Brief History of the NAR Influencing Singapore & City Harvest Church.

It was 1999 in Singapore where we first see the initiation of  the International Coalition of Apostles. NAR Apostle Jan-Agae Torp states:

“International Coalition of Apostles was initated at a meeting in Singapore in 1999 when the Argentinian Ed Silvoso presented the vision to Dr. C. Peter Wagner and several other global apostles who were assembled, such as Lawrence Khong (Singapore), Estavam Hernandez (Brazil), and Harold Caballeros (Guatemala). The vision was to bring together the perspectives, experience and resources of global apostles to enhance the transformation of society and propagation of the gospel. The first Presiding Apostle of ICA was C. Peter Wagner (1999-2010).” [Source]

In the above quote, C. Peter Wagner, Ed Silvoso and Lawrence Khong are the players we will focus on in this article.

Torp reported that Wagner was the Presiding Apostle of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) and “was simultaneously Convening Apostle of the New Apostolic Roundtable (NAR)”. Lawrence Khong was also an NARpostle at this Roundtable. And don’t forget that it was Singapore where the original International Coalition of Apostles started back in 1999. So it’s no coincidence that Phil Pringle and A.R. Bernard showed interest with the convening of NAR Apostles considering that not only are they are NARpostles, they helped Kong Hee formulate his Cultural Mandate for City Harvest Church, launching he and his wife to fulfill the NAR Seven Mountain Mandate.

Our diagram of the N.A.R Seven Mountain Mandate – helping you to remember visually what they teach.

The launch of the International Coaltion of Apostles is hugely significant.

In 2009, the Singaporean Straits Times learnt that a Christian conference was “being organised by LoveSingapore, an inter-church organisation founded by Pastor Lawrence Khong from the Faith Community Baptist Church.” [Source] [Source]

Our research indicates that this conference was being held at the Singapore Expo. It was called Transformation 2009. One online site in particular had expressed their concerns with the teachings at this conference from the leading Apostolic Leader of the NAR, C. Peter Wagner and Apostle Ed Silvoso. They raised some interesting historical insights (emphasis added):

  1. “This theology is nothing new with Ed Silvoso being a regular visitor to Singapore eg in 2006, as part of the Festival of Praise organised by City Harvest Church.”
  2. “Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong was commissioned as an apostle by Dr Wagner in year 2000. He was also the chairman of Love Singapore who organised the Transformation 2009 event. The vision and plans [were] laid well back in 1995, in a “vision 2001″ as part of Love Singapore. The committee for Love singapore event advocating the Dominion Theology basically represents the entire spectrum of the Evangelical and Charismatic Churches in Singapore.”
  3. “Loving Singapore is considered as taking proactive action to take over all the different areas of secular space for Jesus Christ. Not included but clearly a major supporter is Pastor Kong Hee who had frequently invited Dr C Peter Wagner to City Harvest Church in Aug 17 to Aug 18 2008, 30 June – 1 July 2007, 15 Aug 2006. Pastor Kong’s globe trotting to Planet Hollywood and Pastor Sun Ho “China Wine” appears to be an attempt to influence the entertainment mountain.
  4. “… in the New Apostolic Reformation, they found unity and a cause far bigger than their petty differences. The organization is complex and detailed with Generals or Apostles heading differrent fronts and focus groups.”
  5. “… the Christian Right not only are very sure and absolute in their vision and mission to conquer all the mountains, but like a Joel’s army that marches on.”
  6. “The Pastors in Singapore is pursuing to conquer the seven mountains and it appears to be a genuine and sincere attempt to make Singapore a Christian country.[Source]

It was true that Kong Hee was involved. A.R. Bernard personally claimed that Kong Hee wanted to learn about this Cultural Mandate from him. In fact, Kong Hee was heralded by the NAR around 2009 for Sun Ho’s Crossover Project.

Slide image from NAR Apsotle Os Hillman. From:

Thanks to the New Apostolic Reformation, Kong Hee is now in prison because of their Seven Mountain Mandate madness. While all we can do is warn, keep the churches of Singapore in prayer as they attempt to fight off the NAR cult.

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