Kong Hee states publicly C3 Presence Conference attendees helped pay his legal fees.

We reported in the past that Phil Pringle has been misleading his movement about the Kong Hee investigation and his court hearing while raising money from C3 members to pay Kong Hee’s legal fees. The ramifications of this is that another C3 church committed to spreading these lies, as we have seen with C3 Mount Annan.

Specifically, on the 13th of February of 2015, Kong Hee acknowledged to C3 Mount Annan that he received donations from attendees at C3 Presence Conference.

“So I want to thank you for praying for my church and my ministry. Those of you who heard me at Presence- and you gave so generously to help me in my legal payment..”

You can watch, hear or read more about this financial scandal here. When you follow this link, you hear Pringle talk about how CHC members were tuning to the Presence Conference livestream and encouraging these online audiences to give money to financially support Kong Hee’s legal defense.

Source: Uploaded by C3 Mount Annan, Vimeo, Ps Kong Hee, C3 Church Mount Annan, Feb 13 2015, https://vimeo.com/120738605, Published 26/02/2015. (Accessed 28/04/2017.)

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