Steve Shultz promotes the New Breed/Manifest Sons of God heresy.

Back in 2004, Steve Shultz allowed this article to be published on the Elijah List. In the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, this doctrine was called the Man Child Company or Joseph Company. When it attracted considerable controversy in the 1960s and 70s, its promoters renamed it the New Breed and Manifest Sons of God theology. Its critics then started calling it the Little Gods heresy.

So it’s odd to see the older names of this heresy resurface in this article by Julie Volby. Reproducing this article only proves that this doctrine is still deeply imbedded in many NAR leaders. Notice in this article how the argument for the Man Child/Joseph Company uses the same verses.

From Elijah List:

The Treasury Room and the Joseph Company – Connecting The Puzzle Pieces

By Julie Volby

The Treasury Room and the Currency of Heaven
April 3, 2004

Note from Doug Fortune ( Here is a word from a lady I know in California. It goes very well with what Paul Keith Davis was sharing about the Treasure Room and the Joseph Company. — Doug

As I write this I am completely in awe of God. He is indeed a faithful God who declares the end from the beginning. While I do not intend this to be a comprehensive writing about Zion (spiritual), I would like to share a bigger picture of what I believe God is doing on the earth from the eyes of one who sees. I spent last weekend at the “Former and Latter Rain” Conference with Pastor Vincent Xavier and Doug Fortune here in San Diego, CA. I then spent the majority of this past week shut in with the Lord studying and writing. The amount of revelation pouring forth from Heaven is more than I could ask or think. What I am about to share is what I believe is a connecting of the puzzle pieces, if you will. So, I submit this to the Body for your testing and consideration.

The Treasury Room and the Currency of Heaven

I recently received a transcription (from the Elijah List) of a prophetic discussion with Paul Keith Davis on TBN [To read the transcript, go to:] There is one part in particular that blew me away. He spoke of being taken to a Treasury Room. Upon reading this I immediately knew this was the Storehouse spoken of in Malachi 3:10. If you look up the Hebrew word for storehouse, it comes from the words ‘osar’ and ‘bayit.’

OsarTreasury, storehouse, storeroom, storage vault

BayitHouse, homes; of royalty palace of deity; temple

I believe the currency of Heaven is very different than that of the earth. For the currency of heaven is faith. Remember Hebrews 11:1 defines it as, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” While faith may not be tangible in the natural realm, I believe that it is very tangible in the spiritual realm. When this faith in the Word of God is brought into the Storehouse or Treasury Room of God, what you will receive in return is multiplied in the form of the revelation and manifestation of Christ, as the dividends and interest of Heaven pours forth into and through your very being, which is the dwelling place of God. This was evident in the life of Abraham for, “Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness” (see Galatians 3:6 and Genesis 15:6). The Hebrew and Greek words for “accounted” are “hasab” and “logizomai” respectively, meaning to credit, account, impute – which to me sounds like something that happens at a bank, treasury or storehouse. Hebrews 11:8 tells us, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive an inheritance.” Faith in God’s Word is the only currency accepted in the Treasury Room of God. Let us not try to “buy” (through earthly means) the Anointing, who is Christ, like Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8.

“The Blueprint of the Son”

The transcription went on to say that Paul Keith Davis’ prophetic experience also included a stack of blueprints, which blew me away. For on February 21st, 2004, the Lord had commissioned me to “Study the BLUEPRINT of His Son”! I was not totally sure what that meant, but since then have written some articles pertaining to this.

Paul Keith Davis went on to explain that he believed there were “Architectural Christians that will go into that place and come back with designs for buildings that were energy efficient like we’ve never known before.”

He went on to say that the special designs for the buildings would be able to withstand the weather, earthquakes, and things happening around the world. I believe these “Architectural Christians” are the REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH and the RESTORERS OF STREETS TO DWELL IN (see Isaiah 58)! I understand this because I am a civil engineer in the natural realm. Civil engineers are those that design and build the infrastructure of a city! These Repairers and Restorers are the Engineers, Architects and Builders of God’s Kingdom. They are the Apostles and Prophets who will lay a completely solid foundation within the Church as we know it and will also venture out into the Marketplace. It’s time to take to the streets! In addition, I believe these “Energy Efficient Buildings” that he spoke of, designed to withstand the elements, are actually built of LIVING STONES.

My friend, Doug Fortune, has been speaking repeatedly about a “No Sweat Ministry,” and that is what I believe these “Energy Efficient Buildings” represent. While they may manifest in the natural, I believe the deeper meaning is that they are buildings or temples not built with human hands. They are designed and built to withstand the elements of the earthly, flesh, or carnal nature through which devastation comes.

Houses of Refuge

The Lord had told me last year that I was to set up houses of refuge. I did not know what He meant and thought He meant home fellowships or literal places of refuge for a coming time of famine. Again, it was my natural man’s understanding trying to carry out the spiritual man’s destiny, just as the Lord had revealed to me why I was trained as an engineer in the natural. I am now believing while, again, establishing these houses may be something that also takes place in the natural, I believe the deeper meaning is that these Houses of Refuge are actually God’s people or temple. These are those walking in the Person of Resurrection, who is of course Jesus Himself, where the lost, weary, and dying can come to and find salvation, rest, refreshment, healing and new life!

The “No Sweat Ministry” of Zion

What about Zion? Again, I do not intend to go deeply into this at this time, but know this: in the coming days I believe an onslaught of even deeper revelation and teaching will pour forth from God’s Throne Room concerning Zion. For now, I will use the verses in Isaiah 66:7-8 to explain what I am seeing.

Isaiah 66:7-8, “Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she delivered of a man child. Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.”

Sounds like a ‘no sweat,’ energy-efficient process of birth to me! Now many may say that these verses are a prophetic picture of Jesus coming forth from Israel over 2000 years ago, and that is true. But I believe there is another layer of meaning behind this as well. Remember, Jesus was the FIRSTBORN among MANY brethren (see Romans 8:29). Also notice that in Isaiah 66:8, it describes this man child as a nation. It also says that Zion brought forth children (plural). Because I believe we are living in the Third Day, or the beginnings of the Third Millennium, since Jesus physically walked the earth, I believe that we, the Church, are that man child, with Jesus being the preeminent Head, us being the members of His body. Recall Peter charged us in 2 Peter 3:8, “But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” The Third Day is the Day of Resurrection! I will not go into a study of the Third Day here, but if you are interested there are many great teachings (such as Doug Fortune) already out there by some Forerunners of God’s Kingdom. I just want you to understand where I am coming from.

Brought Forth in One Day…The Third Day

Now seeing this man child being birthed in Isaiah 66 in ONE DAY reminded me of another man child in Revelation 12. But let me backtrack just a bit. Let’s get one thing straight first. I believe the Book of Revelation is not the revelation of the anti-christ, neither is it some end-times, science-fiction thriller. It is what is says it is in Revelation 1:1, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show His servants things which must SHORTLY take place.”

In Revelation 11 we find the Seventh Trumpet has been blowing. I believe this Trumpet or Prophetic Voice has been ‘blowing’ the Church into the Third Day or Third Millennium since Jesus died and was resurrected. Remember there are three sets of seven in the book of Revelation (Seals, Trumpets, Bowls), which I believe represent THREE PROPHETIC DAYS. This blowing of the Seventh Trumpet or Prophetic Voice has been signifying passage into the THIRD DAY.

Revelation 11:19 says, “Then the temple of God was opened in Heaven, and the Ark of His Covenant was seen in His Temple.” I believe this is a prophetic picture of what happened at the Cross when the veil of the temple was torn from the top to the bottom once again giving us FULL ACCESS to the Father. This veil of flesh understanding, in our own temple and within the Body of Christ corporately, is being torn down even now across the earth. People are being awakened to who they are in Christ and who HE IS IN THEM, thus finding true intimacy and oneness with the Father like never before.

Back to the man child…While again I believe Revelation 12 is a prophetic picture of Jesus coming forth from Israel in the natural, I believe it also has the same deeper meaning that Isaiah 66 has with Zion giving birth to children. You see, Christ is a PERSON. Jesus is the Preeminent Head and the Church is His Body. The woman, or Church, in Revelation 12 is giving birth to a many-membered Christ Child, or Man Child, in ONE DAY…THE THIRD DAY!

For the past 2000 years I believe the Church has been maturing and growing in the knowledge and understanding of Christ. Remember Zion is a city within a city (Jerusalem). I believe the “baby” being birthed out of Zion, within the Church (Jerusalem), is not just a regular baby, but is instead a Man Child. This indicates to me that this is a Body of Believers who have gone through all stages of formation within the womb and have become mature. I believe this Man Child, or holy remnant, knows the Father’s heart and have come into oneness with Him through the Son, not by might, nor by power, but BY THE SPIRIT. They are those who know the Kingdom of God is WITHIN THEM and have learned to walk in the power and authority of God as they have learned to rule and reign with Christ, seated with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, over their own earthen vessels. We are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation (see 1 Peter 2:9). We are that nation that is being birthed out of Zion as Isaiah 66:7 speaks of. I hope I have not lost you. If I have, there is and will be much more teaching pouring forth in the days to come regarding this.

“Who Is This Man Child?”

So, who is this Man Child? He is CHRIST IN YOU the HOPE OF GLORY! We are living epistles! We are the temple of the Holy Spirit! All for God’s Glory! So upon further consideration of the Treasury Room or Storehouse I did a study of storehouses and found a Scripture in Genesis 41:56 that caught my attention. It says, “The famine was over all the face of the earth, and Joseph opened all the STOREHOUSES and sold to the Egyptians. And the famine became very severe in Egypt.

When I read WHO opened the storehouses my heart took a flying leap! It was JOSEPH! Now many prophetic words, declarations, articles, etc., have been written about the “Joseph Company.” These are those who have lived out the life of Joseph, and as of now, many are still wondering what happened? Their gift seemed to have made room for them, just as Joseph was able to interpret the dreams of the other two prisoners. But like Joseph, when they thought they were about to be released, they were “forgotten” and have continued to sit in the darkness waiting and waiting. But this prison has been one of maturing, and they have grown more here than perhaps any time in their lives. They have found the Secret Place of Intimacy with the Father, while “trapped” by their present environment, yet finding true rest in this hidden place of obscurity. All that they had hoped for and dreamed of had died, just as many must have felt when Jesus died on the Cross. But just when it seemed that all hope was lost, there was a glimmer of Light. A few trickles at first, then a stream, but then not just a stream, but a mighty rushing flow of the RIVER OF LIFE. It is a FOUNTAIN OF GLORY that has no end, a reflective pool of the Glory of God…on the third day they saw their hope resurrected! The Lord Jesus Christ has become their all in all!

If this describes you, I believe I have a word from the Lord for you: “IT IS TIME! Rise up, My Beloved, rise up!”

You see, in our Scripture in Isaiah 66:7-8 we find Zion giving birth to the man child in ONE DAY. Who has heard of such a thing? Well, my friend, we are living in the days of seeing this come to pass. Jesus was the firstborn of MANY SONS. Has not the whole creation been groaning and laboring with birth pangs together until now? (see Romans 8:22) Who was launched into their destiny in one day? It was Joseph! In ONE DAY his gifts had made room for him and this is what happened, “Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘Inasmuch as God has shown you this, there is no one as discerning and wise as you. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall be ruled according to your word; only in regard to the throne will I be greater than you.’ And then Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt’” (Genesis 41:39-41).

The Destiny of the Joseph Company

What is the destiny of this Joseph Company? I believe it is all laid out in the Chapters of Genesis, the end product being full restoration. I have much to share about this and am working on a book to share understanding, as will many others I am sure. But for now the point I am trying to make is that the TIME OF RELEASE is now! The Kingdom is NOW! Full access was already given at the Cross over 2000 years ago, but we are just now coming into the full understanding and manifestation of it as a corporate body.

What does this Day of Release mean? Well, since the Year 2000 I have seen various Prophets trumpeting that a 7-year period of plenty or abundance had begun for the people of God, beginning in the year 2000 or 2001. Yet, when I have looked all around me I have not seen this, but instead I have seen those in their last stage of “death” – suffering, being persecuted, never having enough, and always in want. However, I do believe these prophetic voices have been acting in faith, for as was stated previously, “FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for the EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN.”

“The Year of Release”

I will not pretend to understand fully the Hebrew calendar (but I do know enough to know that it does not line up directly with the calendar used in the United States) so, I do not know exactly when the new Millennium began. Sticking to what I do know, in Genesis 41:1 it states that it was at the END of TWO full years that Pharaoh had his TWO dreams (two being the number of witness). It was then that Joseph was remembered and his gifts made room for him and he was released from the prison, now no longer an immature adolescent, but a mature man. It was only AFTER Joseph was released that the seven years of plenty began. Upon realizing this I was completely blown away. For my friend, Pastor Vincent Xavier, has been prophesying that 2004 is “The Year of Release” and the time when “we shall eat in plenty and be satisfied.” (Joel 2:26)  Many have been trumpeting the “suddenlies,” and I believe those words are indeed for such a time as this. We have indeed entered the time when the years the locusts have eaten are being restored. It already happened in Jesus’ finished work on the Cross, but we still must bring our faith in that finished work into the STOREHOUSE to see its FULL MANIFESTATION ON THE EARTH.

Genesis 41:46 tells us that Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh or the “inhabitant of the palace.” Just as the Word tells us that Joseph WENT THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND OF EGYPT, so too shall we see these precious jewels, that have been hidden or buried deep in the earth, emerge and go forth shining into the highways and byways.

We also know who else was about thirty years old when He began His ministry (see Luke 3:23)…JESUS! It is time for those who have been dwelling in caves and prisons to come forth into the light of a new day! This is just the beginning of the Third Day or the Millennial Reign of Christ through His many-membered Son. Therefore…

This is a day of rejoicing and a great joy! Come out of her, My people, come out! Rise up unto this new day! Be filled with My Glory for the Day Star has arisen in your hearts! Yes, My people, rise up! Be awakened to the everlasting presence of My Glory and splendor. My Love consumes you. Be not afraid!

Source: By Julie Volby, “ZION IS GIVING BIRTH” – The Treasury Room and the Joseph Company: Connecting The Puzzle Pieces, Elija List,, Published 12/04/2004. (Accessed 02/05/2017.) [Cached]

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