Transcript of Che Ahn and Todd Bentley confirming Heidi Baker and others as Apostles – promoting New Breed heresy.

Chris Rosebrough has reviewed this audio and we have already referenced it in some of our articles – however a lot more is said in the attached audio that made it worth our time to have it transcribed for our readership and for the benefit of fellow researchers.

Points not previously mentioned about the audio are the following:

  1. Che Ahn and along with Todd Bentley faithfully acknowledge their Apostolic and Prophetic father, William Branham.
  2. The ministry and teaching of Branham helped birth the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR). Branham birthed the Voice of Healing Movement (VHM). which caused Voice of Healing Revivalists heretics birth the Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM).
  3. Che Ahn claimed, “God is raising up a Company. ” This means Che Ahn also believes in the New Breed or Manifest Sons of God heresy, which is also known in the NOLR or VHM as the Man Child Company or the Joseph Company. This is why he says modern day Revivalists will receive “a double portion of the Voice of Healing Revivalists.” He thinks this double portion will birth the New Breed, which is what Paul Cain, Bob Jones and Todd Bentley were trying to unlock at Lakeland.
  4. This possibly means that all these Revivalists are aware of, and believe this doctrine, since their unity seems centered on this New Breed theology.
  5. Revivalist is another code word for ‘Apostle’ which signifies that the leaders in the Revival Alliance are apostles.

Here is the video. The transcript is below.


Todd Bentley: “Che, I know there’s an apostolic anointing on your life. You’ve been around the world, Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, H.I.M., Apostolic Network. You’ve been through revival, but you come and you’re here. I’d like you to share with us your experience. I want you to tell me about that ‘wave’, that prophetic sign. This anointing is here, and I believe that we need to pay a price for something tonight. And I want you to begin to understand the magnitude of what we could be coming into.”

Che Ahn: “Todd, I just ahh, I’m just so humbled because of what you went through, all of us have gone through. When I think of John Arnott being rejected by his brothers, in 1995. I remember I was kicked out of two movements,. But it was all part of the preparation, the breaking for the anointing and for you to share so candidly and with humility.

I remember the late John Wimber said, “Don’t trust a person who doesn’t walk with a limp.” We’ve been through it, all of us. But He is preparing us, because He knows the glory. We can’t handle the glory without the humility, without the brokenness, and He has prepared you for such a time as this.

And there’s a ‘Branham’ anointing on you. There’s a double portion of it. The Lord is raising you up. I felt like I want to say that you must decrease, you must increase. And I say that for all the Revivalists, I say that with all my friends.

God is raising up a Company that with a double portion of the Voice of Healing Revivalists that we saw. But we haven’t seen anything yet. Like this is just the beginning. And we were, just last week- Last week we were having a retreat based on a prophetic word that Bob Jones gave two years ago.

He said, “Bring the Revivalists together.” And so Heidi Baker got that word. Shared it with John Arnott, Bill Johnson, with me. And so we gather together.

Bill said, “I’ll pay for it.” Bill Johnson put us up at a five star hotel. We were having the meeting right on the grass, under the cover of the cabana, because Randy Clark was there, he’s fair skin and didn’t want to get burnt up. And we were a hundred yards, maybe, I would say 200 feet from the beach.”

Todd Bentley: “The interesting thing for people that might not know, is Randy Clark got a touch of revival in 1993, and there was a wave that came.”

Che Ahn: “He got touched by Rodney.”

Todd Bentley: “Rodney Howard-Brown.”

Che Ahn: “Yeah, it’s been this incredible change-”

Todd Bentley: “We’ve had a great revival here in Lakeland.”

Che Ahn: “Yeah, that’s right, it’s full circle.”

Todd Bentley: “And Rodney went to Toronto with John Arnott.”

Che Ahn: “That’s right it broke out.”

Todd Bentley: “And it sparked the ‘Toronto Blessing’, which you, your church in Pasadena came into that too?”

Che Ahn: “Exactly. I went to Toronto, I received impartation, John came in 1995 to Pasadena, says, “Start protracted meetings.” We started five nights, for three and a half years. And we were given the ultimatum with the movement we were part of, we either had to shut it down, or get out of the movement.”

Todd Bentley: “I mean you, John Arnott, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, I mean, you guys are the real Generals of revival.”

Che Ahn: “Right. So we were there and we were just having two days of seeking God. Bob Jones, Bill Johnson calls me, we tried to call you. Because we heard about the revival that was breaking out, and we could not get a hold of you, and so Bill Johnson called Bob Jones, and Bob Jones begins to prophecy, and he said, “This is the third wave.” Same thing you said last night. He said to us, he said, “The first wave was Toronto, the second wave was Pensacola, the third wave is Lakeland, and it’s going globally.” And listen, this is what happened. The moment he said, “this is the third wave-” this is not an exaggeration – I’m facing the beach. We’re all on the grass. We are not even on the beach. We’re on the grass. All of a sudden, from nowhere, this huge wave – I’m talking about a huge wave – went all the way, and hit us right at the feet where we were gathered together, seeking God. And it scared the day lights out of all of us.”

Todd Bentley: “A literal wave?”

Che Ahn: “We’re talking about one wave. It wasn’t a series or sets of waves. It was just a prophetic act. A sign from God. When he said, “This is the third wave”, this wave came out. Ask any of us. Now we just said, “God, this is you”. It’s supernatural confirmation. A physical confirmation of what’s happening spiritually.”

Todd Bentley: “And then you got on a plane?”

Che Ahn: “I said, “Guys, I’m going there, I’m cancelling my meetings, I’m going there”. I got on the first flight. I am so hungry Todd.”

Source: Uploaded by Todd Bentley, Che Ahn — Prophetic Wave, YouTube,, Uploaded on Jun 17, 2008. (Accessed 09/03/2017.)

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