.

A man quite prepared to lie to Christians about who he is and what he does.

The second half of the program clearly proves Michael Brown misled his international audience by labeling the NAR, “the so-called NAR” – an observation Dr. Brown deliberately made, giving his audience the false impression that the NAR never really existed. However, Rosebrough critiqued Che Ahn’s entire sermon on the New Apostolic Reformation, explaining what it is, how it works and what it believes and in doing so, exposed Michael Brown.

Chris Rosebrough did a fantastic job exposing the false theology and history of the NAR that Che Ahn espoused at the H.I.M conference in Korea. Finally we expose the fact that in typical NAR Apostolic fashion, Che Ahn also denies the orthodox Christian faith by confessing to believe in the false Kenotic Jesus.

“I believe Jesus is one hundred percent God. And he’s also one hundred percent man. There’s the mystery of the incarnation.
I believe when he started his ministry he functioned as a man under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.” [2:11:55]

Listen to the podcast here:

Lies Wm. Paul Young Tells About God


00:08:22 Mike Jacobs If You’re Getting Old You Are Not Being a Good Witness
00:19:13 Che Ahn Prophetic Wave (From Lakeland “Revival”)
00:38:18 Wm. Paul Young Lies we Believe About God
01:27:20 Sermon Review: New Apostolic Reformation 101 by Che Ahn

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Lies Wm. Paul Young Tells About God,,, Published 09/03/2017. (Accessed 24/03/2017.)

We managed track down the message of Che Ahn that Chris Rosebrough reviewed:

Source: Che Ahn, HIM Conference, Korea, YouTube,, Uploaded by HIM KOREA, 2017 HIM 컨퍼런스 -채 안-, YouTube,, Published on Jan 23, 2017. (Accessed 24/03/2017.)


It is essential to note in the below quotes how naturally their false signs and wonders gospel (aka Gospel of the Kingdom, Gospel of Power, Healing Gospel), their false Kenotic Christology (Jesus operated as a man empowered by the Holy Spirit) and false missiology (Seven Mountain Mandate replaces the core fundamentals of the Christian faith.)

1:05 – “…I want to talk about Apostles and the reformation of society… And I want to submit to you that Apostles both in the market place and in the church, they are the key to bring about reformation and revival. Dr Peter Wagner, he coined the phrase, ‘New Apostolic Reformation’.

How many of you have heard that phrase before? New Apostolic Reformation? Who has not heard that before? Raise your hand. And I think I need to define that so because a lot of people didn’t understand why Peter named this movement as a New Apostolic Reformation movement.” [Explains in depth the definition of the NAR.]

11:25 – “All of you are priests. What is a priest? A priest means a minister. All of you are ministers. That’s why it says in 1 Peter 2:9, “You are a royal priesthood.” You’re kings, and you’re all priests… So the priesthood of believers was revolutionary but he (Luther) didn’t take it further the way the Holy Spirit has been leading us. We are all ministers. We can all lead in signs and wonders and preach the gospel of the Kingdom… So in our church we teach that everyone’s a minister. Everyone’s a revivalist. Everyone’s a reformer. But Peter Wagner’s phrase New Apostolic Reformation, why he used the word reformation, he believes Apostles are the key to bring about reformation in the new 21st century as God brought reformation 500 yrs ago. So Apostles are the key to bring about reformation in society.”

14:15 – [Reads Eph 4:11] “By the way, that word ‘equipping’ is a very important word…one of the things I loved about Peter Wagner… is he really believed in equipping the Saints to do the work of ministry… It’s ridiculous to think that the 1% of the church is going to bring about reformation. Our job is to equip you for you to be the revivalist, for you to be the reformer…”

17:55 – “We are seeing more unity than ever before, but there is a long way to go. The point I want to make is, until then, we are still going to need apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. That’s why it’s so sad for me, when people say, ‘I believe in the whole Bible’, but then they say and teach, ‘Apostles and Prophets are not for today’. Where in the Bible does it say that Apostles are not for today? … they basically believe only 60% of the Ephesian 4:11 fivefold ministry…”

20:18 – “The point I want to make is that the New Testament is about Apostles… and there wasn’t just 12 apostles.” [Expands on his argument]

22:43 – “I thank God for HIM Korea, because through HIM Korea we’re restoring the truth that Apostles and Prophets are for today… in fact we’ve got Apostles we’ve commissioned right here [points behind him on stage]… that are functioning as market place Apostles, who are church Apostles.”

23:28 – “How many of you may know that you may not be a prophet but we are all to be prophetic?… we can all hear the voice of God. [References John 10:27]

25:30 – “What does it mean to be Apostolic?… Let’s go to Luke 6:12-13… this is very significant because we see the humanity of Jesus here….I believe when He started His ministry, He functioned as a man under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. Because if He functioned as God, he would know the twelve right off the bat, He wouldn’t have had to spend all night in prayer…” [Emphasis added – this is the false Kenotic Christ of the NAR]

31:05 – “… the Romans did the same thing (re conquering new land) to force it they either sent a General or an Admiral or a Governor. His role was to bring Roman culture to every part of the conquered territory and that General, that Governor was called an ‘Apostle’… as Jesus said, ‘My Kingdom is not of this world, but My Kingdom does have a culture and I want you to be Apostles of my Kingdom‘… So as Apostles and those who are called to be Apostolic, we must bring Heaven’s culture to our society.” [Emphasis added – ‘Apostles’ are called Generals in the NAR. This is a very common argument to define why NARpostles are meant to exist in the church today to further their end-times kingdom. Jesus never said to Pilate that his kingdom ‘does have a culture and I want you to be Apostles of my Kingdom’.]

34:30 – “… in fact it’s my job to bring Heaven’s culture into the Government, and that’s what it means to be ‘apostolic’. Apostles are to bring reformation to society…”

38:42 – “How are you being a reformer? An Apostle, especially market place Apostles, bring about reformation.”

42:30 – “You know when you look at the revivalists in history and those who were great reformers, they were all Apostles… John Wesley was an Apostle…”

44:35 – “Martin Luther was an ‘Apostle’, beyond the three truths I already spoke about… he wrote two short books… he was writing to the royals and nobility of his day…reformation takes place by reaching kings… and his whole message in those two books is about reformation and the family. Family is one of the seven mountains, maybe the most important mountains of the seven mountain mandate.

52:40 – “… So God wants to bring reformation through you, because you are to be Apostolic as a people…”

53:29 – Che explains how NARpostles are called by God and how God chooses who is going to be an Apostle: “Jesus was the chief Apostle. He was sent by the Father. But then he calls people to be Apostles… they have to be commissioned… to be recognised by the body of Christ. That’s why it’s a privilege for me at our international HIM Conference every year we commission new Apostles. Apostles have amazing authority… and that authority is to advance the Kingdom to bring about reformation…” [Che goes on to pray, asking God to release the Apostolic in each person standing.]

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