Clayton Jennings’ Victims Speak Out.

J.D. Hall from Polemics Report continues his investigation into the ongoing saga with Clayton Jennings.


The Bachelor’ Celebrity Comes Forward as Clayton Jennings’ Victim, Speaks Out.

“Many victims of Clayton Jennings have come forward to Polemics Report. Some have allowed us to publish their story, after we verified the truthfulness of it through their evidence (screenshots, texts, voicemails, audio, etc…). However, up until now, they have all come forward anonymously, and “Team Jennings” has continued to call them (or us) “liars,” and intimidated the other victims not to come forward lest their reputation be “ruined.” Watching these reports was Christen Whitney, an Indiana native and participant on this season’s reality show, The Bachelor. Whitney has decided to come forward with her name, to once and for all shut the mouths of those defending Jennings and attacking his victims. We applaud Whitney for her bravery and testimony. From Christen:

Let me preface by saying this was not easy for me. To be completely transparent, I am somewhat terrified. Afraid of people who may come at me, or judge me from every angle. I’m just a girl, not claiming to be perfect by any means, but telling my story on behalf of the women who have contacted me and are also terrified to come forward. I did not enjoy writing this, or ever, ever want to share any of this. Dread would be a better word. Trust me, it’s not a fun position to be in, and it took me a really long time to make this decision. I decided to write this on behalf of the girls who were continuing to contact me, saying that if I had the courage to come forward, that would give them the courage to tell their story.

For a long time, I was hesitant to respond to all of the information surfacing about Clayton. God has emotionally healed and separated me from the situation, so I didn’t want to dive back in and drudge up the feelings. Also, let me further preface one more time by saying how hard it was to write something like this, since this in in the past, and my intention is never to try and put someone under a magnifying glass or air out their dirty laundry.

I’m not here to question whether Clayton’s apologies are genuine or not. That’s not for me to say, and quite frankly, I don’t care. I’m not here to take him on. I’m just stepping out and taking a risk to speak the truth, and be a voice for the other women, because I have seen them, and I have seen how they are STILL hurting and STILL damaged over the way they were used and thrown away. People have said that I have a lot to lose by the public with this, but for the sake of women everywhere, I decided to move forward. So here it is; plain and simple truth. I’m not asking anyone to form any opinions, I’m just further validating the other women who have already come forward.

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