Bill Johnson: If you’re not healed, you’re not saved – and it’s all your fault.

The reason why the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) can not even be remotely treated as a Christian movement is the abusive theology it forces on people. Especially those who are sick, poor and vulnerable.

A good example of this abusive theology comes from Bethel Redding’s Bill Johnson, who links healing and salvation together with Christ’s death on the cross. This bible twisting stems back to the foundations of the New Apostolic Reformation when it was known as the New Order of the Latter Rain in 1948. This movement popularized the teachings of Franklin Hall and William Branham, which gave rise to the Voice of Healing Movement (VHM). Both TL and Daisy Osborne were influenced by the teaching that healing came from the death of Jesus. And since then, the NAR have promoted this lie by twisting Isaiah 53.

Bill Johnson promotes this dangerous teaching to this day. The article below is from his website. It is important to document the fact that Bill Johnson is prepared to spiritually abuse the sick and dying by stating this outrageous lie about Jesus’ death:

“When He bore stripes in His body He made a payment for our miracle. He already decided to heal. You can’t decide not to buy something after you’ve already bought it.”

So what does that mean if you believe in Jesus’ healing power but see no healing of your sickness? Bill Johnson says:

“There are no deficiencies on His end – neither the covenant is deficient, nor His compassion or promises. All lack is on our end of the equation.”

In other words, it’s your fault, you’ve done something wrong and it’s up to you to figure it out? To further confuse the issue Bill Johnson also says:

“It’s also not wise to blame the person who is sick.”

So according to Johnson, if Christ has healed you of your sickness two thousand years ago and you’re still sick it’s neither Jesus nor the sick person’s fault? Essentially, Johnson’s entire article is not only blaming the sick person for not getting healed, he is making them question if they are even Christian at all. If there is no physical proof that Christ died to heal the sick Christian, what on earth is making them believe they are saved at all?

Would a loving God torment you like that?

You couldn’t get a more satanic theology  –  a Saviour dying on a cross who blames you for not getting healed and makes you question your salvation.

The only thing Bill Johnson has done is add darkness to the light. He’s done this by making a list on why you got your healing wrong. Why Jesus wasn’t there for you in your healing.

However not even Bill Johnson is living up to his own perverted theology.

If he truly believes Christ purchased his salvation and healing on Calvary, why is he still wearing glasses?

If Bill Johnson links salvation and healing together in Christ’s death, why is he exempt from his own false theology of Christ’s death while he burdens everyone else with it?

If he is not healed by Christ’s death, why is he saved by Christ’s death?

And this is why Jesus and His Word warns us of false teachers. You have to wonder how many people have had their faith shipwrecked by this type of teaching from false teachers like Bill Johnson.

Bill Johnson writes:

Is it Always God’s will to heal someone?

How can God choose not to heal someone when He already purchased their healing? Was His blood enough for all sin, or just certain sins? Were the stripes He bore only for certain illnesses, or certain seasons of time? When He bore stripes in His body He made a payment for our miracle. He already decided to heal. You can’t decide not to buy something after you’ve already bought it.

There are no deficiencies on His end – neither the covenant is deficient, nor His compassion or promises. All lack is on our end of the equation. The only time someone wasn’t healed in the Bible (gospels) is when the disciples prayed for them. For example, Mark 9 when they prayed for the tormented child. They did not have breakthrough. But then, Jesus came and brought healing and deliverance to the child.

Jesus Christ is perfect theology – He is the will of God. We can’t lower the standard of scripture to our level of experience . . . or in most cases, inexperience. It’s a very uncomfortable realization – not everyone can handle it. Most create doctrine that you can’t find in the person of Jesus. He is the will of God.

How do we fix the problem?

1. Realize it’s not God’s fault.

2. Learn from others who see miracles. Have them pray for you. If you don’t know people who see miracles, find them. Books will help, if the author has a miracle lifestyle. (Don’t try to learn from those who only have the theory of miracles.)

3. Do what Jesus told His disciples to do when He addressed the problem – pray and fast (not just for a specific problem, but for a lifestyle anointing.)

4. Take risk – pray for people (NOT – “if it be thy will” kind of prayer. In the thousands of people I’ve seen healed, I’ve never seen anyone healed from that kind of prayer.)

5. It’s hard to hurt someone’s faith by praying for a miracle. Not praying for a miracle gives them no chance for increased faith. That is what hurts faith. The real goal is to show people God’s love. And faith grows in the display of God’s love. His love is seen when we show compassion and display God’s power.

6. When God heals people, give Him thanks and praise. Learn from it so it will happen again.

7. If someone isn’t healed, realize the problem isn’t God, and seek Him for direction as well as personal breakthrough (greater anointing for consistency in healing). Also, don’t take it personal. There are other factors involved besides great faith. That is only one element in the equation. Just learn to do your best to be faithful to His gospel, and honor Him for the results. It’s also not wise to blame the person who is sick.

8. There’s a difference between a miracle and healing. Miracles happen in an instant and healing happens over time. It is important to recognize the progress of what God is doing in a person’s body and give thanks, because healing increases in an atmosphere of thankfulness.

Source: Bill Johnson, Is it Always God’s will to heal someone?, BJM,, Accessed 29/04/2017. [Source]

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