Phil Pringle claims Kong is one of the greatest men of God he’s been acquainted with?

Considering the verdict and what emerged from the trial, Phil Pringle managed to say some disturbing things about Kong Hee and CHC. If Phil Pringle wants be to half the man the convicted felon Kong Hee is, then maybe that’s an issue that higher authorities might want to look at.

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“It’s such a joy to, and a privilege to stand with you and- happily, it hasn’t always been times when it’s been difficult that I’ve been here. I have been here for many celebration moments as well, which have been many over the years. But uh, I don’t believe in just being a fair-weathered friend. I think we need to elevate the characteristic of loyalty in the body of Christ, to a whole new level.

You know, ah, your pastor is one of the greatest men of God I’ve ever had the privilege to be acquainted with. If I could be half the man he is, I’m sure my wife would be a happier woman. And I’m sure God would be ecstatic as well. But your pastor and his wife to me are heroes in the faith. In many years to come, when history books are written, pastor Kong Hee and Sun will occupy many pages as being those who changed the world for Christ and who increased the kingdom in many nations throughout the world. And who’s lives have been affected throughout all of our planet. I am one of those, pastor. I am a better man because of you. My church is a better church because of your influence.

And the influence of this church, which is one of the most inspiring churches, in good times but even in these challenging moments, you certainly are impressive at a whole new level…”

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“Now is your time people. Now is your time. Your joining one of the greatest churches in the world today.”, a Singaporean community news service also has this to say:

Kong Hee’s first service post-appeal: “I so wish I was a better leader.”

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